My Month In Numbers, June 2016

So yesterday I ended up scratching this post so I could share a great big piece of my heart and talk about hard things. I thought that was my last chance and this post just wouldn’t happen this month. But a last minute reschedule on sponsored content left me super happy that I hadn’t deleted this post from my drafts yet. #procrastinationwin

I love these posts. I am always left with a smile when I add up all of the little things that make up a month.

June in numbers

14 ~ Trips to the gym
22 ~ Blog posts wrote
22 ~ Weekdays off school
17 ~ Trips to the pool (not counting swim lessons)
8 ~ How many years Marissa Turned
1581 ~ Files in my May photo folder
213 ~ Times I’ve thought about vacation (at least)
19 ~ Days of 90+ degree weather (and that is just the temp)
4 ~ Days of VBS attended
8 ~ Swim lessons taken
2 ~ Levels Emily moved up at swim lessons
1 ~ Level for Marissa
36 ~ Weeks of school planned for
100+ ~ Times I wanted to cry about going back to school
2 ~ Eye appointments for Emily
8 ~ Fathers Days Russ has celebrated
3 ~ Family bike rides with the girls
15 ~ Times I consumed ice cream

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  • Amy Smith

    Mmmm. Ice cream! I love all of your ideas. I need to be more creative! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I always feel so inspired to keep track of different things when I read other peoples posts. They are just so much fun to write and to read.

  • Jessica

    I love these posts so much! Girl you are a workout rockstar. And cheers to all the ice cream eaten. πŸ™‚

    • For some reason I feel like the two counteract each other… but I don’t care :D! Thank you!

  • Another productive month. I definitely need to do a numbers post!im thinking about school starting and I want to bawl too!

    • Lol. You should totally do one of these number posts, they are super duper fun. I just am not ready to be up to my eyes in school books again. SIGH!

  • I like your last number! Haha! And I am with you on the going back to school part. Not ready!

    • We are eating WAY to much ice cream… but I just don’t care. Girl, we have less than 4 weeks. it’s just not fair.

  • I have consumed ice cream so many times!! Great month for your little family.

    • Ice cream is just my favorite, how can I say no to it! It was a good and busy month and July seems to be about the same so far!

  • Ruthie Gray

    15 on ice cream and 14 on the gym – I’d say you’re almost breaking even!! πŸ™‚

    • Baha ha! I know, right?! That’s all I really want to do anyways :).

  • Yay for ice cream. I’ve gone to the gym like twice since summer started. Ooops.

    • Lol. My gym fee goes up if I don’t go at least 12 times in a month, I’m way too cheap to let that happen :P.

  • all that ice cream makes for a really great summer

    • Yes it does. So glad you commented too. I almost forgot to go link this post up!

  • I love that ice cream stat! And the swimming stat too πŸ™‚ All great numbers. I love these posts!

    • Aren’t they so much fun! Ice cream and swimming, what summer dreams are made of!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Woohoo for so many pool trips and ice cream dips!
    I love these posts but never remember to do them myself. One day…

    • They are super fun but do require some planning…. or at least good guestimations ;).

  • Props on the ice cream consumption! YUM!

  • Ditto what Becky said!!! Swimming, sunshine and treats are the epitome of summer πŸ™‚

    • Yes they are. Now if we could just get back to that. It has rained WAY to much this past week.

      • Rain?! Im shocked. If only you could send it this way.

  • I always love these posts! And 14 times at the gym? Get it, girl!!

    • I had to go to the gym after eating all of that ice cream :P.

  • Meghan Flinn

    With that many hot days I can see why you spend so much time at the pool! And yay for all those gym days!

    • It is crazy! Unless we are at the pool, we stay inside. It is just so hot and humid.

  • How do you have so many files?? Are you constantly snapping photos?

    • Yes…. campaigns give me more and that also includes some edits and graphics I create for the month. I take A LOT of pictures girl *blushing*