2016 Summer Bucketlist: Update #1

Just a little over a month ago I shared our 2016 Bucket List. It was crammed full of all things summer fun, adding up to 23 items. Easily our biggest bucket list so far. The good news is fall doesn’t start until September 22nd (although most would say it is the day the PSL returns). We have more than enough time to tackle this list. 

Here is a look at our progress so far. 

BL #1

Swim lessons

Our 3rd year of swim lessons were even more successful than the previous two years which makes for one proud mama and two little girls that have almost grown fins.


Watch fireworks

We missed the big fireworks on The Fourth but we made up for it a few days later. Russ’ job is close to the local minor league ball park so we pulled up some front row seats with our friends and stayed up way to late to catch one of their Friday Fireworks shows. 


Make Root-beer floats

Marissa discovered what is now her favorite summer treat.
Emily discovered she hates root beer.

Rootbeer Float

Go to the drive-in

A family favorite tradition. This year we saw Finding Dory. The girls had already watched it a couple of weeks ago when their grandparents took them, but they were more than happy to watch it again as a family.

Drive In

Make Strawberry Pie

I have wanted to make a strawberry pie for a few summers now. I wish I could say this one turned out perfectly, but it didn’t. I think I’ll keep looking for a better recipe. The girls did have a blast making it with me though. 


Mom-cation with Anna

Since this one gets a post of its own next week, I won’t share too much. It was great to get away with this lady though. That is all I will say for now :). 


Have a picnic

A picnic dinner while waiting for the drive-inn to open up was the perfect chance to mark this one off. Usually by this part of the summer it is way to hot to eat outside… unless you have some great big trees to sit under.

Picnic Collage
And that is just a little peek into our summer fun so far!

It is hard to believe that school starts in less than 3 weeks. But just because we go back to school doesn’t mean the summer fun has to be over completely. There is still so much time and 16 items to cross off our list. Including a vacation we have already waited over 5 months for. 

The summer may be short but the memories will last forever!

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What is your favorite summer memory so far?

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  • Amy Smith

    I have an update post in the works, too! You guys are off to a great start! Luke & I are going on a getaway this fall, I hope the drive in is still open when we go!

    • Aaaahhh a getaway sounds so lovely friend. I wish ours had a longer season too. I am not sure why they close so early. I’d go in early October!

  • Oh how wonderful!! Can’t wait to hear about your mom- cation. I had strawberry pie for the first time this year and I adore it

    • It is a pretty fun dessert. I just want to find a recipe that wasn’t so Jello like and tastes more fresh. Mom-cation was full of way more work than we planned but it was still nice to get away.

  • So many fun summer memories!! I’ve been feeling like we haven’t really done much this summer and I need to pull out my list and do a little update..I think I’d see we have knocked quite a few things off.

    • I bet you would be totally shocked. You should do that soon to make yourself feel better about things. :).

  • Meghan Flinn

    So fun! Summer definitely flies by but with so many great memories! Can’t wait to read about your mom cation!

    • Monday, Monday. It ended up being a lot more work than we expected it too… but it was nice to do the work without being interrupted 4278 times.

  • Great job! I love your pictures, especially the one of the kids watching the fireworks! I’m going away on a girls’ trip this weekend too. I’m excited! And we’re adding the drive-in to our bucket list, lol!

    • That sounds fun! I hope you have a blast this weekend friend! Totally add the drive-inn too. It’s like a summer staple!

  • Yay, I can’t believe that you’re starting school in three weeks! But I guess that’s why you finish in May…or was it April…in any case, yay for summer fun! and I”m sort of with Emily I like root beer and I like ice cream but I don’t like them put together.

    • I can’t believe it either, UGH! We got out on April 28…. so both of your answers are right really :P. I think if we take a spring break we’ll be out on May 4th this year. I am pretty sure I will NEED a spring break this year too.

      She didn’t even like it by itself! I should have grabbed her an orange soda.

  • Y’all are ROCKING that bucket list! So much fun! And hooray for the PSL coming back in just a couple of months… I was actually thinking about it yesterday!

    • I tried to look up and see if they have set an official date yet but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I guess mum is still the word.

  • What a great summer!! Can’t wait to go to drive-in movie with the kids! Praying the one in Fayetteville stays open for many more years!

    • I didn’t know there was one in Fayetteville! There are so many around this area. I love it!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your summer has been filled with the best kinds of fun and treats! So funny that Marissa loves the RBFs, but Emily hates root beer!
    And major YAY for another awesome set of swim lessons!

    • Emily is obviously delirious :P. I should’ve known she’d hate it and grabbed her some orange soda. I bet that would have gone over much better.

  • You’ve done so much in such a short amount of time! You’re rocking your list!
    I’m excited to see how you make ice cream sandwiches! I might need to replicate that!

    • I was just thinking about that the other day. I don’t plan out all of our activities but I like to make sure I have food items around that I may need. I need to dig around on Pinterest some. I thought of just making chocolate chip or PB cookies though…. we’ll see.

  • Hates root beer?!?! How is that possible?

    • Well she pretty much hates every thing you can eat or drink, so I can’t say I’m surprised :P.

      • Lol soooooo can relate. Lily realized there was a ln entire world of foods she wasn’t aware of when she started Preschool, so nw she basically doesn’t eat anything.

        • Lol! Why am I laughing! Oh these kids keep us going :/.

  • I think you’re doing really well! I didn’t think to add go to a drive-in to our last. Think it’s too late for an edit?!? So many cute pictures of your fun Summer!

    • NEVER! You should totally add it to the list. The summer isn’t summer without a drive-inn visit

  • I love bucket list recaps!! haha at the not liking rootbeer. I’m with her. I make a coke float instead. It’s such a fun treat.
    I’ve been looking forward to PSL since I got pregnant. I was like oh I’m due in PSL season lol.

    • Baha ha! I am usually all about fall but I think since our vacation is in September this year I am all about stretching summer as long as possible.I am TRYING to live a more season appropriate life. I always want to rush everything… ESPECIALLY Christmas.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I’m with Emily and am not a root beer fan 🙂 Looks like you’re making good progress with lots of fun to pack in during these next few weeks. Can’t wait to hear more about your momcation because I love the idea of getting away with a friend!

    • I really should have figured she wouldn’t like it. She has pretty particular taste buds. Next time I’ll grab her some orange soda instead. I KNOW she would LOVE that. We have managed to cross off 3 more things since this post. I am hoping to cross 3 more off by the end of this weekend too! I’d like to have most of it done by early September just leaving vacation and building a sand castle!

  • chall1018

    You guys have made such a big dent into your summer bucket-list! And so many fun events and memories! Great pictures, friend.

    • Thank you! We have crossed off 5 more things since this post and I am thinking of crossing off a couple of more this weekend! I’d like to have everything except the ones we’ll do on vacation, done by September.

  • If I’m not mistaken, the only thing left on our to do list for Summer is a YES!! Day. I haven’t wanted to pull the gun on that just yet because little ones can be awfully demanding.

    • Lol! Girl I am seriously impressed. there are still 7 weeks of actual summer to go! I can’t even imagine a yes day. You’ll totally have to blog that one.