Weekend Recap: Bike Rides, Ice Cream & Friends

Hello Monday!

Can I just take a minute to say how much I love summer weekends?!
They are simply the best and I wish they could last forever.

Having said that I want to share all the little bits and pieces that made this weekend great. 

Friday was…
*Pool time
*Family bike rides
*Ice cream

Saturday was…
*An early morning run
*Morning smiles
*A trip to the shooting range
*A lazy afternoon
*Grilled pizza for dinner
*Time outside
*Ice cream on the trampoline with my girls.

Sunday June
Sunday was…
*Silly photos
*Watching the news
*A summer rain shower
*Blog work
*Dinner with friends
*Birthday cake
*Disappointment that tomorrow is Monday

The only bad part about a summer weekend is when it comes to an end. 
What was the best part of your weekend?

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  • Amy Smith

    Such a great weekend! Seriously, summer weekends are just the best. 🙂 Great pictures!

  • What I love about summer…you can do anything, anytime and no worries about the MUST DO things! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. It is times like this I read from others that have me missing having the girls at home!

    • Oh goodness Michelle that made my heart hurt just a bit. I have such a hard time thinking about those days :(.

  • Sounds like a great weekend, minus the news on Sunday.

  • Such much fun packed into 3 days. I love how much of the weekend you document. I pretty much go off the radar over the weekends.

    • I am either good about taking photos or REALLY bad about it. If I know a recap post is at stake that is usually just the motivation I need though ;). Happy Monday!

  • Jessica

    Aww what a fun weekend!! Why does it have to end? I’m sure you’ll have a great weekend too.

    • They always go by WAY to fast unfortunately :(.

  • You guys are busy, but having so much fun!! We spent some time with family this weekend, attended a birthday party, and attended a local moms blog event! It was full but great!


    • It sounds like you guys are staying busy too! I love it!

  • What a fantastic weekend filled with lots of ice cream. Ours was filled with the same thing 🙂 I love weekend and wish that they were longer!

    • If only they could all be 3 day weekends, that would be perfect!

  • I might have just a bit of summer envy!!! All that ice-cream is calling my name!

    • Well I say you should fix that and get some more ice cream in the house pronot… I’m sure it will help you to heal better too?! Yeah, I’m pretty sure that has to be a fact.

  • Now this looks like my kind of weekend! Sorry I missed much of last week, family emergency. I am slowly working my way back.

    • I hope everything is okay?! It was a great weekend for sure.

  • What a beautiful recap of a wonderful summer weekend! Thank goodness the days are longer so we can soak up as much as we can!

  • Looks like you had a great weekend! Busy, but fun! Emily is rocking those glasses by the way.

    • It was busy and fun! Thanks friend. She adjusted really well to them!

  • It sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend! Love the pictures! XOXO You know, I’ve never tried grilled pizza!

    • You should TOTALLY try grilling pizza, it is SO good and the perfect way to make pizza without heating up your house. I have a blog post about it somewhere around here, lol.

  • chall1018

    Summer weekends truly are the best!! It looks like you guys had the best weekend mixed with the perfect amount of play and relaxing! Wish I could join you girls for ice cream on the trampoline.

    • Oh that would just be the BEST ever. Someday I am gonna meet you friend and give you a great big hug when I do :).

      • chall1018

        I can’t wait for that day!! 🙂

  • Love all the ice cream!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Summer weekend are THE best! They can’t be topped. The extra daylight, the opportunity for so much fun, all the time to be outside. Can’t beat it!

    • It is simply just impossible. I just wish it lasted longer.

  • I love how you recapped the weekend with a little collage and just a short description of what happened. I feel like I always say wayyyyy too much when this is a great way to recap! But seriously, your weekend sounds amazing. I mean ice cream twice and cake? Perfection!

    • It was perfection! I think I may do recaps like this more often too. I love that they are easy to read, don’t take a lot of time to write and document the weekend fun. It’s so hard to find the balance and I hate having to put together a huge post on Sunday when I want to keep playing instead.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love that your weekend involved so much outside time and ice cream!!! And it’s summer… No reason to dread Monday 😉

    • True. Instead I just feel guilty that we get to keep having all the fun while Russ goes back to work, lol. Oh goodness. During the school year he doesn’t feel like he is missing much but in the summer he gets a liitle mopey.