Summer Cash Giveaway 2016

Summer time is here and in our home that always brings added expenses.

Ice cream dates
New bathing suits
Extra gas money
Pool toys
Vacation money
Summer get-togethers
Sonic slushies
Electric bills going up
Swim lessons
Sun dresses
Re-buying pool toys that we lost
Movie tickets
Sunblock (SO much sunblock)

The list goes on and on.
Summer isn’t cheap.

What if I told you instead of finding creative ways to tweak and stretch your budget, you could add some extra money to it instead?
Summer Pay Pal Giveaway_edited

I teamed up with a few of my favorite blogging friends to give you your chance to win $50 of Paypal cash. $50 buys quite a few half price slushies, puts a dent in the electric bill. lets you buy something new to wear, or should fill up your gas tank at least once.

For your chance to win be sure to enter below.
The giveaway starts today and ends on Monday July 4th.

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What would you buy if you won?

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  • Jessica

    Oh goodness, who wouldn’t want extra money for goodies this summer? I’d totally buy a few things for Cam’s birthday next month. 🙂

    • Oh how fun! I bet that is bound to be an exciting event for sure!

  • I would buy a bathing suit…why do I feel it necessary to have multiple?

    • Uh I have multiple and I still want more. I like to keep an arrray so my tan lines are always changes. I do have the whitest chest and bottom though :P.

  • Michelle

    I would save up for my vacay.

  • Fun! Thanks for hosting.

  • I do need a new bathing suit!

  • I love the way you incorporated this into a post. I just added it at the end of my random weekend recap haha. Yours is much better 🙂

    • Well honestly I was thinking “WOW, that would make a super easy post” and I just went with it ;). #Imustconfess

  • I agree with Elizabeth- you did an awesome job with this! So creative! And I love some Sonic drinks 🙂

    • Thank you so much friend. Sonic drinks are just THE best. Thanks for organizing this giveaway!

  • Well, yes mam. Summer is not cheap and this is awesome! Love it! Oh and BTW, from 4 to 5 every day all Sonic drinks are half off and after 8 p.m. so are their shakes. Um, perhaps since I know all of this I think I might have a slight problem.

    • Haha! It is 2-4 for half price drinks here, but shakes are the same. And yes, I may have the same exact problem myself.

  • Summer adds up fast and what better way to enjoy it than with “free” money?!

  • chall1018

    Yes, yes and yes! Add vacations to that list. Wowsa! This is such a great giveaway!

    • Good luck friend. I’d love to see you win!