Spring Photos {2016}

One of the things on our spring bucket list was Spring photos. I never had intentions of hiring to have actual family photos taken, however I did want to do something more than the random snapshots that I constantly take of the girls. So I picked a morning, woke them up early, and had us out the door and picture ready by 7:00 a.m. Thank God my girls are morning people. We drove about 3 miles away to a little church I spied earlier last week and spent about 10 minutes taking photos. It was cool, the grass was soaked and my girls were troopers. The photos may not have turned out as good as they could have, but I am pretty pleased with the end results and today I decided to share them with you.

m&E 8
M & E2 M&E 6 M&E 5
Me2 EE1 m&E 7 M & E
I love how great these turned out for the little time I spent on them. I also love how they pose themselves. It has definitely made picture taking easier, even having to work around E’s glasses. 

Such great memories of these sweet sisters together.

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I need to be more intentional to take frame-worthy shots more often and who know, maybe I can even attempt some family photos some day.

Happy Monday friends!

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  • Amy Smith

    Love the morning light! Your girls look adorable!

    • Thank you so much Amy. Morning was the perfect time to take these.

  • You know I love love love that last one. How cute are they together? And EE’s hair? I’m so jealous of the curls.

    • I think it’s my favorite and YES. I live in perpetual jealousy over those curls. They are the prettiest curls I have ever seen. Her hair is to the middle of her back when straight, lol.

  • Love the one where Marissa is lifting Emily!! And those smiles!

    • That was really a sweet moment. They have so much fun together, but you know all about how that goes :).

  • They photograph so well. I love Emily’s glasses. She is adorable. They both shine in front of the camera.

    • Thank you so much Michelle. Emily really transitioned to glasses like a champ!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I think these turned out great! Your girls are beautiful!!

  • Jessica

    I think they are great!! The girl’s smiles are so big and they look so sweet together. Gotta love sister relationships. 🙂

    • Thank you. I have LOVED watching sisters grow up, makes me wish I had one myself.

  • I love how much they love each other!

    • Oh me too Deena. Best friends and sometime worst enemies too ;).

  • Such a sweet photo shoot! They pose themselves? How awesome. I love when Aria strikes a pose!

    • They have so much fun with the camera plus they have had one shoved in their faces long enough they totally know the drill, lol.

  • The morning light was great and your girls are beautiful!

  • So sweet, I just love your girls. They came out beautiful! And the fact that you woke them up that early to take pictures…my kids might murder me if I woke them up that early to take pictures.

    • Baha ha! It was just pay back from all the times they got me out of bed :P. They are early birds though. I never would have attempted it other wise.

      • hehe…I know I think when the kids get to be teenagers, we should just wake them up everyday at 6am…just cause. 🙂

  • These are all so darling… y’all have such beautiful girls! What a blessing.

    I wanted to take spring pictures this year as well, but we never got around to it. We did get some snaps at the beach, so those will probably just have to do for now!

    • Thank you so much. Y’all got some AMAZING beach photos. That is definitely on my agenda for when we go to the beach too. MUST take photos.

  • Cara Zimmer

    Oh my word, how sweet are they??!! Just beautiful, Beth! I can’t believe how good Emily’s eye is already!

    • It really does look so good, unless you take her glasses off then whoop it turns right in and she still complains of seeing two :(. We have some more appointments next week hopefully we’ll feel better after that.

  • chall1018

    Whoa! Mason would have had a major fit if I tried to wake him up before 7:00 for pictures! Your girls are total troopers. I love the one of Marissa holding Emily! All of these are great and total frame-worthy. The glasses thing is proving to be tricky for us. With Mason’s last pair I didn’t have many problems, but I think because these news ones are thicker I am catching more of a glare.

  • Oh these are so sweet! They did great!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Your girls are the best! These turned out amazing and I’m so impressed with their self posing! It’s amazing how great even casual photos can be when you get that open shade! Not sure if I could get Noah out for pictures that early though!

    • I think so too :). Thank you so much they are quite used to having a camera in their face so all of this is pretty natural for them. Thank God they were early birds I knew for lighting reasons it needed to be early or they’d be all squishy faced.

  • These are beautiful!!! Such sweet girls. Emily looks darling in her glasses.

  • Your girls are so beautiful. You did so well on their photos!


  • So, so sweet! I need to get some nice pictures of W & S, haven’t done it since the fall.

    • That was me too. I really wanted to do them sooner, but we just barely missed the heat. I think two days later it got HOT!

  • I love these! But can I just say that you deserve an award for having them picture ready by 7 AM?!?

    • Lol! Thank you. I am still not quite sure how we pulled that one off either.

  • I’m so far behind on blog reading (per usual – eek!) but I had to read this one! These pictures are THE BEST! I swear they are so photogenic and look like they are the best sisters. You need to frame some of these (or all of them!) ASAP!

    • Thank you so much friend and YES, I know that helplessly behind feeling all too well. I tell myself I’ll catch up on the weekend but we all know how hard that is to do!

  • Whitney Jordan

    So sweet!! I’m wanting to do something like this for Olive’s 3 year pictures. Wish you could come and take them for me 🙂

    • Oh that would just be so much fun. I wish I could too… I am only about 6-7 hours away. :P.