My Month In Numbers, May 2016

Hello Monday!

Things are extra chipper around here for a Monday. I REALLY don’t like Mondays. But, we had a great weekend of recovering from the craziness that May brought and it is finally VBS week. My girls have been looking forward to this week since the day last years ended in June 2015. It is definitely a summer highlight for us. 

Today I thought I would kick off our Monday by looking at all of the numbers that added up to one fun and busy May!

My Month In Numbers - May
13- Trips to the gym
24- Blog posts wrote
22- Weekdays we were off school
1- Trip to the pool
2- Races Ran
2- Nights out-of-town
0- Chalkboards doodled
105- lb sets lifted on the ‘pec fly’
1- Fun run
200+- Miles put on the 37
2- Recipes shared
50- Miles Ran
1521- Files in my May photo folder
127- Times I’ve thought about vacation (at least)
13- New songs added to my play list
27- Plants planted in my garden
17- Selfies on my phone
1- NASCAR race attended
2- Training wheels taken off Emily’s bike

May you were so busy, chaotic, and fun.
I can’t wait to see what June has in store.

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How was your weekend?
Bonus points if you answer with some kind of number. πŸ™‚

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  • Jessica

    Girl you had one rocking month! I love how many times you thought about vacation. Ha ha! The amount of times you went to the gym is awesome. I need to do that.

    • May was super busy. I am looking forward to just having a bunch of pool visits in June :).

  • No chalk boards? I’m shocked! But you’ve probably had better things to do like be at the pool πŸ™‚

    • IKR?! I forgot I did actually do one for Mothers Day…. man that seems SO long ago though. And yes, that is the only number I car about in June :P.

  • I LOVE these month by numbers posts! I need to get in on the action!

    • They are SO much fun. Definitely join in.

  • Great list! That’s a lot of pictures…do you organize them within the folder?

    • Only if I have sponsored posts. I keep all personal photos in a month folder and photos for the blog in a file within the photo.

  • I thought I had a lot of pictures in my folder!

  • You should do a picture organization post! Also, do you keep all of your outtakes? I can’t seem to delete Anything!

    • If only I kept them organized :P. I keep everything… even though I really shouldn’t.

  • What a fun month! I’m super impressed with your trips to the gym! I have over 2000 photos in my May folder…and that’s after I deleted the bad ones. I keep them organized by day/event, but can’t ever seem to print them out! I’m glad I’m not the only crazy one! πŸ˜‰

    • Oh my goodness you are so organized…. I just shove them in a folder and call it good. I really wish I did a better job, I used to organize them!

  • Way to go you (for the 105 weight lift) and Emily for getting those training wheels removed! This summer is going to be so fun! What plants did you add to your garden? I’m always on the look out for more lol.

    • I have melons, peppers and tomatoes right now I need to get some more stuff going though.

      • I tried watermelon and that was a big bust- they didnt even sprout? Do you think they were dud seeds?

        • Could have been… or something could have ate them too! You just never know! Your growing season is long enough to try again right?!

  • Wow 13 trips to the gym, impressed me.. πŸ™‚ What a fun month of numbers, I love reading peoples lives in different ways like this.

  • I love these numbers posts!! And yay for no training wheels!!

    • They are so much fun to write and read. No training wheels has been SO much fun.

  • aww training wheels off, yay! And 0 chalkboard doodles – oh no!

    • Haha! I forgot I did do one more Mothers Day…. May was just SO busy.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your May wins!!
    I did miss the chalkboard doodles though!

    • Thank you, hopefully I fix that soon. We are just gone all the time which is totally unlike our school year when we are never gone.

  • chall1018

    What a great month for you guys! Can’t wait to see what June has in store!

    • Lots of days in the pool, I am most certain of that :).

  • Meghan Flinn

    Sounds like my photo folders! So many photos!!! Can’t stop, won’t stop!

  • 1500+ photos?! What in the world? I need to take more photos. I feel like I take a ton now but it’s nowhere close to you. Impressive.

    • Haha. I think if I didn’t shoot in manual I would take far less photos.