Friday Highlights 2016, V24

Hello Friday!

It’s Friday, it’s finally Friday! I know a certain little girl who has been counting the months, week and days for this day to arrive.

Marissa Renae is 8 years old today.
Happy Birthday!!!

Now I need to sit down and take a moment for that to sink in.
Eight as in E*I*G*H*T!
How in the world is she eight?! #butreally It seems like she just turned 6 or 7 and here we are already 8.

In a couple more years I will have a tween! My heart is breaking into a thousand pieces just typing that. Now is when I am supposed to give all you mama’s with kids younger than mine the “they grow up fast speech” but let’s just skip that because I’m to sad to push through it.

More on the birthday girl later on.
Let’s take a look at this weeks highlights!

{Blog Highlights}

This week on the blog I shared…

Friday 6.16
A weekend recap. Which featured LOTS of ice cream.
Our summer bucket list, boy is it a good one this year!
Spring photos that I took of my girls.
All about life currently.

{Eight is Great}

Eight years ago today this girl made her way into the world.

1 010
She was 9.1 oz, 23″ long and had the biggest dimples.
I was in love.

birth ann
Eight years later and I love that little girl even more.
I am so thankful for her, the little dimpled girl who made me a mama. 

I can’t wait to celebrate her today!

{Blogger Love}

I love blogging in the summer. It can be really hard, but it can be pretty fun too.
Here are a few recent favorites that I wanted to share today.


Teddy Bear Beach Party // Lexi Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too
Easy Hawaiian Pizza Quesadillas // bybmg
Raspberry Ice Cream // Polka Dotty Place
Super Simple Zucchini Boats // Wife Mommy Me

Oh look at that, they all have food in them.
You can tell where my mind is :). 

{Little Mermaids}

Recently I mentioned that Emily was having some pool / swimming skill regression…

Emily Jump
Never mind that. 
Something clicked and all of a sudden she’s back and better than ever.

Emily Swim
I think it may have been less stressful the other way, but I am so glad to see her so determined to swim on her own again. I’ll just be breathing slowly and keeping my eyes glued on her in the mean time.

{Fathers Day}

Fathers Day
Not only is this a birthday weekend, it’s Fathers Day weekend too. We can’t wait to love on our favorite guy this Sunday and spoil him even more than we already do.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!

Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Link-ups

  • Amy Smith

    Double the spoiling for Russ this weekend!

    Happy Birthday to Marissa!

  • Happy Birthday Marissa!!
    Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • chall1018

    Happy 8th birthday sweet Marissa! I hope you have the absolute best day!! And I know what you’re feeling sweet mama. It’s so bittersweet watching our babies grow up. Mason asked me yesterday if he was a preteen. Um what?? You’re six dude. Just be six okay?? And the other day he asked me when he would be old enough to ride his bike in our neighborhood by himself. I told him when he’s 21. And I meant it. Ha. I hope Russ has a great Father’s day. Happy weekend friend!

    • Thank you so much! We had a really great day yesterday and she is off having a special day with her grandparents today. Pretty safe to say #8 did not disappoint! Lol, oh Mason. So funny.

  • eight years?! Happy birthday to your girlie!! And yay for stronger swimming again!

    • I know right?! Blink twice and you’ll have an 8 year old too :(.

  • Happiest of birthdays to your sweet girl! I love her dimples! I have a big dimple, too, and I was SO hoping that one of our kids would get them, but no such luck. :o(

    • He he I can trace them as far back as Russ’ grandma who gave them to his dad who gave them to him who gave them to Marissa. I wonder how far back those big dimples go?! I feel the same way about my green eyes. I REALLY wanted a green eyed girl.

  • Happy Birthday Marissa! It’s so bittersweet to watch our kiddos grow! Thanks for sharing my recipe!! Have a great weekend, friend!

    • Thanks Becky. You bet! It’s pretty much the best idea ever :D.

  • Happy birthday to Marissa! I hope she has a fantastic weekend celebrating! I love the shirt she’s wearing in the spring pictures. She always has the cutest clothes!!

    • Isn’t that shirt so cute?!?! Another piece of her clothing that I wish I could wear. You now have me really looking forward to actually being able to do that someday :). Thank you!

  • Happy Birthday Marissa!! You are such a sweetie and it’s been so fun watching you grow!

  • Hope you guys had the best weekend celebrating! First Marissa turning 8 and then today, Russ. Sounds like the best time! Happy Birthday Marissa and Happy Father’s Day Russ!

    • Thank you we had a great weekend packed full of fun and ice cream. How could that be bad?!

  • Awww, happy birthday Marissa! I’m sure she had a great day as did Russ have a great Father’s Day! 🙂

    • We had an awesome weekend. We’re just a little sad that it went by so fast.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Those tiny baby dimples!! I loved seeing baby pictures of your 8 year old. Man time flies with these little cuties. Thanks for the shout out on the raspberry ice cream! It was so good 🙂 I’m hoping to make it to the pool sometime soon with the kids and your pictures make me eager to get there.

    • Aren’t they precious. That was the very first thing I noticed about her and loudly proclaimed “she has dimples” as they handed her too me. I HAVE to make some of that soon. Raspberries are my favorite. I planted some bushes recently but I won’t get any good crops out of those for a couple years, or more :(.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Seriously, how is she 8??? Happy Birthday… Hope you had the best weekend celebrating!

    • I KNOW!!! It is giving me chest pains friend. We had SO much fun :).