Friday Highlights 2016, V22

Hello Friday!

Four day weekends are lovely, but the four-day weeks that follow them feel like a punishment for having so much fun. Regardless, we made it to another Friday and that means another summer weekend. May was such a busy month for us.I am excited and hopeful that June will be less eventful which means we’ll have plenty of time to spend doing all of the summer things that we love. 

{Blog Highlights}

This week on the blog I shared…
All about our recent trips to the ball park.
Our Memorial Day Weekend away.
My monthly Goals for June
Ways to keep learning through the summer.

{Pool Days Are Back}

Last Thursday we picked up our pool passes.

On Saturday the pools officially opened and on Sunday the girls were back in the water.

We seem to have had some pool skill regression (which I fully expected) but I have a feeling in another week or two we will be back to where we were and learn even more this summer.

{One Planner To Rule Them All}

For the past three years my homeschool lesson plans have been ones that I made on an excel spreadsheet. I have always wanted to do more, but didn’t know exactly where or how to start. 

And then I got this. Talk about a game changer. I doubt I will use all of the features this planner has to offer but I am beyond thrilled and excited to have this. From teaching two kids and a class a co-op next year I will be able to have it all organized on paper in this book. Now if only I could convince myself to start writing in it. I’m kind of intimidated!

{Spring Bucket List}

We got a late start on our spring bucket list this year but as much as we all feel like it’s summer, it’s technically still spring. So I have given us until the 20th of June to complete the list.

Spring Bucket List with Free Printable


So far we have done:

Fun Run
Go On A Hike
Date Night
Weekend Get-A-Way
Go Geocaching
Make A Craft
Bake Something 
Picnic With Friends
Library Trip & 
Cruise Night

 All that is left is taking some spring photos of the girls and having some s’mores. I feel pretty confident that we can handle those in the next few days… I think.

{Pattern & Color}

Hello my name is Beth and my wardrobe is boring. That used to be my motto but it’s not so much now days. I made a goal at the beginning of the year to not buy any boring clothes this year. Unless it had color and/or pattern I promised myself I would steer clear and guess what? I have! 

On a recent shopping trip with Anna she pointed out how much I have “grown” this year and it’s true I really have. I am challenging myself to really step out of my comfort zone and pick-up thing I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing just a few months ago. 

Like this shirt.

And these shorts.

I am having a lot more fun shopping to and I love that my wardrobe is slowly becoming more colorful and fun to wear. I don’t shop a lot and stick to bargains only, but slowly and surely I am seeing progress.

Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Link-ups!

  • Amy Smith

    I LOVE that top. The print, the color. So summery & cheery. I haven’t been a shorts girl for a while, although this summer I’ve purchased 3 new pairs & have vowed to wear shorts! So far, so good!

    Enjoy your weekend, Beth!

    • It’s pretty much amazing. I LOVE it too. Good for you friend. I went through the same exact thing when I turned 30, lol. That was the summer I started wearing shorts again. I hope you had the best birthday!

  • Jessica

    We were so excited for the pool to open. There wasn’t much regression. If anything Cam is more comfortable. He finally decided he likes the slide in the kids area. Wahoo! Love the shirt you shared. It’s so colorful and fun. You definitely need that one.

    • That is so awesome, good for him we are almost back to normal here just working through a few more things with Emily. I LOVE that shirt. I wore it today and smiled. SO glad I got it.

  • So as much as we are alike, I am not a huge fan of the public pools in Ohio so we don’t visit them very often. Maybe 3 times a Summer. The ones in TX are amazing and we would go all the time. They are less pools here so they are more crowded and well that’s just gross.

    • We have three here one is REALLY big and the others we know the right days to go. Plus I discovered once you can hang out around the deep end your pool experience is MUCH better ;).

  • Enjoy your pool days! We still haven’t gone yet, but I’m sure we’ll log in plenty of hours of swimming over the summer. Have a great weekend!

    • I hope you get some pool time in soon friend. Hope your weekend was awesome.

  • Oh those pieces are so cute! That is exactly my same wardrobe problem. I did buy a red shirt yesterday though 🙂

    • Good for you! I know just how hard it can be to branch out a bit. But I set a rule and I am sticking to my guns and loving it.

  • Yay for the pool! And I knew you’d be able to finish your spring bucket list! Yay!

    • We are just so stinking close. I have that photo session planned for the morning, wish me luck!

  • I love those shorts and top from JCPenney. Very cute! Yay for a successful Spring Bucket List…just in time to start summer fun! Have a great weekend, and enjoy those s’mores. Yum!

    • Thank you, thank you. Sadly we never got to the s’mores though. Maybe soon. Have a good Monday friend.

  • Hooray for pool time! I can’t wait to start going to the pool more this year as well! And I LOVE the top and shorts that you picked out. That’s great that you’re challenging yourself to be more creative… I did the same thing a few years ago because I realized that the majority of my wardrobe was black, white, and grey, and now I’m the color queen!

    • That is SO awesome to hear. I hope I look back in a few years and see the same results. Hope you get some more pool time pronto :).

  • chall1018

    Yay for pool days! I wish we had a neighborhood pool. That planner looks awesome. You guys are making great progress on your spring list. Almost done and then on to the summer list!! I need to take notes from you and up my wardrobe game! Hope y’all have the best weekend, friend!

    • I wish we had a neighborhood pool too! But, Joplin has 3 public pools and we know the best times to be at which one. We LOVE it. You will not regret picking up some exciting pieces. It was SO hard for me at first, but I am really enjoying it now.

  • I love that shirt & those shorts!
    Our neighborhood pool opened last weekend but it has rained every day since then! Maybe next week we will get a chance to utilize it!
    So does it always take you a bit to work up the courage to write in a new planner? I’m totally that way. I don’t want to ruin the newness of it!

    • Thanks friend, me too! That was the SAME exact story here for the most part. One day we went even thought it was cloudy and cold. But hooray for some sunshine at last. I am guessing things warmed up for you too!

      YES! I am writing lightly and using a pencil ;).

  • Ashley

    Yay yay for the pool!! Ellie’s been taking parent/child swimming lessons at the Y and she just loves the pool…as long as you don’t dunk her head under the water. So glad your girls are back at it again!

    S’mores sound so god right now…maybe on Sunday we’ll have some.

    Loving that top and shorts you picked out so cute!!

    • Thanks Ashley. I hope s’mores are on your agenda for tonight…. we never got to them ourselves :(.

  • Holy productivity in spring!!!!! Also love seeing all the wardrobe ideas!!

  • Hooray for color and pattern!!! I just love both pieces you got. And you’re totally rocking that spring bucket list!

    • Thank you, thank you! JCP sent me another $10 off $10 too. I can’t wait to add another fun piece!

  • I am the same as you (were) because I tend to learn towards neutrals and solids. But good for you for forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Those pieces are so cute! And hurray for lots of pool days!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • It was SO hard to branch out at first. But now that I am having more fun and ironically feeling more fun looking for color and pattern is becoming a habit.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Whoop whoop for pool passes!!! We’ve been hitting our pool pretty regularly now, too, and it feels so good to get back into that routine! Our days are already a lot more fun because of it.
    And, I’m loving the colors and patterns you selected! So bright and cheery and fun!

    • Thanks friend. I am TRYING to branch out and loving the results. The pool is just the best. I just wish swimming season was longer.

  • I actually won pool passes at an end of school raffle…this just reminded me I need to go pick them up!!! Ugh….maybe those macros will have me feeling like putting on a swimsuit eventually this summer!

    • Lol I am reading this as I choke down my egg whites, how ironic :D!.