Currently, June 2016

Currently June
It feels like it’s been forever since I have shared about our life currently style.
So today is all about catching up on things big and small.

Listening to //

The sounds of summer! Splashing water, kids laughing, crickets chirping, birds singing. I love it! I only wish I could still open all the windows up again, but it is WAY to hot for that now.

Eating //

Grilled pizza, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, grilled burgers. You grill it, we’ll gladly eat it. 

Drinking //

All the water, iced coffee and I have been buying Simply Lemonade from Sams Club lately too. Nothing says summer like lemonade

 Wishing //

That summer would slow down. I know it feels like it just started but these two months of pure bliss go faster than any other two months of the year and I just want to soak up all the fun and memories that I can. 

Looking Forward To //

Marking things off or our Summer Bucket List!

Missing //

I’m honestly not really missing anything right now but my girls are missing VBS something fierce.


We are having the BEST week at #VBS. #collegeheights #mindcraft #trainachild #NewmanSummer2016 #prek #crafts #CHCC

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 Counting //

The days hours until Marissa turns 8… TOMORROW! And the number of times we’ve gone to the pool. Without checking I am pretty sure we have gone about 12 times since May 29th.

Praying //

For wisdom and direction in so many areas. We are still feeling super confused about Emily’s eye stuff and could use some direction. The biggest questions we have involve the cost. Therapy is EXPENSIVE and comes with no guarantees of working. The least thing we want to do is scrape together $4,000+, devote a year or more to working on this, and it not working. That would be AWFUL.

We also are back to looking for a new church again. We thought we had found one we liked, but it in the end it just never felt right for us. We are attempting to plug-in somewhere new  now. I still can’t believe we have been floundering around trying to find a new church home for 15 months (since our old church closed). 

Learning //

Memory verses with the girls. I love when they learn scripture and we all pick it up from the constant recitation.

 Enjoying //

Not wearing my teacher hat all the live long day. It is nice to have the summer break so I can just be mom. 

Planning //

Mom-cation with Anna. We are thinking about a quick weekend get-a-way to Eureka Springs. A VERY quirky town in AR (where Russell and I got married) I actually haven’t been back since so going with Anna will be kind of fun/ funny.

I am also neck-deep in lesson planning too. Home school for two girls AND lesson planning for 20 weeks of Kindergarten co-op. If we do make this mom-cation happen I am pretty sure our books and home school planners will go too. We have A LOT of work to do. 

Wearing //

Bathing suits, sundresses and shorts. It suddenly got HOT here in Missouri and the pool is the only way to stay cool. Which really has me wishing I had another bathing suit that I loved, preferably another Tankini or something similar to THIS.

 Watching //

Did anyone ever watch Super Market Sweep FOREVER ago? As a younger me I LOVED that show and honestly if you tell me where the reruns are I probably would still love it. Well, I found a show on Netflix call Guy’s Grocery Game. It was the perfect combo of the show I loved and a cooking competition. So fun. 

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What have you been up to currently?

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  • Amy Smith

    Another reason why I love you! Supermarket Sweep & Shop Til You Drop! Oh, the good ole days. Seriously, my Mom would make scavenger hunts Supermarket Sweep style for me. I had a huge comment to write as I was scrolling down & then I came to that comment & I just got all flustered. haha!

    Love the ice cream cone picture. So, last year I hardly went swimming because I was a million months pregnant, but this year we’ve been to the pool a few times & I’ve done the slip n slide already. I’m definitely in need of a second suit! There was a time that I used to have a whole drawer full…then I had kids. πŸ˜‰

    • Shop Til You Drop, YES! I had totally forgot about that one. That is AWESOME…. I need to do that for my girls.

      I totally get you on the ‘then I had kids’ thing.

  • Summer’s happening on your end!!!! Ice cream, swimming and sundresses!! Yes please. And I pray for guidance for you for Emily’s eye. It’s a lot to think about. Xoxo

    • Yes it is, thank you so much. Happy Friday!

  • We’re loving the pool!! Who knew it would get so hot so quickly! ugh…
    And Eureka Springs sounds so much fun! We used to go on day trips to shop and sight-see; so fun!

    • It was crazy right?! We went from cool and rainy to DANG HOT in the blink of an eye. It is such a random but fun town.

  • Grilled pizza is my favourite- also love that ice cream picture.

    • It is the best way to have pizza. Happy Friday!

  • Funny how all of a sudden it is hot hot hot. I walk out in the morning hoping it will be one of those cooler mornings (that we only get in the winter so it’s totally pointless to hope) and I’m always met with a layer of gross muggy. I think that is my least fave part about summer, that I can’t go outside with Aria and the dogs in the morning without melting..before 8am. But splashing in the water helps in every situation I think! And I still need to try grilled pizza again, my first attempt was so fail.

  • I love the sounds of summer too. And lemonade! Are you having the same humidity we are having here? Oh my, it’s hot.

    • Yes we are and YES it is SO hot. Crazy how fast that happened.

  • Your garden is growing so well! I am jealous and want to start mine next summer. This year it just never came to fruition. Dang life!

    P.S. Your girls are just the cutest ever πŸ™‚

    • Dang life just happens and that is okay too :).

      Thank you!

  • The heat and humidity are horrible here in Texas, too. I was hoping to have a slight break from it when we go to Branson in a few weeks, but you’re not making me think that will be the case.
    I am currently wanting a new swimsuit, too, but dread shopping for one. Ugh! Let me know if you have any luck.

    • Yeah I wish I could say that will happen for you…. probably not the case though. I looked at suits last night and was overwhelmed with awkward feelings so no luck with that yet! Happy Friday friend!

  • Simply Lemonade is our favorite, too! That was my craving during both of my pregnancies… every single morning as soon as I woke up I HAD to have a tall glass of Simply Lemonade with ice which is weird because I usually don’t like ice in my drink.

    • Awww that is such a fun memory. It is SO good.

  • Simply Lemonade is SO good, but apparently this baby I’m cooking doesn’t like it. So bummed about that because it’s definitely a summer staple! Happy early birthday to Marissa! Hope she has a wonderful day tomorrow! Thank tankini you linked to is so cute! I ordered a tankini from Old Navy not too long ago. I haven’t busted it out yet, but it’s so cute! Loving all the photos!

    • Thank you, thank you! Bummer on the lemonade, I remember those feeling of the baby being in charge of the tummy. Marissa hated eggs and peanut butter. Have a great Friday friend!

  • Summer is the best! XOXO It looks like you’re having a great Summer so far. I hope Marissa has a wonderful birthday!

  • I’ve seen the Guys Grocery Game, it’s fun and totally reminds me of Super Sweepstakes, I always found myself yelling at the tv saying, why are you buy that?! That’s like $5 each! hehe. New and only thing for sure on my summer bucket list…grill a pizza…off to look how to do that!

  • Even as a teacher outside the home, every now and then I think about what is needed for September. It never stops.

  • I used to LOVE supermarket sweep! I’d watch it every day after school haha! I like Guy’s Grocery Games too!

    • Haha Amy mentioned Shop Til You Drop too! I had forgot about that one. Oh, the good ol’ days.

  • Man you have been busy!! Sorry things are still up in the air with Emily’s eye. I feel you on the therapy. Although not the same situation, we’ve been patching Annabelle since she was 18 months (and will probably have to continue for some time), thankfully insurance covers it. Prayers that you get an answer on what you should do.

    • Thank you so much friend. We have another appointment on Thursday and I’ll update again shortly after that.

  • A mom-cation sounds wonderful! It sounds like you’re having a great summer. I totally wish it would cool down just a little!

    • Maybe just a hair… even if we could just loose some of this humidity!

  • chall1018

    I love currently posts and getting a peek at what my favorite ladies are up to! It sounds like you guys are having an amazing summer so far! Love all of the pool time you guys get in. It climbed up to 100 degrees here yesterday and I was longing for a pool day!! Awww, happy birthday to your sweet girl. I can’t wait to hear how you guys will celebrate her. I will be praying all those things with and for you sweet lady

    • Thank you so much friend. It has been around 108 or 110 here with the heat index… so the only way you can really be outside is if your in the pool. It’s terrible!

  • Its sorta cruel that you have to plan next years school work during your summer vacation πŸ™ But being prepared trumps all.

    • YES! I am SO close to having everything I need. I need to place one more order and we’re set. Then I can finish my plans.

      • You’re amazing Beth. Just thought you should know πŸ™‚

  • Grilled pizza… share you recipe. I plan to have my brother over for dinner and we are going to give it a try but I’m clueless. Hopefully it’s not hard πŸ˜‰

  • Love this round up! Thanks for the tip on that Grocery Challenge show – I love stuff like that I hadn’t yet discovered it on Netflix. It’s going on my list right now! πŸ™‚

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • I hope you love it. When I saw your post today I knew you must be a kindred spirit :).

  • Jessica

    Great photos friend! I wish summer would slow down as well. Why does it go by so quickly?

    • I know! My girls are already getting all mopey about thinking about the pool closing, lol. Silly little girls.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Yes to all the grilling and iced coffee πŸ™‚ I’ll be praying for your sweet Emily and for your church search. We’re in the same boat and our search has stalled a bit with Fletcher’s arrival/sleep deprivation and our upcoming move. I know it’ll be such a good thing to find a church home, but sometimes the amount of work it requires to find the right fit is exhausting.

    • Oh we were once in that boat after we had Marissa. We really tried to get settled before her birth but it never happened. Finally right before she turned one we found the most amazing church. We can just keep praying for each other. We’ve been attending one church for a few weeks now but it is a BIG church which feels really different for us. I’ve never been a part of a big church my whole life!