Rewind Friday V1

Hello Friday!

Typically on Fridays my song and dance is the same tune every single week. I share my blog highlights, a little about what is going on and fill in the blanks with some randomness. But this isn’t a “normal” Friday.

Rewind Friday
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This is the first ever Rewind Friday link-up. The perfect place to show case those dusty old blog posts. You know the ones you may be embarrassed about, your favorites, the ones you wrote before anyone knew you were a blogger. There are so many old posts that could use some TLC and this is just the place to share them.

Plus each month we will feature the bloggers with the most clicked links, perpetuating even more views! Win-win!

For this months rewind I decided to pick a theme, summer! Summer is coming fast and we are SO ready to make some new summer memories, but for today let’s look back on some of the memories we’ve had in the past.

Rewind 1

Pool Time: Becoming Fish

This post is all about our 2015 summer spent at the pool. I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Rewind 2

It’s the little things/ Park Adventures With Early Risers

Back when the girls would wake up early and ready to go. This post was all about the little things and our early morning trip to the park.

Rewind 3

Tuesday Talk: Mid Summers Night

We LOVE fun runs and this one from last summer was easily a favorite of ours. 

Rewind 4

Our First Camping Trip

Our very first camping trip with our amazing friends. I have always loved this blog post. 

Rewind 5

Newman Family Vacation 2015 {Part One}

Last summer we took a little trip to St. Louis. I just love the memories this post has with all of the fun photos. 

The first ever #RewindFridayParty is on the #blog today and I am sharing 5 of my favorite summer posts from the past. Come take a look! Click To Tweet

I had so much fun looking back on the past couple of summers picking out a few of my favorite posts.
I feel even more excited for the summer of 2016 to officially begin now. 

Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Now it’s your turn to link up and share some of your favorite posts from the past!
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Friday Link-ups!

  • Jessica

    Oo so fun! I love looking back at old posts. First camping trip…I don’t know if I’ll have that one in me. Ha ha! Happy fridayZ

    • Baha ha! Yeah. We really haven’t done much camping outside of one cold night in our back yard since then. We’re just not big camping people :).

  • Meghan Flinn

    Love your summer theme! Camping is so funny to me… I love hearing about others doing it and in theory think it would be great. But in reality I just don’t think I could hack it of enjoy it… You are a better person than I am! Now the pool and park days… Totally up my alley!

    • Haha! Well they did have a camper which REALLY helped… but outside of the one night the girls and I FROZE in a tent this fall, we have done zero camping since that weekend.

  • Okay- random comment but I really like how you have the little boxes that highlight the posts. Is that a plugin? Love how you went with all summer things. I’m super behind this week, so will have to do my catching up this weekend.

    • Those actually just popped up on their own when I put the link in…. not sure if it a wordpress thing or genesis or whatev but I think it is stinking AWESOME! Try it and let me know!

  • Oh I totally forgot to do this! I love your round up!

    • Thanks Becky. I have summer on the brain!

  • What a great idea for a link up. Goes along with my Flashback Friday

    • Oh it does! I didn’t even think about that when Whitney asked me to join this. So fun!

  • What a fun idea! I’m linking up a post from 2012!

  • Oh, I thought we’d be linking up posts from the past month, not the past altogether! That’s fun. Let me see what I can add!

    • It’s fun to REALLY dig back and highlight the past.

  • I love how you made the post headers using the same background as our graphic, you know I appreciate that attention to detail 🙂 I cant wait to read a couple of these as they are “new to me”.

    • I was this close to not taking the extra time but I am so glad that I did. I like a nice cohesive feel it brings :).

  • Holly

    LOVE the new link-up! Thanks for hosting!

    • So glad you like it Holly. Happy Memorial Day!

  • Oh how fun! I love that you chose the summer theme with summer coming SO SOON! Can’t wait to check out your old posts and get some ideas for some fun summer stuff!

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun to put this post together and picking a new theme each month is going to be a lot of fun as well.

  • I think some of these are new reads for me. Which is hard to image considering my love for your space. Looks like I have more reading to do 🙂

    • Some of those were like 2 years old back when nobody even read my blog, lol.