Picture Perfect Project V5: April 2016

Another month is gone and four more photos of the girls have been taken. I love that this challenge is less of a challenge and more of a habit now, a good one too. I also love knowing that I will have these photos to look back on some day. The girls will say things like “I wore THAT?!” Any of you who were children of the 80’s are nodding your head in agreement with that statement… but we were so cool! Man, I really need to dig up some old photos. 

My new method of keeping tabs on my 2016 photo project has turned into a routine and I can already see that it is saving me LOADS of time. Things are much more organized and easier to find now. Confession: I LOVE organization but my photo files on the laptop can be a bit of a hot mess at times. 

Here is peek at April and weeks 14-17!

April 2016

Week 14

The week of no chalkboard art. Other than Minnie Mouse, this might just be the most perfect shirt for Emily ever!

 Week14 HE Week14 VE
Week 15

Looking at these photos I think how much Marissa’s dress looks like a sack on her. Maybe I should take it in a bit. Emily chose last years Easter dress and a super big cheesy smile :). 

Week15 HE Week15 VE
Week 16

This was the first week I almost didn’t take photos, the day Emily eye became stuck. No she’s not looking away, her eye is crossed. I probably ugly cried after snapping these photos. It is so hard seeing her like this. The bottom photo looks a bit better. I was trying everything I could to make it look not so crossed. 

Week16 HE Week16 VE
Week 17

Another week and her eye was still stuck. I love Marissa’s dress that I grabbed on clearance at the end of last year and Emily’s hair was extra fluffy that week. 

Week17 HE +

Week17 VE
I hate ending things for the month here because a couple of days later Emily got glasses and things are going MUCH better. She still has some esotropia (eye turning) happening, but it isn’t nearly as severe as it had been. We just keep working on things at home and praying.

Let’s review!
2016 so far…


February collage

March Collage
Are you staying on track with your photography goals for 2016?

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  • Jessica

    These pictures are so fun. I like that you then show each month. It’s amazing the little things that change. You will be amazed by December how much they’ve grown. Tears!

    • Sigh, I know. Amazed and heartbroken most certainly. You’d think they eventually quit growing up so fast… they don’t :(.

  • Amy Smith

    Even a few months into this & the girls are already looking so much more mature. I can’t imagine how grown up they will look come December!

    • Oh my word everyone keeps saying that and I am not sure how much more of that my heart can take. I really want… NEED to slow them down.

  • Your kids are getting bigger by the minute. Love their sweet smiles!!!

    • NNNOOOOO!!!!! I’ve got to figure out a way to stop the madness :P. Thank you!

  • Love that you have them documented side by side over time- definitely something to treasure for later!

    • I certainly hope so. I just wish that I had started this LONG before I did.

  • awe I bet that was a hard set of pictures to take. I’m glad you did anyway. It’s the start of a journey.

    And, from Jan to now they already look so much older!! wow time.

    • Everyone keeps saying that and it is kind of breaking my heart :(. Why do they have to grow up, WHY?!

      Yes, a long journey at that :(.

  • I think the documentation of the difficult things will still be worthwhile in the end. Hugs.

  • Awww so sweet! That one picture must have been so hard, but it’s something you can look back on now and remember all those feelings and everything that you have gone through. So far I’ve been keeping up! 🙂

    • Yeah it’s been quite the road and we still have so much further to go but being able to look back at these times will hopefully be good someday. Good job! I love this months photo.

  • Emily’s crazy hair shirt is awesome!

    • The only thing that would make it more her is if it had Minnie Mouse on it :).

  • chall1018

    Haha! Love the crazy hair shirt. And I love Emily’s hair. Reminds me so much of my sister when she was her age.

    I can so relate, again, on the eye thing. I have snapped so many pictures of Mason where his eye is drifting out and he can’t control it. But you’re right, keep working and praying! That’s what we do to. I’ve seen a significant difference with Mason since he got his new glasses. Prayers for them both!

    I love all of their dresses and outfits. So cute!

    • Thank you!

      Hers pretty much stays stuck in all the time to some degree. The only time its not is when we put the eye patch on. She has binasals on her glasses and they are supposed to help with it… but I don’t think they are :(. He moved them the other day too and it seemed to make it even worse. Thanks for the prayers friend.

  • Love them all!! Emily’s crazy hair shirt is perfection.

    • I thought so too! I rarely by her clothes #secondgirlproblems but I HAD to buy her that one.

  • Beautiful girls! They both have such big personalities that just shine in their pictures!

  • Whitney Jordan

    So sweet!! That messy hair shirt is amazing because Emily has some amazing hair. Glad to hear that her glasses are helping and things are working. Keep us posted so we know how to pray for your cute girl.

    • Things are slow, VERY slow in the eye department but we are doing the best we can. I thought things were getting better when I wrote this but we seemed to have regressed some since then :(.

  • That “sack silhouette” is what we have to look forward to as we seem to be raising some skinny minis! I’m glad things are getting better with Emily’s eye, still praying for you, friend.

    • OH goodness it is awful. She’s so tall and skinny that by the time some things fit, they are way too short. I don’t know what I am going to do with these girls.

      Keep praying. We thought things were getting better (when I wrote this) but they really aren’t :(.

  • I love seeing their progress shots! This would be so fun look over the course of a year!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • It really will be worth it all in the end. Especially since I am staying on top of things this year.

  • Oh my gosh, I will love when our kids look back on our photos and think “mom, why did you dress me in THAT??!!” LOL. I know I look back at my pictures from the 80s (and 90s!) and think what was I thinking?!

    • I know right?! And by then they will probably be wearing completely INSANE outfits, lolol. I try and forget about the 80’s and my perms I had all the time. Happy Friday!

  • Such beautiful girls!! Can’t wait to see the shots of them at the end of the year!

  • Oh you know how much I love these babes. I just can’t get over how different they look and yet, I don’t see a bit of you in either one of them. I’d be interested in seeing photos of you as a child to see if there is any resemblance.

    • I would be interested in that too. I don’t have any photos of me lying around either. I have been meaning to steal some from my mama soon. I will have to make that happen. I NEED a comparison. She swears Emily looks like me when I was little but I NEED proof.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Your girls are the cutest! And while Emily’s eye challenges must be frustrating, I know you’ll look back at these photos in the future and think of how far you’ve come and how amazing Emily handled the situation. I love how photography captures and the good times and the hard times.

    • Thanks Meghan. It may be a long hill to climb but some day we’ll get to the top!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your girls are such little beauties!
    Before you know it you’re going to look back on these photos and see how far Emily has come!