NSRA Mid-America Nationals 2016

It was a Memorial Day weekend to remember, so naturally a blog post about it is a necessity.

This weekend we packed up, left town, and headed to Springfield, MO for NSRA (National Street Rod Association) Mid-America Street Rod Nationals. To put it simply, it was a weekend long car show with about 1700 classic and antique cars from all over the country. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Today I’ll share the highlights and way to many pictures from our weekend away.

We left about 1:00 on Friday afternoon. Some how we miraculously packed all of our stuff and our family in the 37.

It was a bit of a tight squeeze but it all fit! I would like to add that half of that is tools Russ packed, better to have them and not need them than the opposite.

The rest of the day was spent checking into our hotel, getting checked into the event, elevator rides, hanging out with friends, dinner, out and watching the cars cruise the main road.

We arrived  at the fairgrounds about 9:00 the next morning and set up camp for the day. There is so much to do there, from looking at 1700 cars to several vendors, watching auto-cross, and just hanging out..

IMG_7994 IMG_7933 IMG_7957 IMG_7962
Our girls are awesome… and so is Russ for that matter. Sure our car isn’t all fancy shmancy, but it is ours and pretty awesome. It is so cool to be attending these events as a family at our age. I only saw a handful of families like us. The car world seems to be an older generations thing so to be doing this now is just so much fun. The girls had a blast too. I love that they don’t mind going to these events and seem to take a genuine interest.

Emily CarNSRA5

Emily kept asking to have her photo taken by favorites of hers and Marissa had her few minutes of fame on the loud-speaker while helping draw raffle numbers.

 IMG_8028 IMG_8025
Saturday evening was dinner, watching the cars cruise some more, a pint of Peach Mango / Pineapple whip and posing with a dinosaur…. don’t ask. It looked like someone lost a bet if you ask me. When a friendly inflatable dino walks by you ask for a picture without a second guess.

On Sunday we stopped back by for one last walk around before heading home just before lunch time.

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So thankful for this weekend with my favorites!
What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?

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  • Jessica

    That sounds like a pretty great weekend! How fun that you could do it as a family. I love the picture of Emily in front of the pink car. Totally her. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks friend. We had a really great time this past weekend. I need to get caught up with how things are going around your neck of the woods!

  • Looks like such a fun family weekend!!! Emily looks so cute in her glasses

  • It looks like you guys had a fabulous family weekend! I love that pink car! Adorable! Emily needs to talk Daddy into a pink car in the future!

    • Baha ha! Good luck with that. But, if anyone can do it, it is Emily :). We had such a great time.

  • What a fun event for you guys! I love that the 37 is making longer trips!

    • Me too. We were a tad nervous to go that far with just it, but she did awesome!

  • How much fun! That dino costume… pretty funny!

    • I have never seen anything quite like it before. So silly.

  • That looks like so much fun!

  • My first reaction to that dinosaur was “uhh, are those shoes?” Definitely a funny back story there! What a fun way to celebrate the long weekend!

    • It was great. Funny thing about the dino is she was walking by and I decided I wanted a photo so yelled out “Hey dinosaur” To which she responded. That doesn’t happen every day, lol.

  • So cool! My dad would have been in heaven!! He’s currently working on a big project for a popular hot rod restorer in New York for his new book. My dad is an artist, so he’s painting a bunch of the guys old cars to include in his book. I can’t wait to see the finished result!

    • WHAT?! That is so cool!!! What kind of painting does he do?! I am intrigued and fascinated by this :). I’ve always wanted to learn how to do the old school hand pin striping. Someday I’ll give it a try!

      • He does all kinds of painting… oils, watercolor, charcoal, acrylics. And he can paint anything. He does a lot of portraits and landscapes for freelance jobs, but his passion is drawing and painting hot rods. He also does a lot of caricatures and humorous artwork as well as abstract stuff. He was the artist and graphic designer for our local newspaper for 34 years. Now he just does stuff as freelance! He’s so talented… I have two of his original paintings hanging in our front sitting room. They’re crazy good!

  • chall1018

    1700 cars? Whoa! That’s a big car show. How awesome that you guys were able to take your super cool ride! Y’all are the raddest family I know. Sounds like an amazing weekend and you got the cutest photos.

    • Isn’t that insane?! It is so much fun friend. Thank you so much too. We are trying ;).

  • Whitney Jordan

    I don’t know much about cars, but I love that it’s your thing! It’s so fun to have an activity that your whole family loves. The girls looked so cute posing with cars and I’m sure they’re going to have the best memories of these weekends πŸ™‚

    • I love it too Whitney. I think it is super cool that the girls really do seem to have a genuine interest in the car shows. They have been doing this their entire lives though, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • I also don’t know anything about cars and I feel like I would want to paint yours bright purple. Just because.

    • Baha ha! I am pretty adamant that my car will not be painted…. I really like the way it looks now, but we’ll see how I feel further down the road when the inside gets a little more finished. I really just want to get the door panels done, lol. Baby steps.

  • Ok seriously, I need to send you some pictures from this coming weekend at my work. YOU WOULD DIE. I need to remember to snap chat or email or something to you so you can see what you’re missing… and then come visit!

    • If I hop in the car now and drive my butt off I just might make it ;). Oh goodness seriously please send me something. Our next big goals are to go tot he Lone Star round-up or the Race of Gentlemen…. but I may be willing to change my mind and come see you instead :). While pulling up these links I noticed there is two ROG’s one in Pismo, CA?! Is that at all close to you?


      • Pismo is closer than Missouri πŸ™‚ but still not that close. It’s by Monterey (where Whitney lives!) but it’s like 4 ish hours from me. I’ll definitely send you something this weekend!

  • Oh my goodness what a fun thing to do s a family! I’m sure the older generation loves seeing young people like you attending events like this πŸ™‚

    • I sure hope so…. or they think we’re silly youngins with unpainted fancy cars, lol. We meet a lot of really cool people that is for sure!

  • What a fun weekend. I am so glad to hear/see that Trixie pulled through on the drive!

    • It was a lot of fun! Trixie is a good car :).