The Kids Behind The Blog, May 2016

Another month, another interview!

Today is link-up day for ‘The Kid(s) Behind The Blog’ May edition. Of all the days of the month that I read blogs, this day is hands down my favorite. I know someone’s kid is going to out them or say something hysterical and I just love it.

If you haven’t joined the fun yet, we would love to have you.

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Let’s take a look at the girls answers for May…

What is something I always say to you?
Emily// Clean your room & Be nice.
Marissa// I love you & Clean your room
What makes Mommy happy?
Emily// HUGS!
Marissa// When we listen to you.
How do I make you laugh?
Emily// Uh, by tickling me.
Marissa// When you tickle me and tell funny jokes
What do you enjoy doing with me?
Emily// Umm…. let’s say cooking with you.
Marissa// Go on dates, ride bikes, and get ice cream. Run!

What is my favorite thing to do?
Emily// Nap. Play with us. 

Marissa// Go on family trips. Take pictures.

Just for fun I decided to video this months interviews. I may need to pick a new location that isn’t a swing (sorry) but I think this fun, new tradition will stick around.

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Meet the hosts!
Crystal // Hall Around Texas
Beth // Our Pretty Little Girls
Meghan // The Adventure Starts Here
Jessica // Secrets of a SAHM
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me

Next months questions…
In honor of Fathers Day in June, we thought it would be fun to ask questions about dad.

What do you like doing with Daddy?
What was Daddy like as a little boy?
What’s Daddy’s favorite food?
What does Daddy do at work?
What is your favorite memory of Daddy?

Plan now to join us on June 8th!

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  • To hear their sweet voices is great! It’s also great to hear kids say their parents enjoy “playing with us.” Time well spent I say. I’m featuring my “adult kids” this month. Thanks for hosting another fun month!

    • Oh I can’t wait to read that! This link-up has been so much fun and it really seems to be a favorite of so many. I’m so glad it fell together and people are having fun with it.

  • Amy Smith

    This link up is my favorite! The answers that come out of these kids’ mouths are just spot on. I’m so glad that we all have this to look back on! Thanks for hosting!

    • I couldn’t agree with you any more Amy. So glad that you love it too!

  • Jessica

    It’s so fun to see how different and similar answers are between both girls. I love the honesty.

    • I think they are making this stuff up! Baha ha! I swear I rarely nap, like really.Oh well, maybe I will start :P.

      There answers are always so similar which makes me laugh because I interview the separately wanting them to come up with their own answers. I guess they really are sisters :D.

  • Katy King

    This is my favorite link-up each month! Sweet and funny and a great way to capture our kids in these precious moments!

    • YES! Mine too. I just love reading what the kids have to say. So glad you enjoy it too.

  • OH I have got to join in the fun! I get so mad at myself every time I realize I miss it! Hose answers made me laugh! Maybe because my kids would answer the same thing, like clean your room.

    • Clean your room, pay attention or stop are probably the things I say the most :(. Please join the fun!!! We would love to have you!

  • Nap!! Great answer hahah, <3

    • Oh my goodness I cracked up! I seriously hardly ever nap and if I do it is for like 10-20 minutes tops. I guess I should start napping more often though!

  • I think your girls know you well!

  • hahaha, I like that they both said Clean your room. Cute.

    • Yeah…. I like a clean house. Guess they outed me on that one.

  • I love that you added videos too! πŸ™‚ and running…awww so sweet!

    • It was fun to do videos too. I’ll definitely avoid the swing next month though.

  • Those pictures are so cute. Again, I love Marissa’s dress. That kid has the best closet! πŸ™‚

    • She really does. Now I can’t wait until we can share ever since you pointed that out!

  • chall1018

    I loved that you filmed the interviews and hearing all of your sweet voices. They both seem so shy on the camera! They have the sweetest demeanor.

    • They were so awkward it was really funny. Marissa is always shy, Emily is crazy but didn’t act like herself which was odd. Maybe next month.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Haha I love that they both said clean your room! They either have very messy rooms or are you a clean freak!?! And I loved seeing them on video too!

    • Guilty as charged. I am definitely a fan of things being neat and tidy.

  • OH my gosh!!! I am trying to picture you with this voice but I can’t. I feel like you sounds more feminine than you are. I mean… you like cars, beers and running !

    • Net month I promise to drink some moonshine first, beat my chest and be more gruff…. or just use less of my teacher voice.

  • I love that you interviewed them on camera! They are so sweet!

  • They are SO adorable! I always love to read their answers.You must love to nap. Haha!!!

    • Or maybe I should start loving it. I hardly ever nap and if I do it is like for 10 minutes. Those little stinkers. I can’t believe she said that.

  • Haha! Looks like the girls need to clean their room a lot? πŸ˜‰
    I love that you interviewed them on camera too! I love to hear their sweet little voices πŸ™‚

    • Oh my goodness their rooms can go from CLEAN to disaster in like 10 minutes. How in the world do kids do that crap?!

  • They are so so adorable! I love that you caught their answers on film! And the background is so pretty. I really like the swing! I hope you enjoy those naps hahaha πŸ™‚
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • That huge porch and swing is one of my favorite places. Such a great place to relax. I need to find a little table to put out there too.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    These are always so fun!
    Clean your room was on repeat from my mom. And nap – that might be my favorite answer because isn’t that every moms favorite?!

    • I would like the nap answer more if I actually took naps. I still can’t believe she said that, baha ha!

      I guess I should make them clean less often too?!

  • lol clean your room =) love it. And cooking and running! Good answers this month, had me chuckling.

    • Most kids said I love you…. mine said clean your room. I think we need to work on this.

  • I love the second picture of the girls and I also love their answers to number 4. Great answers, girls! πŸ™‚

    • Those pictures were really fun. They randomly started trying to kiss each other and were being so silly while I was holding the camera already. Glad I thought to snap a few photos.

  • “Clean your room”… love it! πŸ™‚ I also think the ummm…. lets say cooking with you is great! πŸ™‚

    • That girl LOVES to help me in the kitchen. Boy that makes my heart happy!

  • Whitney Jordan

    And just when I thought your girls couldn’t get any cuter… you post videos of their cute little selves!! Adorable and I love their similar answers. They seem to be similar and oh so different at the same time. I always love to hear about baking together and the special things you do with them. Cutest sisters ever πŸ™‚

    • Aawwww, thanks friend. I completely agree with that too. SO much alike and SO different too.