Joplin Memorial Fun Run {2016}

One of my favorite Newman family traditions is to have the girls run the Joplin Memorial Run Fun Run. So, adding it to our spring bucket list almost felt like cheating. But I think we all add things to our lists we know we’ll do. The run is always the Friday evening before the big race and the girls look forward to it for months.

JMR fun run1
They were beyond excited that race day was finally here and as always, they humored me by letting me take some pre-run photos. I just love seeing them all dolled up like mini-me’s. Some things will just never get old. 

JMR fun run2
The plan this year was for Russ to run the race with Emily again and Marissa to take off by herself. Of course that leaves me to do what I love to do, take photos. But I can’t take credit for all of these shots. A few of them were taken by my father in law and some others by the official race photographers. Three people taking pictures definitely made it hard to pick the ones to share with you today.

We also saw our friends Jonathan and David there. We hadn’t seen them in what felt like ages so it was a pretty happy reunion. 

I never let the girls wear the race shirt to the race. My main reason for that can easily be seen in this photo. They are SO much easier to spot. 

Before the race I gave Marissa permission to go wherever she wanted in the line-up I was pretty shocked to see that she found her way pretty close to the start of the pack. She isn’t really a vocally competitive girl but I am seeing a bit of a competitive spirit spark up in her.

Emily on the other hand is pretty happy hanging towards the back of the pack with dad. She is just the happiest little runner I know (still). She treats fun runs like a parade, leaping and waving along the way. Not much has changed for her since last year. 

Out and back Marissa ran her mile in a hair over 8:30. Two minutes faster than last year. I could seriously watch this girl run ALL day long. She always looks so strong, graceful, and effortless out there.

A few minutes later along came our sweet EE, still smiling and waving.

JMR fun run3
The JMR 2016 kids run was once again a great time

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You can check out our 2015 recap here and our 2014 recap here for a bit of a throwback.
I can’t even believe how much those girls have grown over the past two years.

Have you done a fun run with your kid(s) yet?!
I would highly recommend adding it to your summer bucket list!

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  • Amy Smith

    Sweet Emily! She always seems to be in the best mood!

    Way to go Marissa! She looks like a pro! I see a lot of mother/daughter races in your future with each other!

    • She is by nature one of the happiest kids I know. I LOVE it.

      I sure hope so!

  • Jessica

    Your girls are rock stars!! Love how much fun they had and their sweet smiles! Nice job!

  • Love seeing kids being so active!

  • I love this recap! I think Marissa is going to take after her mom! 😉

    • I can hope she does at least. Nothing would make me happier :).

  • Wow, so awesome and Marissa runs so fast! I like that you dress them differently so they stand out in the crowd!

    • She definitely has a knack. I would love to see how fast she is if she REALLY pushed herself. It would be SO hard to see them if we hadn’t done that!

  • I love that this is a tradition of yours! Marissa is totally kicking butt running!

    • She is the Can’t wait to see how she is in another 8 years. Thank you!

  • chall1018

    Yep! I certainly add a few things to my list that I know we will check off. Because I know that I will more than likely blog about it anyway, so why not?! I love that you all run in the fun run! So awesome. How cute are your girls in their running attire? Wahoo for three photographers. In my opinion, you can never have too many photos! You guys got so many good ones. I love how fast yet graceful Marissa is and how joyful Emily is while running! You have some awesome girls, friend.

    • EXACTLY! You totally get it. Thank you so much, I think so too. Can’t wait to do another race again.

  • These are such sweet pictures! They are adorable in their running clothes. And how smart are you to not let them wear their race shirt! Brilliant! Oh my goodness, Emily smiling and waving parade style is so cute! That would so be me! Except, I would be walking and waving! Have a great day!!

    • Lol. Maybe there is something about the name Emily that means happy ;).We have such a great time at these fun runs. I hope to do more in the near future.

  • What a BLAST! I love Emily’s joy!

    • Me too. She really is one of the happiest kids I know. I hope she never changes.

  • wow, Marissa has a talent for running, those pictures, so graceful! I think I would come and watch with you!

  • They do look like mini blonde yous!!! Love it!

    • Me too friend. It really never gets old :).

  • Meghan Flinn

    Oh how fun! Marissa is really becoming such a runner! And I always put things I know we will do on our bucket lists… I guess I’m a cheater too 😉

    • Here is to cheating together :D! She is doing awesome. I am so curious to see if it develops into something more!

  • Sara McCarty

    Your girls are so awesome!!!

  • Such a good idea to have the girls wear their own clothes! So much easier to spot them that way!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • WAY easier. I love them standing out in the crowd!

  • I love that the girls have a love of running and that Russ is there cheering you all on. And yes, M is made for running. It looks a lot like you running — effortless.

    • That girl really does have a gift. I bet she hates running some day and I’ll just have to bite my tongue. Thank you! We had so much fun.