The Guy Behind The Blog {May 2016}

What a weekend friends!

We ran, played, and recovered HARD! It was fantastic! 

Today I wanted to dial things back and give myself a chance to collect some thoughts *aka photos* so I figured what better way to do that than with another spotlight on my favorite guy?!

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Russ Half 
Russ 13.1

The questions for May are a little different, highlighting a series of “would you rather” questions. That also meant that we flew through this interview in record time with no loud grumbles. WHAT?! How is that even possible! I must admit I was slightly disappointed that he wasn’t his “normal” monthly interview self but it did make for a nice change of pace. 

Here we go?

1.  Would you rather have to wear your swimsuit to work OR have to carry around a large beach umbrella open all day at work?
 Swimsuit duh! I need my hands… some people have to use their hands for work. 
2.  Would you rather play on an MLB team OR get to tour with your favorite band all summer?
 Do I get paid like a major league player? If not, tour with a band.
3.  Would you rather go to the beach and forget your towel OR go to the beach and forget your sunscreen?
 *Silence*… Hhmmmm? Well forgetting a towel won’t give you skin cancer… so let’s say towel. 
4.  Would you rather take a week-long vacation to anywhere in the world OR take a month-long vacation but have to stay within 100 miles of home?
 *Sigh* *Eats a chip*
I don’t know a month without work sounds pretty good. But going somewhere I haven’t been sounds pretty good too. I know, I didn’t answer your question. 

5.  Would you rather get to have as much ice cream as you want this summer, but only be able to get vanilla OR only get to have ice cream three times this summer, but you can have whatever flavors you want?

Well vanilla is the only ice cream that I eat so I think this is a win-win for me. 

Now it’s your turn to play along mama’s
Answer this question for me in the comments. 

Would you rather have a kid that is a terrible eater, crying at ever meal, or a terrible sleeper, waking up once every night?

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  • Jessica

    Those are fun questions. I love that he sighed and ate a chip while answering. Almost like it was ridiculous. Ha ha!!

    • That is EXACTLY what he was thinking. I think you have him figured out Jess.

  • Amy Smith

    He’s such a good sport!

    • He really is. I need to give him credit for that.

  • Nice answers! I’m not really sure about the one you asked at the end. I’m thinking the meal one would be easier to deal with than the sleep one, but both would suck!

  • These were such great questions!!

  • He makes me laugh! What a good sport!

    • He is a hoot and a very good sport indeed.

  • Meghan Flinn

    His answers sound very similar to my husbands (which I will share later this week). And considering I’ve lived with it for 3 years I will take the bad sleeper 😉

  • I answered the ice cream question the exact same way! Hmmm….man those are too tough choices, but I”m going to go with bad eater…i used to have one of those, and I lived to tell about it. I like sleep too much…but fighting every meal…can I just let them starve? haha, j/k sort of.

    • I STILL have a bad eater. It is terrible and to avoid the fighting at every meal I just accepted the fact and let her eat one of the 15 foods she will actually eat. She’ll grow out of it…. I hope.

      • What we do, I’m fairly certain that my kids have eaten their weight plus my weight in pasta with butter.

        • Haha! Butter is pretty much my favorite food #kiddingnotkidding so this sounds pretty okay to me :).

  • Oh touche on the picky eater/horrible sleeper, but seeing as I have one of each Ill go cry by myself in the corner. This months questions were fun!

    • Omg I just died laughing. This month was super fun.

  • Oh my goodness….I would much rather have (and possibly do have) a terrible eater! Mama needs her sleep. And, time to catch up on blogs and Real Housewives!

    • I think I agree with you on that one. I can deal with a pick eater, the bad sleeper I would not be nearly as gracious with.

  • Oh man, since his favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, that’s a total win for him!! Lucky!
    Funny, Seth asked the same question about getting paid like an MLB player, but ultimately he chose that answer anyway – shocking I know! LOL

    • It’s a total win, right? I think I prefer vanilla too. That IS shocking :P. Can’t wait to read the rest of his answers.

  • chall1018

    Love his answers!! I have a terrible eater. I mean, he’s getting better as he gets older…but it was rough when he was a toddler.

    • I have one too…. and she is showing zero signs of improvement. Oh that Emily. Good thing she is so cute.

  • Terrible eater for sure – I figure they’ll eat eventually when they are hungry.

    • Haha! I’ve tried that with mine… she’s pretty stubborn.

  • bahaha! I just love how you can hear his enthusiasm!

  • Connor is both… what the Hell? I’m mothering everyone’s worst nightmare 😉

    • Omg I died when I read this last night. Good thing he is super cute.