Monthly Goals, May 2016


Another month of goals is over. I have been setting goals for about 16 months now on the blog and I still love it just as much as I did when I started. It really helps me to stay on track, focused, and have accountability to get the things I want to accomplish done through the month. I have yet to mark everything off my list and I honestly doubt that will ever happen. That is okay with me.

So many people have said that they enjoy these post and would love to set goals too. I want to encourage you to do just that. You can even join the With Grit & Grace link-up. There is more info on that at the bottom of this post.

Let’s take a look at last month.


*Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
*Work on my Pinterest strategy and growing followers to 1,000.

Done. So 947 is so not 1,000. Note even if I round. The truth is more important things came up than researching my Pinterest game. I can try again.

Speaking of the #GloriousMotherhood hashtag. Make sure you look for the loop in my Instagram feed today.

*Family movie night.
*Family outing (walk, donut date, something).
*Go to a car show.

So I feel like we watched a movie, but for the life of me I can not remember if that is true or not. So yeah, I’m gonna go with no. We did however enjoy the weather more than once and hit up a car show. Being outside this time of the year is WAY better than watching a movie anyways.

*Run a 5K.
*Get serious about half-marathon training.
*4-5 workouts a week.
*Improve my diet more this month.

Marissa and I ran a 5K back at the beginning of the month and I logged more miles this month than I have in a LONG time. However, I still don’t think I managed to meet my workout goal and I did my fair share of stress eating over Emily’s eye issues this past month. At least I have room to improve in May!

*Pray more as a family.
*Start reading something.
*Attend Sunday School at church.

We have been praying more, both out of need and desire. I also BARELY managed to start reading something but as for Sunday School, we didn’t go a single week #fail.

Home School-
*Survive academic testing week.
*Begin wrapping up subjects at the end of the month.
*Complete project fair assignments.

Done, done, done! Shwoo! Did I mention that we are officially on summer break starting today? I just wanted to rub that in mention it one more time.

*3-4 Girl nights.
*Trip to the shooting range.
*Finish and participate in the consignment sale.
*Date night.
*Take the 37 Ford Russ built for a drive.

I think I actually went to the range twice, consignment sale was a success, we took a date night, and the 37 is complete. My main fail here was the girls nights. I only managed to get in two this month.

April honestly went much better than I expected it to goal wise, especially seeing the curve ball we were thrown with Emily’s eye stuff all happening so suddenly. Hopefully next month will be less eventful.

Now for next month’s goals!


*Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
*Work on my Pinterest strategy and growing followers to 1,000. (Take two)
*Reformat 50 blog posts since my WordPress transition.

*Go to a car show.
*Family milk shake or donut date
*Do something spontaneous?!

*Complete half marathon #5
*4-5 workouts a week.
*Get diet in strict check this month.

*”Summer” morning devotions with girls. 
*Continue reading.

Home School-
* Start lesson planning for 2016/2017
* Shop for some used curriculum that I need

*Work on our spring bucket list
*Date night.
*Get out of town
*Two Girls Nights

What goals are you working toward this month?

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  • Jessica

    You’ve done amazing with your goals! I’m so impressed with all you’ve accomplished. And the fact that school is out for you guys is amazing. Yippee for that!!

    • Thank you, thank you. I couldn’t possibly be happier with how things went goals wise during this CRAZY month.

  • You go, girl!. I need to get into this link up next month! And enjoy school being out #envy

    • You will be there soon, right?!

      Definitely join the link-up!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Why milkshake or donut… Just make it a milkshake AND donut date ;). Maybe that won’t help with the strict diet goal lol! I need to get on that goal!

    • Baha ha! Yeah. Nothing is worse than a date that you can’t partake of. I think I will have to plan these on a long run day I have 9,10 and 13 mile runs planned this month!

  • You are killin’ with your goals. I’m going to send you an email with a way to get 1,000 follows on Pinterest. I promise you it will be easy peasy.

    • Wahoo. I only need 49 more. I can totally do this, right?! I requested that group but I am waiting on approval. I hope it comes soon!

  • Upping my Pinterest game is my May goal. Any tips??

    • If I figure anything out I guarantee I will let you know!

  • I think I’ve seen donut milkshakes on pinterest…might be able to find one of those!

    • Oh my goodness that sounds too good and terrible to be true, baha ha!

  • You got a lot done even with all of the scary that happened in your life! Tell me what you find out to up your Pinterest game, inquiring minds want to know!

    • I will be sure and give you a full report is I figure anything good out! Thanks friend. It was one heck of a month!

  • chall1018

    You did so great with your goals, friend!! And I am so happy for you that you guys get to start enjoying summer now!! We have 22.5 more days before we get to do that. I know you will crush your next round of goals. PS – love that chalkboard! You are so talented.

    • Thank you, thank you! With all the crazy that April brought into our lives we are SO glad that May is here and hopefully everything will slow down some. I hope those 22.5 days go by fast friend!

  • What a great job this month even with the month you have had! Haha! I love Courtney’s suggestion of a donut milkshake. That sounds crazy delish, but probably won’t help with the clean eating goal 😉

    • I thought so too! That does sound crazy good right?! Yeah this month is going to be hard. Especially with a pan of brownies sitting there just staring at me. I’ll have to splurge on one of my crazy long run days. I have a 9, 10 & 13 mile run coming up over the next few weekends.

  • Justine Y

    One of my blog goals this month is to double my Twitter following, shouldn’t be hard since I barely have any, lol. 🙂 I think next month it would be a good goal to work on my Pinterest. i’m always focusing on Facebook and IG and kind of ignore the other ones, sad but true. I also really need to reorganize my Pinterest boards and that task seems so overwhelming to me.

    • I just looked to see if I could help you on the Twitter… but I’m already following you. Twitter is BY FAR the hardest media for me to engage on. I honestly just don’t like it. I am a visual person and it isn’t visual. I do like my SummoMe bar and built in tweets so I actually remember to share my posts on there though!

  • I so need to set some for real blogging goals. I’ve been better about consistent posting but I really need to work on growing my followers. Hope you girls have a super fun week!

    • It is HARD work right?! The good thing is that one key to growing your followers is posting consistently… so at least there is that!

  • Great job on your goals! I am working on my pinterest and instagram too. I have to catch up still from being away though!

    • Oh goodness I think I am hopelessly behind on IG and Pinterest ALL of the time.

  • You did great with your goals! I’m working on my pinterest strategy as well in May! I was aiming to try and get 1000 by the end of the year…although maybe I should be more aggressive in that number, hehe 🙂

    • I wish there was a way we could all help each other! SO many of us are working on Pinterest this month… there has to be something to help each other, right?!

      • I know right?! My big question…when people repin their own stuff, you know they say you’re supposed to repin your stuff a few times…a week or something like that, where are they pinning it to? The same board? Or different boards? So confusing, so do you have 10 pins of the same thing in the same board? No one seems to answer where they put all these extra pins….

        • I know!!! If I read anything on this you’ll be the first person I tell!

  • I think you did really well with your goals! Good luck with May’s goals! I finally reached 1K on Pinterest which I was happy with considering I didn’t even use Pinterest until this Fall. I had it, but just didn’t pin much. When I was TRYING to get followers and joining lots of Pinterest group boards, nothing happened. When I stopped trying, did my own thing, and just pinned about 10-15 popular pins each day (food, play spaces, kids crafts and activities) my numbers jumped. You can do it!
    Oh, and my goals for May? Make it through the end of the school year insanity!

    • Great tips. I will totally keep those in mind. I guess I should get over my Pinterest being just for me and try and pin things that other people would like too eh?

      You can do it!

      • Sorry, I guess I should have clarified! I do pin what I like, I just pin more based on what people re-pin from me most often. That happens to be recipes, kids crafts and activities, and play spaces/backyard ideas for kids.

        • Oh yes, that makes more sense. I should have figured that for myself. So be true to you, but pin lots of it. I got on there yesterday and pinned some pins that I liked but had LOTS of repins on them and quickly gained a few followers.

  • Inspiring goals and a great way to kick off summer. I’m just trying to get through the last month of school and get my kiddos graduated in one piece!!

    • You can do it Michelle. It will be here before you know it!

  • You did a great job on your March goals, especially in the school department! And getting out of town this month sounds fun!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • YES! We have had this trip planned since last June, not even kidding on that one. We are READY to escape for a bit.

  • Way to go with you goals. I think you did a great job! Good luck getting your new goals set, I’m sure you can do them! 🙂

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    With all that has been going on in your world you did amazing with your goals!
    I can’t wait to see you knock out May’s goals as well!

    • Thank you so much! I am just hoping to survive my next few long runs. I did my first 7 miler a couple weeks ago and could feel how unconditioned I was for a couple days after. I am SO not ready for this half. We’ll see how 9 goes this weekend!

  • LuAnn Braley

    Hi Beth, I’m a new subscriber from the Tuesday Talk linkup!

    I love that you have a monthly goal wrap-up for that month, and a goals for the next month post! Maybe I should do something like that. I’m good at setting goals but tend to fizzle out more often than not.

    A while back, I got some chalkboard paint and want to paint a cabinet door or something where I can write inspirational messages/verses like in your picture up there. :O)

    • Wahoo! Tuesday Talk is just the best, I hope you love it LuAnn!

      YES! I used to do that too. This is the perfect way for me to keep myself accountable. I vote for a chalkboard to go up in your house pronto. I have had mine for almost a year now and absolutely love it. In fact I need to put a new board up today!

      Thanks for finding me and for saying hello!

  • I think you did amazing! You guys had a crazy April but you still knocked your goals out of the park! Great job!!!

    Random question… why do you need to reformat your posts now that they transition to WordPress? Did they get messed up or are you just adding to them to be more WordPress format?

    • Thank you.

      Some of them transferred a bit wonky which was probably my doing during the transfer. BUT it is the perfect excuse to go through some old posts and fix some stuff I don’t like and include recipe cards too. A lot of my first year posts just make me cringe with my horrid photos and such.

  • Reformatting 50 blog posts…that sounds time-consuming! I’m sure it will feel great to get that done!

    What half-marathon are you doing?

    • It sounds terrible right. You know how many I have done so far?! 0!!! I better get started on those soon.

      It is the Joplin Memorial Run honoring the May 22, 2011 tornado. This will be my 3rd year in a row to run it. It’s a home town race, for a great cause, and immensely personal seeing we lost our home in that tornado. I plan to keep running it for as many years as I can.

  • You did well inspite of your hectic month! Loving your new space so much it is looking so great! keep pinning and your Pinterest will grow- your images are amazing!

    • Thank for the encouragement Keri! I hope you are having a great Mothers Day!