$10 At Target {May 2016}

It’s my guaranteed once a month shopping trip and the perfect hang out night with Anna, my monthly $10 at Target challenge. Last month I went solo and didn’t have nearly as much fun as I did this time. Plus the dollar spot was FINALLY well stocked with summer fun items. I could have spent my whole $10 there easily.

Let’s take a look at what we found.

This hat ($3) could be fun for all of the time we will be spending at the pool. We also found some water guns ($1). I would be tempted to buy them but I feel fairly positive the girls would just spray them at me.

The perfect little weekly planner ($1) it is supposed to be a mousepad but I think a magnet on the back would make it perfect for the fridge. Then I found these goggles ($5). I think it is pretty obvious where my mind is… at the pool.

tm6 tm2
These bracelets ($3) were really fun and summery and these little bags ($3) are just the cutest. I have no idea what we would use them for, but we still wanted them.

Dollar spot finished we moved onto the clothing section. 

I found this shirt and instantly thought of some recent pattern mixing advice that Becky gave me. She said black and white stripes and a large print floral are a good place to start. I don’t have the large print floral skirt (yet) but I may be able to pair this with a fun scarf… unless it stays in the 80’s like it has been. Either way for $7 I would be half way there. 

I also found this Minnie Mouse tank ($6.47)…. but it was in Marissa’s size instead of Emily’s.

This little purse ($3) was pretty cute too!

We found these Disney Lego figures for just under $4 each. Emily would love me forever if I brought home a Minnie but with 18 of them and no way to tell who is who your chances of getting the one you want are pretty slim. We even spent a few minutes trying to feel around the packages before deciding there is just now way you could ever know.

Liz bought these last month and I hadn’t forgot about them (I never forget about chocolate).

With several choices, it was time to make up my mind.
This month was probably the fastest decision I have came to so far.

May Target
It seemed like a no brainer to me!

How did I do?

Under budget by .32!
Target 2 Beth 3

ab target

It was definitely another fun night at Target.

You can bet that if I ever get that floral skirt I may just have to post some pictures. It could be like the most awkward fashion post ever from the least fashionable person, but I bet it would be great for a laugh. 

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Now it’s your turn!
Grab the button and join the fun!

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I can’t wait to see what you picked out!

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  • Jessica

    Great purchases!! I need to try mixing patterns like you are planning. I always want to and then chicken out. Love the Disney minifigures. I need to get a few for Cam, but why are they that expansive for one little character? Ugh!

    • If I can do it, you can do it. I am just so sure of that :). I totally agree…. If I knew Id get Minnie or Mickey I’d go for it in a second but I hate the mystery of not knowing who we’d get.

  • Amy Smith

    Great choices! I love your idea to add a magnet to the mouse pad!

    • It is perfect. After just one week I am LOVING it.

  • Great choices! Funny…I suddenly want one of those peanut butter cups for breakfast!

  • Bahaha! I got the same tee! You can totally find a cute skirt to go with that! Great finds!

  • I really like the list pad. I just wonder if I’d use it! Great choices and good job on the budget!

    • I wondered the same thing but with it right there on the fridge I am using it A LOT. Thank you!

  • Fun, I like the list pad. My Target was pretty bare in the $1 spot section this month…darn. That shirt, great find! You always find the best stuff in the clothing section.

    • I hate it when that happens to me… which is usually every month. Thanks, can’t wait to do something with that shirt!

  • I almost picked up that weekly planner pad too – wishing now that I had! Also, I’m pretty sure you’re the third person in this series who came home with that striped shirt. LOL. It’s so cute!! πŸ™‚

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • I guess you’ll have to head back soon eh?! So funny! I guess Becky, Rachel and I all had stripes on the brain.

  • I love your little weekly planner better! I got a different version of the same thing though, but yours is cuter. I figured it would be great on the fridge as well and magnets are an easy DIY!

    • Mine was the only one they had. I’ll have to check yours out to. I started using it last Monday and LOVE it. It is such a handy reference right there on the fridge.

  • That shirt would be really cute with that utility vest you were looking for, too. I was at Target yesterday, but our clearance was really picked over in the clothing section. Have a great week!

    • I never did end up finding the perfect one… bummer :(. That was my last month all of the clearance in the whole entire store was pretty much wiped out!

  • Andrea Deitz Sprout

    I bought that same shirt…but it was $4.50 at our Target! I wore it yesterday and it was so comfortable!

    • 4.50?! You win, that is awesome. Maybe I went too soon :).

  • Haha I do love that you and I and Becky snagged the same thing. Hmmmm! we may have a collaboration of styling on our hands. Cute!

    Rachel xo


    • It’s almost like we planned it :D! I’m just bummed that I paid more than everyone else, lol.

  • Pretty sure I got the same shirt… just in a different style! Great minds think alike, right?! πŸ˜‰ Those PB cups look pretty darn good too….

    • Lol Becky and Rachel bought the same exact shirt as I did. I need to check yours out. SO funny. They are pretty stinking awesome and might become a monthly addition for me ;).

  • Your Target run looks so fun! And I’m so jealous that yours had the Disney minifigures! I looked at my store but they were sold out. Boo. Love what you picked!

    • Oh that would stink. I bet someone just bought the whole box, lol. Thanks!

  • Stripes with big floral prints are my fave too! Great thinking, Becky. Also, still jealous of Target.

    • Did you get to go to Target in Vegas?! Do they even have a Target in Vegas? lololol

  • Meghan Flinn

    Great choices! On a side note, I didn’t realize how high your sales taxes are… Why two???

    • City and state. Even with that though the cost of living around here is CRAZY cheap.

  • I have a very similar striped tee from Target and it’s one of my favourites!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • I cant wait to wear this one soon! Glad to hear you love yours!

  • Oh, nicely done! Totally agree with your selections.

    We should go do this together sometime πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, thank you. Two other bloggers bought the same shirt so I must have done something right :).

      I go in the evening on the second Monday of every month if you ever want to join. Although next month I am taking Marissa and turning her loose. $10 @ Target birthday edition πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š!

      • I won’t crash your special birthday $10 at Target next month, but maybe in July! πŸ™‚

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    That shirt!!! Holy moly, you scored with that one!
    I need to try that chocolate. Yum!
    And you can never go wrong with a little weekly planner!

    • I thought so too but Becky and Rachel both bought it even cheaper lol! That chocolate is SO good. Definitely try some soon.

  • What the what!!! I see tons more Justin’s yumminess on that shelf where you found the PB cups! Looks like you have more options for next month! They never have the PB cups anymore at my Target (they must have been too popular!) and they definitely don’t have all those options!

    • Really?! They as so stinking good. I honestly had forgotten all about them and spied them on accident. Then I suddenly remember how good they looked and HAD to get them.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great finds! I love stripes + florals. It’s such an easy combo so I hope you find a great floral skirt or scarf to pair with your tee. Also love that notepad. It’s nice when the$10 comes together so easily. Some months I debate and debate about the best $10 combo.

    • YES! Some months I have lots in my cart, others lots in my mind. This month I looked down in the cart and all 3 of these items were laying there. It just seemed too perfect to pass up. I need to get busy looking for that skirt, pronto!

  • I might have wasted the whole 10 bucks on the chocolate. I admire your willpower!

    • I could totally spend $10 on THAT chocolate. It is SO good.

  • Hannah Christensen

    This is a neat idea. I found your blog through Tuesday Talk Link up! I’m over at lovelylittlelives.com.

    • It is so much fun, we really have a good time with it. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  • Gold stars for the stripe tee! I have two different black and white tees from Target and love them both!

    • Haha! Now that is awesome. I bet they look super cute with that mustard sweater :).

  • I think I could stand to own a few more striped shirts! And the dollar spot paper goods are always adorable. Love the haul!

    • Well it seems like Target is the place to go for striped tees :). Thanks Katie!

  • chall1018

    I’m going to Target today to look for that hat! It will be perfect for our summer beach trip! I love that you take pictures of things you consider as well as the things you got. What a fun shopping trip! Love the striped tee.

    • Oh it would be perfect for the beach… I should go back and get it too :D! Good luck friend!