Weekend Recap, Skating, Shooting & Second Place

What a weekend!

The weekend is over and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit sad about it. We had so much fun and did SO much this past weekend, I knew a weekend recap was a must. So be prepared for minor details and lots of photos. I always think the best way to recap is with plenty of photos. 


Friday was co-op, a quick lunch and an “official” first for the girls, roller skating. Cue all of the laugh/crying emojis friends it was hysterical.

20160401_130351(0) 20160401_134323 20160401_145038
First off let me say I should have taken Marissa YEARS ago. Secondly when you think going skating for the first time with friends will be a fun group activity, think again. Next we need to invest in some roller blades (so much easier than skates). Lastly it took about 2 minutes to get the above group photos before we (and they) gave up.

So we took this one instead.

It may not have been the fun hang out time we imagined and it might have been MUCH harder but boy those kids had a blast, bruises to prove it and all.

20160401_172521 20160401_201739
After skating it was packet pick up with Marissa then home where we made pizza and vegged out for the remainder of the evening.


Saturday was Marissa’s very first 5K. For all of the details on that be sure to check back tomorrow! For now lets just say she may or may not have gotten second place in her age division :D!

build V
Chair V
Next we headed to Home Depot to make some butterfly houses.
We also tested out some patio furniture while waiting on daddy. I think this chair is a winner if you ask Emily.


Back home is was time for laundry, cleaning, making messes while I was trying to clean and doing some work on the car.

court V
back v
Early in the evening we headed to Carthage MO (home of the Jasper County Courthouse) for a car show then stopped at Freddy’s for our favorite greasy burgers before heading home. With the girls in bed Russ and I wrapped up the evening by watching ‘No Escape’ That was the most stressful 1 hour and 45 minutes of movie watching ever. Just not cool. 


Sunday was church.
Emily’s shirt is fantastic, right?!

Consignment sale prep.

FullSizeRender_edited 20160403_140600_edited 20160403_135608_edited
A trip to the shooting range.

And LOTS of time spent playing outside.

A solo run to JoAnn where I had a record-breaking wait in line. It was PAINFUL friends. A huge line and only one register open. I am the worst at waiting in lines. 

We had a quick dinner and a long talk about obedience with the girls. Oh those dinners are just as hard as a parent as they were when I was a kid. We cleaned things up, spent some time on the porch and tucked our girls into bed thankful for such a great weekend together.

The week ahead is busy. Earlier schedules, Dr appts, errands and achievement testing. Weekends like this give us just what we need to take on the next week with a smile, even on a Monday.

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What was the best part of your weekend?

  • Meghan Flinn

    Wow, I’m always amazed how much we can fit into a weekend! While we seem to go go go, I’m always amazed when I see it written down cause it doesn’t seem possible to happen in one weekend! And I’m cracking up over the roller skating. Reminds me of when we thought taking Noah ice skating would be a good idea… Umm no!

    • Isn’t it crazy?! We actually had quite a bit of down time Saturday afternoon too! Oh goodness I can only imagine. I’d love to take the girls to do that sometime too…. let’s master roller skates first though ;).

  • Jessica

    The roller skating pictures crack me up. I haven’t been in so long but I can’t wait to take the kids. Way to go marissa! I can’t wait to read all the details. You had such a busy weekend. Hope your week goes great!

    • Thank you so much. Just wrote up the details on the race post and I may or may not have teared up ;).

  • Amy Smith

    Sounds like a great weekend! A little bit of fun, a little bit of work. Perfect mix!

  • Sounds full! I bet roller skating was hilar, def. It’s been ages since I’ve been. I’d need one of those walkers myself. I’ll skip that movie too – sounds awful.

    • Oh dear Lord it was TERRIBLE. The fact that their little girls were so close in age to ours made it even more painful too.

      The roller skating. I could have peed laughing so hard.

  • Ugh, I hear ya- I hate waiting in line. Love that Marissa runs with you, I need to do that with Willis more!

    • I am just the worst at being patient, lol.

      We have SO much fun running together. I wish I could take her all the time.

  • What a busy weekend! Love the pics of you at the range! So much fun that it’s outside. 🙂 Around here, they are all inside.

    • WHAT?! They are all outside here, lololol. I would love to try and inside one sometime.

  • What a jam-packed weekend! Can’t wait to hear about Marissa’s race!


    • It was insane. Can’t wait to share the details tomorrow!

  • What a great weekend! So full of things to do! Can’t wait to read about Marrisa’s race, even finishing a 5K is amazing! Woo hoo!

    • Tomorrow, tomorrow! I may or may not have teared up writing that post too :D!

  • Great weekend! Only one of my kids likes roller skating so he and I went a few months ago. It was fun!

    • Next time I’ll be more prepared for the insanity, lol.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your weekend wins!!
    I cannot wait to hear about Marissa’s run! Way to go, little lady!
    Shooting, too? Gah. I want to get to a range so badly. You’d think with Scott being my husband I’d have more opportunity… *sigh*
    And JoAnns. We have one near us and it never has enough cashiers! The wait is always brutal.

    • It was pretty epic.

      Details tomorrow and I may or may not have teared up writing it.
      I know, right?! Get that man to take you shooting :D! I have plans to go back next weekend and quite possibly the weekend after that just to keep making you jealous :P!
      It was RIDICULOUS. Felt like a slow painful death.

  • Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.com

    Congrats to Marissa! Second place is awesome!

  • What a great weekend! I love that you took the girls roller skating. I haven’t been roller skating in YEARS! That had to be so much fun. And way to go Marissa with the 5K! That’s awesome!

    • I haven’t either, which is why I didn’t get skates. Lololol. Thank you so much.

  • Sean and I keep talking about taking a date to the shooting range; looks so fun! So proud of M and running skills–so awesome! Sounds like a great weekend!

    • You should totally do it! It is so much fun.

      We had a great weekend. Can’t wait to give the race details tomorrow!

  • Going roller skating is such a great idea! We go ice skating from time to time but this would be a fun alternative. And I’m the worst at waiting in lines too. One open register is not ok!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • Totally NOT okay, right?! Oooohhh I wish we had ice skating close by here!

  • Second place is awesome! Can’t wait to hear the details! JoAnn’s always has the LONGEST lines. And it’s always really quiet…and awkward.

    • It is simply just the worst. All the employees standing there, watching :D!

      Thank you so much.

  • I was a roller rink queen, my kids not so much! It was hours of whining and crying when I took them. Never again! Your family seriously is the cutest!

    • Baha ha! That made me lol. I think we’ll go back…. I’m nervous but practice makes perfect right?! Thank you!

  • I laughed about the roller rink shenanigans, we had a rink that recently closed down and it was never my idea of fun either! I am horrible on wheels. Marissa and Emily always look so happy!

    • Oh dear Lord it was a nightmare. Just imagine arms and legs going completely crazy. It was a circus. They are very happy girls…. unless E has that patch on :(.

  • Way to go, Marissa!!!

    I love all the pictures you took. It looks like you had an amazing weekend!

    • It was a really fun, great weekend. Thanks friend.

  • chall1018

    Roller skating is so much fun (and a good workout!). Mason has only been once for a birthday party, but he loved it. They sure didn’t have those nifty little brace things when I was a kid. We were left to bust our bottoms second after second. Ha. We’ve never done the Home Depot workshops, but I am wanting to take Mason soon. Did y’all enjoy it? Oh hey, we’ve been to Carthage before. We went to the Precious Moments thing they have there (years ago!). Have y’all ever been? Looks like the best weekend and that makes my heart so happy for you guys!!

    • I KNOW!!! It is so weird because the rink we went to is where I skated as a kid, they really jazzed that place up ;). We LOVE the HD workshop, we go all the time. Seriously Marissa has 30 some odd pins from it, lol. Take him as soon as you can, I bet he would LOVE it. Yes, lol SEVERAL times. I need to take the girls out there again soon. I bet they would enjoy it.