Ten on Ten, April 2016

I have always thought it would be fun to link up for Ten on Ten, but month after month I forget. However this weekend I was determined to remember. I woke up and instantly started looking for picture perfect moments. Things continued this way all day until the mid afternoon when I realized it was Saturday…. the 9th #FAIL!

I put away the camera and resumed things on Sunday when it actually was the 10th day of the month.

Here is a peek into all the little moments that made our Sunday awesome.

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{One} Waking up to find these two snuggled up in bed together and Marissa reading to her sister. #heartexplodes. It sure beats the days I wake up to them screaming and fighting over something silly.

{Two} Enjoying a cup of coffee and a couple of muffins before church.

{Three} After church photo.

{Four} More coffee and here is a sneak peek at tomorrows blog post topic.

{Five} Marissa was inspired by this weeks co-op science class and made a bunch paper/straw gliders. She then set up a stand in front of our house to sell them for $1. You can imagine her surprise (and ours) when a neighbor bought one. 

Some patch therapy for Miss E.

{Seven} They want a COMPLETE back history on E before doing extensive eye testing on Tuesday. Filling out this paperwork is tough. 

{Eight} Homemade apple cobbler baked for a fellowship meal.

{Nine} Selfie with my girls just because.

{Ten} Spending the rest of our evening out in the woods with our church family. Such a great way to wrap up our day. 

Happy Monday friends!

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  • Jessica

    Aww…love this. The first picture melts my heart. So sweet.

    • Me too, me too. Someday you’ll have some photos like that too. All to soon too :(.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I have to say I’ve never seen a “glider stand”… I’m amazed she actually sold one! And I love that first photo too. I have a photo of my niece reading to Noah that melt my heart so I can imagine it’s times 100 when it’s with both of your own kids!

    • I know, right?! I was preparing her for heart break. God bless the person who bought one. It definitely made my morning seeing them like that.

  • That cobbler… yum!

  • Looking forward to reading your wordpress post…I’m slowly working on mine.

    • Ooohhh it will be fun to read each others. Maybe we’ll learn some stuff we didn’t know :D!

  • Amy Smith

    Such a precious moment between your girls! I’m looking forward to reading tomorrow’s post!

    • I keep finding more stuff I wish I had added too. The list just goes on and on :). Thanks Amy.

  • Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.com

    I’m surprised she sold one but good for her! You might have a mini-entrepreneur on your hands 🙂

    • I was surprised too! God bless the person who bought one :). I can hope!

  • Oh how fun! Going to try and remember to do this too 🙂 Yay for selling something. My dad once told me that he ALWAYS stops to buy whatever a kid is selling at a stand because he feels like they are making an effort and trying to get out there, and he wants them to feel confident like they can do anything. Sometime he won’t take what they are offering but will give them a dollar and tell them good luck with their business. So I try to do the same and the kids are always so happy, worth it! And looks like a great Sunday!

    • Oh my goodness I just teared up. Your dad sounds like one awesome guy. That is so encouraging. I am going to start doing that too :).

  • Great pictures!

  • I can’t wait to read your WordPress post but you know me… I can’t handle code or change or the idea of losing anything so… I’m still willing to pay you!

    • Bahaha! Oh the reasons to change are so abundant and I keep thinking of ones I forgot. I may have to do a part two in a few months.

  • Sara McCarty

    I love these posts! I need to set a reminder for myself to do one next month!

    • Yes, set the alarm now! Trust me, you’ll forget ;).

  • chall1018

    Oh wow sweet friend…what a beautiful thing to wake up to! Loved getting a peek into your Sunday! I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post. I want to be on WordPress, but really I just want to snap my fingers and it happen. Ha. How is the patch therapy going? That last picture is awesome. Is that your church? Or a place that belongs to someone at your church? Either way, it’s amazing.

    • It was so precious. Seriously not the norm though ;). I totally get you on the snapping your fingers bit. I felt the same exact way and I am SO not patient with stuff like that.

      That is our pastors house and it is uh-mazing. I KNOW you would LOVE it.

  • Brandi

    Looks like a lovely day. My daughter has patched for years…and my son had to as few months as well. Your daughter looks like she is enjoying it more than mine ever did! 😉

    • The only way she enjoys it is if she’s playing her mobi-go and I told her to act happy before I took the photo too :D! Poor kid. It is SO frustrating for her and makes me feel terrible. Glad to know we aren’t alone in this.

  • Aw your girls are like slightly older versions of mine! So sweet. Oh and that cobbler looks AMAZING, my Sundays need more cobblers in them.

    • Doesn’t cobbler and Sunday just seem like they should go together. I should start making cobblers on Sunday more often… or maybe I shouldn’t. Now I need to go check out your space so I can take a look at your girls :D!

  • Now it is working. That cobbler, my all time favorite (next to homemade cookies) with vanilla ice cream on top. So good. Of course, trying to cut back on my sugar and blogging does not help when I find all these delicious recipes! Great photos Beth. You are really rocking it with your photography.

    • I bet it was a glitch, I hate it when it does that :(. It is like 10 times better with vanilla ice cream on top right?! So true, so true. Food ideas are abundant in the blogging world. Thanks Michelle.

  • I love this post idea! You had a busy Sunday! And that cobbler… Mmmmmm!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • That cobbler is SO good! Set an alarm not or you will forget. Trust me, I would know ;).

  • You have found a new church family? Hooray! I hope they love you as much as the rest of us do 🙂 Your family is so cute. That snuggling picture. Heart exploding for sure!

    • Yes, No, I don’t know… maybe? Do I sound conflicted? Because I am. We did indeed find a church that we have been regularly attending for a while now but we are kind of hanging close to the fringes and not exactly signing up for membership right now. I like it, really I do. I just don’t love it if I am being honest. This was the first time I referred to it as our church and it still feels really awkward and weird.

      Oh goodness, *big sigh*.

      Thanks Jen, You always brighten my day.

      • I get it. We moved about 3 years ago and as a Mormon your ward, as we call it is determined by your geographic location. So with the move we were in a new ward. It took me a year to like it, but once I kind of just finally jumped in and gave it my all I learned to love it. It really takes time so hugs as you get adjusted.

  • I need to do a 10 on 10!! How much fun!!! That first pic just warmed my heart!!!

    • You should totally do 10 on 10. Set an alarm now! I bet you can relate to that first photo huh?!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Those muffins look delicious.
    And the girls after church – looking adorable as always.
    Let’s talk about this apple cobbler. Please tell me you’re going to share that recipe? Because, it looks fan-freaking-tastic!

    • The muffins were great.
      Thank you, thank you.
      It is this frozen apple pie filling that I make when we harvest apples in the fall and my favorite crust recipe. It seriously takes me 5 minutes to make and I love it. If you want the crust recipe (my favorite) I’d be glad to share but I won’t be making the actual filling again until fall :(. I think I have 3 or 4 more bags in the freezer, doubt those will last :(.

  • So much to say…
    Youre girls are the cutest! Does Emily always wear a touch of Minnie Mouse? 😉
    Im looking forward to tomorrows post like whoa!
    And Im with Desiree, cobbler recipe please!

    • Oh good Lord that girls has SO many Minnie outfits and when she outgrows them she won’t let me get rid of them either. Luckily one of my besties makes t-shirt quilts…. I see a quilt in our future some day.

      I hope you like the post! I am going to have to do a part two in a few months, I missed SO much.

      The cobbler is a filling I make in the fall with fresh apples and freeze to use the rest of the year and the crust is my go too. I will gladly point you in the right direction if you’d like.

  • Those muffins have me drooling! One of these weekends I will have free time again and I will make more muffins! Yum!

    • Yes, make ALL the muffins. It is hard work! I was surprised at how much time it took to make all of those muffins on Saturday. Happy Tuesday friend!

  • Ashley

    Gah!!! I can’t believe I forgot again!! I’m going to have to set a reminder next month to do this!!!!

    So it’s been a while and I’ve been meaning to ask you. You’ve mentioned quite a bit on here about church… Did you find a new one???

    • I can, I forgot for like 6 months in a row :D!

      Yes, no, I don’t know. Do I sound confused? I feel confused. We are attending a church and have been for a while now. We’re staying towards the fringe and need to try and plug in a bit more but it is hard. I still miss my old church so much but I know I HAVE to move on. It’s just hard to stop comparing and be content. I need to try harder and let go more.

  • Ashley

    Too funny! I set a reminder on my phone, but somehow still failed… I did eleven on eleven instead, I guess I’m just not good at following the rules haha! .. Thanks for sharing your day!

    • Baha ha! that is hilarious and sounds exactly like something that would happen to me.

  • This is super fun!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Fun round up! I love seeing cute moments between older siblings and know we’ve got lots to look forward to as these cute kiddos get older. Your cobbler looks delish and you’re lucky to have such a sweet church family! It’s a big blessing 🙂

    • Oh goodness the little years are so much fun but it seems like every year gets just a little bit sweeter.

      Thanks Whitney. We are starting to feel more at home slowly.