Rainbow Bridge & A 37 Ford

It’s crazy to think that over 18 months ago I wrote this post about this car.

A project that felt a little crazy is finally complete, complete enough to drive around in at least!
I am not sure what I am more amazed about. Something so huge being done or the fact that Russ built another car.

Russ Weld
He’s so much cooler than I am.

19+ months totaling hours upon hours that would add up to days and weeks of time and he “finished” the car. I say “finished” because he is still tinkering with a few things and there is still a small list of things that we need & want to do. But he set a goal to have it done enough and easily achieved it, even with some minor set backs.

I am SO proud.
The fact that we can get in a car and go in something that he entirely built is mind blowing to me. Most of the guys I know who build cars are in the 50+ range, so Russ doing 2 before he is even 40 is pretty awesome if you ask me. 

37 Ford
When you first build a car you take it on a series of test drives. First around the block, then around the neighborhood, 5 minutes from home, 10 minutes from home, and then you get brave. This weekend we were finally ready to be brave and venture a record distance from home.

37_Ford_Bridge Girls on 66
We went to Rainbow Bridge. Rainbow Bridge is a route 66 landmark an is located just outside of Baxter Springs KS. It even made an appearance in the original Cars movie too. It seemed like the perfect place to take a drive to and a good photo spot as well.

Today I am sharing about our #37 #Ford that Russ built. SO proud of that guy! #hamb #route66 Click To Tweet

37_Rainbow_Bridge girls_on_Bridge
We tossed rocks, snapped photos, talked to tourists and told the girls all about the Mother Road. Someday Russ and I are going to drive route 66. But until we finally do, we’ll be content that we live in a town that route 66 runs right through and we can hop on and take a cruise any time we want.

rainbow_Bridge_37 37 Interior
Russ “finished” our first old car, the Model-A, when Marissa wasn’t even one and he was just 29 years old. 

There he is with an 11 month Marissa and a car he had just drove for more than around the block for the very first time. The problem with this car was that we had already outgrown it before it was even done. It would never be a family car. 

Russ_Beth_Bridge Girls in car
In one weekend we have already had more fun as a family than we had in 7 years of owning the model A. I know this is only the beginning.

Best summer ever? I think 2016 could definitely end up being just that.

Tell me a car you would love to cruise around in?!

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  • Amy Smith

    So fun! Just so neat! Way to go Russ!

  • Jessica

    Way to go Russ! That’s amazing and such an accomplishment. I love that you guys live in a town on Route 66. Cars is one of our favorite movies and makes me want to drive the entire route too. Such history.

    • Such history! And that kind of history is our favorite kind too! Someday when we are all old we can drive the route together ;).

  • Wow this is awesome! Good for you guys!

  • My first job was as the car washer slash customer courtesy delivererer person…so I got to drive tons of cool cars at Honda. Not gonna lie, I would take the longer way most places to enjoy a different car.

    • Baha ha! That is awesome. #DriveItLikeYouStoleIt :P.

  • That is super cool that he can do something so fun! Loving the red seat. Love the bridge pics.

    • Thanks Courtney. I am SO glad I insisted on the red seats.

  • He really is pretty cool. That is a sweet car! I wish the car gene was something we possessed over here in our family. Although having a computer dude that can fix anything technological related is a win. Except for I have to screen calls a lot, because people call to ask him to help so often.

    • I certainly think so! I had to lol on the computer one. Russ gets the same thing with cars and it is kind of like being the person to own a truck, everyone wants to borrow it. Oh goodness I can’t even imagine the IT woes though.

  • Wow! That’s so awesome that he built that! At my work I see all kinds of cars that people built or fixed up and I’m constantly in awe of what one person can do! I bet you guys are going to have an amazing summer cruising around in that thing!

    • YES! It is going to make summer that much more fun for sure! I can’t even imagine the cars you get to see #jealous.

  • I’d love to go to that bridge! And I love the car and the awesome pictures you got!

    • It is a pretty cool little touristy place to go. There are lots of things like that around here. Thanks Dara.

  • chall1018

    Russ is crazy talented and your car is awesome!! I love the picture of him welding (or possibly using some kind of cutting tool?). Great shot! As are all of the photos on Rainbow Ridge. You guys are seriously the coolest! I want to come and go on a ride with you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you so much friend, I completely agree :D! That was a welding photo, I had a lot of fun taking those kinds of pictures during that stage of the car. I would LOVE to take you for a ride in my car :D!

  • Very impressive, and what a fun family outing!

  • I love the pictures! What an awesome car (and bridge)!

  • That is so impressive! What a great lesson in hardwork for your girls, too! Do you plan on keeping this car or selling it and starting over on another?

    • We have kept both cars so far. We do have a 55 that needs built too. But it will be more of a classic restoration instead of a rat rod and he wont be starting it for a while. So, I am not sure when that will happen or if we will sell one of the others during the process.

  • Route 66! How AWESOME!

    • I know, right?! We take living by Route 66 for granted ALL the time.

  • I think itโ€™s SO amazing that your husband built a car. And what a beautiful car, too! The photos on the bridge are great!!

  • This is so darn cool! So what happened to the first car? Do you still have it or did you sell it? Congrats to you on such a huge accomplishment. Mr. always says that he would like to do that one day. He knows nothing, not even how to change oil…so we would really be starting from scratch!

    • We still have it! I have joked with him that I will never let him sell the first car…. now I am pretty sure I won’t ever let him sell this one. We will likely have to sell something eventually though, once he builds the 55 we have out back. Hehe that would be starting from scratch for sure. It is fun that he has an interest in it though.

  • Love that picture of the girls on the bridge! Too fun.

    • It is the perfect little place to go on a Sunday drive :).

  • Meghan Flinn

    Wow that’s a lot of work! And I love that your turned it into a family activity!!!

    • It is a lot of work, time and the money adds up too but it is all totally worth it. It’s just an investment of sorts on all accounts.

  • This is so stinkin’ cool!!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  • Oh, yes! Those test drives are all too important! I can remember one night Sean calling me from the gas station down the road from our house, and asking if I’d come pick him up. Looks like a great time!!

    • Lol, I am just waiting for the day that happens around here. We are LOVING it.

  • Beyond impressed at Russ’s mechanic skills! That is one handy man youre married to! I love that you plan to travel Route 66, so awesome.

    • Thank you, thank you. He really is just that, SO handy.

  • Ashley

    I’m dying to know what you do with the cars after they’re done. Do you keep them or plan to sell?? Are you keeping the cool rusty patina on this one or are you going to give it a fresh coat of paint??

    • We keep them. So far we have the Model A and this one. They are just a way we invest money honestly. As long as you don’t over build a car, you should always get your money out of it. Someday we’ll probably sell one of them. People offer to buy them all the time when we’re out, lol.

      • Ashley

        Oh that is so cool!!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    YAY!! It’s done!! That’s so exciting!
    And, I’m totally jealous of your Route 66 location. What an awesome spot!!

    • It is exciting. We definitely take living this close to Route 66 for granted ALL the time.