Picture Perfect Project V4: March 2016

I am officially 1/4 of the way finished with my 2016 Picture Perfect Project. The brilliant idea to take one photo a week came to me in December 2014 and I some how took photos all year, but ended up with a bit of a mess at the end. This year I told myself I would try to be more consistent and organized.

How am I doing?

Much better! I am keeping my photos neatly arranged, water-marked, labeled and taken in the same location…. which has kind of been the issue. On a nice sunny day the photos turn out well. But if it is cloudy and rainy at all the lighting completely changes and things don’t look so great (see week 13). I’m not sure what to do about that other than invest in a bunch of equipment. Anyone have any pointers on this one?

We left off on week 9, so let’s take a look at weeks 10-13!


Week 10

Apparently this was the week for stripes. Emily work sandles even though it was a little to cold too. She is oh so anxious for warmer weather. Me too sister, me too.

Week10 HE Week10 VE
Week 11

Oh look a Minnie shirt, you never see that around here #sarcasm. Marissa’s leggings are my favorite. I secretly wish I had some in my size.

Week11 HE Week11 VE
Week 12

Emily and her squinty smiles. She has two smiles, squinty and creepy. I MUCH prefer the squinty. Those girls LOVE their cowboy boots too. I guess I’ll plan now to buy some more next fall. 

Week12 HE (2) Week12 HE
Week 13

The one week I wanted really good photos, Easter, it was gloomy and rainy and one of my better photos is blurry. BUMMER!

Week13 HE Week13 VE
So we have 13 photos down and 39 more to go!

2016 so far…


February collage
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What are you taking pictures of lately?

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  • Jessica

    Those two are so photogenic! Love these. They have the best smiles.

  • Rosie’s Cottage

    Good morning Beth, still waiting (not so patiently) for Spring to arrive here in Scotland, too much rain and not nearly enough sunshine, but your wee angel’s smiles have so brightened my morning 🙂 They’re just adorable and they’ll love you for documenting their lives like this, you’re storing memories for them to look back on and smile over for years to come. Sending you heaps of hugs from a chilly Scotland and hopes for a wonderful weekend, huggles x

    • Oh I hope spring arrives for you soon! I think it is FINALLY here to stay where we are, thank goodness!

  • Jessica White

    Your girls are so cute! I love the idea of taking a picture once a
    week in the same place. I take a daily picture of our life (most of the
    time my kids) and have been doing this for 2.5 years. I love to look
    back and see how much they have changed. Have a great day! Jessica White @ https://lifeloveandreality.com/

    • That is such an awesome way to document things. I really wish I had been more consistent with the photo taking in those younger years. Happy almost Friday!

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love that you take a photo of them each week in the same place. And in my opinion, that photo will make you remember Easter was cloudy this year. You will have plenty of beautiful photos of your girls in perfect lighting.

    • Haha, YES! #optimist. I need some optimism in my life right now.

  • I love gloomy Easter ones. Real life, right? Love their boots too.

  • Amy Smith

    They have the cutest clothes & sweetest smiles!

    • Thank you so much Amy. Little girl clothes are fun…. and complicated :/.

  • Great pictures! Your girls always look so adorable and stylish!

  • I’m a big fan of this project and of your daughter’s clothes! My favorite is the blue and white striped dress!

    • I LOVE that dress too and it was a hand me down from a random friend. It had a spot on it and I scrubbed and scrubbed to get it out. So glad I did :D!

  • I love this! I almost didn’t get the pictures I wanted for April…so glad that we just decided to go and do it! I’ve been looking online and there is some lighting that you can get for less that $50 and it has pretty good reviews. I was thinking of getting it myself…

    • Hmmmmm…. you should get it and let me know how it works. Baha ha ha!

  • How beautiful!!! Love the ‘squinty’ smile… it just looks genuine to me 🙂

    • Yes! I know she will eventually out grow it, but I will love it while it lasts.

  • Ok, seriously, they are the cutest! Also, I love that you’re taking full body shots as well as upper body/head shots! And… I agree. I TOTALLY want Marissa’s leggings!

    • Thanks Liz! Aren’t they so super fun?! She has some navy tribal print ones that are equally amazing. I find it so weird how jealous I can be over her clothes sometimes.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Such pretty girls!! I love their fashion sense and their love of shoes. Great outfits, girls 🙂

    • Emily always has the best shoes. Hand me downs from 3 other girls means a huge variety and plenty of options… even though they don’t always get shown :P. Lately she has been wearing some amazing black, neon green and hot pink converse. I must share a photo of her feet soon, lol.

  • These are wonderful! I always look forward to seeing M and E’s beautiful faces!

  • Your girls are absolutely adorable! XOXO

  • chall1018

    I’m struggling with that, too. My house has the worst lighting and it’s been so grey around here lately. I’ve been trying to practice in manual mode every single day, but it’s still so hard for me. They are the cutest and have the cutest clothes!! Beautiful pictures!

    • Thank you so much.

      Yes. This back room (our school room) definitely gets the best lighting in the whole house but if it is gloomy outside, bleck. I guess I’ll just have to keep on an I can simply remember the gloomy days by the photos :P. Good job working on manual. It definitely keeps you on your toes.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    We have TERRIBLE lighting in our house. We are in a townhome and only have windows on the east and west windows. Finding a good time for indoor photos is SO hard! But! I think you’ve done an awesome job!!!
    I’m totally digging those heart leggings. Why can’t our stuff be that cute?!

    • I understand. It is hard to explain but with the garage being in the back of the house (south) we don’t have too many windows on that side and the front doesn’t get a lot of sun plus we have that huge front porch making things shadier (north) Our bedroom gets the west, the girls gets the east and that only leaves the play room and kitchen with decent day time lighting. Sigh. Is it weird I want to rebuild our home to be more picture lighting friendly :P?

  • My lighting inside is so terrible! I have to go outside to take pictures and then the kids say it is too bright and they can’t see anything! Really? All of that combined makes picture taking quite the adventure. Your girls sure are adorable 🙂

    • Haha! YES! I have totally been there before. Nothing like squishy faced kids because the sun is so bright. Thanks Jen.