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If there is one title I have worn proudly for years now, it is being known as a “car girl”. I love cars, always have. I’m pretty sure it goes back to my roots and “helping” my dad work on the cars as a little kid. Then along came Russ, a guy who I believe can do just about anything with a car that he sets his mind to.

Cars always have and always will be something I love.

Summer Car Care Made easy with FRAM Extra Guard Air Filters. {Free Printable} #Ad #SummerCarCare
I was always taught that a girl should never feel helpless on the road. Changing my own tire while my dad sat and supervised in a lawn chair was a test that I had to pass before I was allowed to get my driver’s license. Even now in the days of instant contact I still plan to pass this lesson on to our girls.

I love it when a girl feels capable to raise the hood of her car and take care of the simple details…
Like changing the air filter. Something I had never done myself until this week.

On a recent shopping trip to Wal-Mart I had a FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter on my shopping list. Typically I am not the one that picks up the auto parts in the Newman household, so I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to find!

First off you can easily find a HUGE selection of Filters that FRAM has available at Wal-Mart by going online. They also had a very easy to use computer system in the store where I was able to find my filter number in under 30 seconds! Filter in hand, I headed home ready to work!

Russ wasted no time. He handed me a tool, pointed me in the right direction and took some pictures. Talk about role reversal. It was SO easy friends! I only had to remove 4 simple screws. In fact most air filters can be changed in 5 minutes or less!

And then I removed this, our disgusting air filter. I asked Russ what exactly an air filter does and he compared having a dirty air filter to running with a sock in your mouth. You just couldn’t breathe properly. A clean air filter improves air flow and prevents dirt or dust from entering and damaging the engine. It made perfect sense to me.

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And clearly my air filter could not properly do it’s job in that condition. FRAM recommends changing your air filter annually or every 12,000 miles, but you should follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicles manual. We were long over due.

I put the new one in place, tightened the four screws back and we were all set. Our engine’s first line of defense was restored. 

What did I think of changing my first air filter?

Couldn’t have been any easier. 

All of this talk of air filters and car maintenance got Russ and I talking about being road ready for summer trips. As the girls get older I feel more and more comfortable about taking day trips further away but, I still want to feel safe, prepared, and ready for anything. He sat down with me and created a Road Trip Car Check List that I can go over before taking off down the road. Looking things over before I take off gives both of us peace of mind. 

Free Printable Summer Road Trip Car Check List. Be prepared as you travel!
Today I want to share that printable list with you. Print it off and put it in your glove box to use as a reference before heading out on the road. You can print your copy HERE.

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With summer coming soon and our new FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter we are feeling ready for all of the summer fun and road trips ahead!


When was the last time your air filter was changed?
I hope you now feel more confident to tackle the job yourself!

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  • Jessica

    Way to go Beth! I love that Russ took pictures. That printable is great! I’ll be printing it off to keep in the car.

    • That was such a funny switch from the normal. I couldn’t help but laugh about it.

  • Good job lady! I truly wish I could say I was a car girl too!

    • Hehe! Just come spend a week with me an we’ll fix that ;).

  • Great job! I know nothing about changing anything in the car, though I think I could check the oil if I needed to!

  • Meghan Flinn

    You go girl! While my dad believes in doing many of these himself rather than bringing it in, he never taught me how. I love that you are so handy and prepared!!!

    • Thanks Meghan. I have always been a bit of an odd girl who loves this stuff :).

  • Nailed it! I should do this someday.

  • ew. hooray for changing yours! Seems easy enough. I will still leave that to Chris.

    • It was SO easy, I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Girl you rock! I totally don’t know enough about my car…. I can check the wiper fluid and oil though…. and kinda know how to change a tire (although not going to lie, I’d probably just call AAA). And word on the spare tire…. when I had to change my tire (err… well when my dad came over to change my tire) because I drove over a bolt, it was flat. Luckily we have an air compressor so filling it up wasn’t bad.

    • YES! Russ always checks the spare before we hit the road. He totally got burnt by that once on the side of the road :(. NEVER again.

  • That is awesome that you changed it yourself. I’d never even try that!

    • Oh Dara it was SO crazy easy. I think you’d be surprised.

  • All I know under the hood is how to pour windshield fluid. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know that cars had air filters!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • Hehe! I think you probably aren’t alone in that one friend.

  • Serena@Thrift Diving

    You have made it look so easy! Taking care of my car, despite being a DIY’er in my garage, has always been an area where I have struggled. I can’t wait to get my own FRAM filter to try this! #client

    • It was so easy :D! Definitely give it a try and surprise yourself.

  • You rock, my friend!

  • Look at you! If you can change an air filter, you can definitely chalk paint! You go girl!

  • chall1018

    You, my friend, are AWESOME! I would be so lost under the hood of a car. Sad, but so true. I need to take time to learn more about these kinds of things. Love the checklist. Definitely printing this before we had to New Orleans this summer. Thanks friend!

    • Thank you so much friend. I absolutely love knowing more about cars than many boys do :D!

  • You look like Rosie the Riveter! Well done 🙂

  • I love the printable check list! You already know how I feel like I missed my mechanic calling 😉 With all the work we’re putting into my poor Chevy Im sure Ill probably be changing an air filter soon!

    • Baha ha! Car problems are just no fun at all. Enjoy your Sunday!