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Hello Friday!!!

Another week is over and we are on official “school is almost out” countdown mode! Now I’m typically not one to brag…. but we only have one week of school to go. That’s right 5 more days!!! I guess not taking a spring break and starting in early August worked out pretty well after all. I’ve been beating myself up over not doing a spring bucket list this year. But since we have about a month of no school before summer officially starts, we might need something to work on! So keep your eyes open for our list next week!

Now for this weeks Friday five!

{Blog Highlights}

This week on the blog I shared….
This months $10 @ Target haul.
An Emily update and huge piece of my heart.
My latest car girl adventure.
Scriptures to stand on with picks from some of my favorite bloggers.


Guess who FINALLY got to order glasses?! 

Emily Glasses
Okay so she didn’t actually choose these and her frame choices were pretty limited since she needed something that fit her face well and gave her enough space to have bifocals. Yeah, try explaining that to a 5-year-old who had her heart set on a pair of fuchsia frames that wouldn’t work. We did find some that will work well and I did my very best trying to convince her that I am positive Minnie would approve. We are waiting on pins and needles for them to arrive!

{Spread The Love}

I have read a lot of great blog posts lately and today I wanted to share four of my favorites with you.

Blogger love 4.22
Wife Mommy Me – Piggy In The Puddle
Work It Mommy – 10 Things I’ve Learned About Concussions
The Adventure Starts Here – Act Like A Kid Day
BYBMG – At Home Date: His & Hers S’mores

{IG Life Lately}

Just in case you aren’t following us on Instagram {Fix that HERE}. Here is a look at a few of my favorite photos as of lately.


My #Saturday in nutshell. Love these two something fierce. #selfie #usie #photobomb

A photo posted by Beth Newman (@ourprettylittlegirls) on

{Fashion Heartbreak}

Remember THE VEST… you know, the one I shared last week?

I finally decided to go for it and place the order only to have Target cancel my order. I am assuming this is because they are out of stock or something like that. Whatever it is it is frustrating & heartbreaking. 

Next I went to JCP to spend an always loved $10 of $10 coupon last weekend. EVERY single colorful thing that I decided to try on was out of stock in my size. Time, after time, after time. Russ was actually hysterically laughing. I must agree, it felt like a cruel joke. Apparently everybody is the same exact size as I am and I am destined to be boring?

What do you have planned this weekend?

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Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday

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Friday Linkups

  • Jessica

    How disappointing that everything you tried was gone. Boo!! I can’t wait to see Emily’s new glasses. She’s going to look adorable in them. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Doesn’t that suck?! I mean is everyone REALLY the same size as me or is this some sort of set-up ;)?! Thanks friend. We are SO anxious.

  • Amy Smith

    Minnie approved. So sweet. 🙂 I can’t wait to see that precious girl in her new glasses!

    • Thank you so much, we are all SO very anxious for the call that they are here.

  • Meghan Flinn

    That’s so cute you said they were Minnie approved! I feel like I do the same with Noah but with transformers or paw patrol ;). Thanks for the blogging love! I loved all those other posts too :). And I feel so bad about your horrible green vest luck! I am on the case for you… What size are you?

    • I bounce between a small and a medium so I was planning to go with a medium for a piece like this. Thanks for looking for me friend. Let me know if you have any luck :D!

      You ladies are posting some great stuff lately. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  • Hooray for her Minnie-approved glasses! I love following your sweet account on Insta! That sunrise was stunning and your family is so cute!! Wishing you all a beautiful upcoming weekend!
    xo – Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

    • Thank you so much. I hope you have a great weekend too with lots of spring weather to enjoy!

  • I’m totally going to be on the lookout for that vest at our Target…..if I find it I will so mail it to you. 🙂 Glad your girl found some glasses. It is so hard when they are little to find just the right fit so I’m sure with the bifocals that was compounded. Have a super weekend!

    • Oh goodness you are so sweet, keep me posted if you spot one :).

      It was SO hard, I felt so bad for her, but oh so happy too. I just want her to be able to see clearly for like the first time ever :(. Thank you, you too!

  • I am also in school be done countdown mode!

    • I figured you probably could relate. I can hardly wait to be all done. It has been a LONG 9 months.

  • Ah, I want to take you shopping and find you some good stuff. I will be on the hunt for a vest!

    • It was so funny really I tried to buy some colorful shorts one pair was like a bright purple then when they didn’t have my size I went to a robins egg blue and they didn’t have my size in either pair. Then I found a white top with some really fun and colorful design on it, my size was all gone, then another shirt. I ended up buying a pair of $90 Totes boots for like $7 which is awesome. But I really wanted something fun for spring.

      Then the vest happened.It just feels completely hopeless :P. Let me know if you see anything.

      • I just sent you some links on FB messenger. Score on the boots!

  • Caitlin

    SUCH a gorgeous sky!!! My daughter loves the sky and we talk about it every morning on the way to baby school.

    Stopped over from the link up – hope you can go by my blog too! Have a great weekend!

    • Oh my goodness that is SO sweet!!! Happy Monday Caitlin!

  • I have to go read your post about Emily. I can’t WAIT to see her in her glasses though. I bet she looks adorable! XOXO Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

    • Thanks Stefanie. It was a really good one. Now if I can just survive today!

  • Cara Zimmer

    I’ve been praying for Emily, and your family…She is going to look so darn cute in her glasses!!

    • Cara, thank you SO SO much. That means the world to us. Praying they get here this week!

  • Can’t wait to see her glasses- going to be adorable! I hope you have a great weekend and have some rest

  • Can’t wait to see her glasses! She is going to be so cute! And as you said, I’m sure Minnie would approve 🙂 Hope you guys have a great weekend!

    • Thank you so much Liz, we are waiting on pins and needles for them to arrive. This weekend was awesome, I hope yours was too.

  • I think Minnie would approve of anything sweet Emily picked! She’s a cutie! Your shopping experience sounds like mine. I can never find anything when I’m actually in the mood to buy…or have a few kid-free hours. Now, if I have all the kids with me and they’re cranky and need to go potty…yes, I see tons of stuff I want, but I’m not brave enough to drag everyone into the fitting room.

    • Aaahhhh, I completely agree. Isn’t it just the worst ever?! Thanks for sending me the vest and you are right I was bombarded with emails, which I love. Makes me feel so loved :D!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Whoop whoop for end-of-school countdown!
    YAY for glasses being ordered!! I remember my brother going through the same thing (he had a lazy eye), and his frame choices were so much more limited. But, I’m sure Minnie would LOVE the ones Emily has selected!

    • Dude just 4.5 more days until sweet freedom. We are focused over here right now. Thank you so much. I am PRAYING they get here soon.

  • Yay for end of the year countdown! Baby Fox doesn’t get out until the end of July so we still have a while. And I can’t wait to see Emily’s glasses, she’s just going to be the cutest! Have a great weekend!

    • Holy crap!!! I am assuming he didn’t start until some time in September? IT is so crazy to me how different regional areas keep such different calendars. The public school kids here went back a week after us and took LOADS of days off and still get out on May 11th! Crazy. I can’t wait either, hopefully this week.

      • Well he’s in a private in home preschool, so that’s just how much the lady wants to work. Mostly she just takes August off and that way she has a steady income the rest of the year. But public school for our elementary starts on August 29th, which is insane to me! I never had to start school before my birthday! (August 30th). Hopefully we’ll get into the later kindergarten class, which is from 9:40-1, which I hear is the easier one to get into because most people want their kids in the early class, fingers crossed!

  • First off, you AMAZE me, get out of here with your ONE week left of school!!! You are #momgoals strong, lady. Also it kinda brought tears to my eyes to see Kinsey’s little feet in your collage, thank you for the love. We WILL get a utility vest if it kills us 😉

    • You are so welcome friend. I don’t know if it is skills or what but I am SO glad that we magically kept focus on ALL of those days that I just didn’t want to anymore.

  • One week of school left?! Good job, lady! And iI feel your pain. I always have that trouble with my size too!

    • Thank you, thank you! We have worked SO hard this year and for so long too. We’re probably the same size ;). Baha ha! See, that would just make sense, right?

  • I am shocked my second order wasn’t cancelled. I now feel like even if I hate the vest, I need to wear it in honor of you… the only blogger on the planet without one 😉

  • I’m sorry to hear that your vest seems to be impossible to order! That is so frustrating. Can’t wait to hear more about Emily’s glasses. I’m sure Minnie would totally approve!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • So stinking frustrating but it’s okay, I think I am over it now. Hopefully they arrive this week. We all feel so anxious for them to get here already.

  • Sheridan Johnson

    I love Emily’s glasses, and that does sound sad to say to have to tell her that she can’t choose which one she loves. I cannot believe school is almost out! That’s amazing!!

    • It was such a bummer to have to break her heart but we were also just so excited to finally be picking her glasses out too. 4.5 days and we are done, I hope we can keep our focus this week and finish strong. Happy Monday!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Can’t wait for the big glasses reveal!! Sweet girl will look darling in anything and I love that you worked in a Minnie approval 🙂 THat’s super exciting that you’re wrapping up your school year right now. You’ll have the perfect amount of time to do a month long to do list as one last hurray of Spring. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your family to do 🙂