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Hello Friday!

In the spirit of being completely honest, I am so beyond thrilled that this week is over. It has been a crazy one friends. Dr. appointments, being out of food, academic testing, new schedules , making goof ball mistakes and feeling hopelessly behind have been among this weeks finest moments. But it’s the weekend and the weekend means pressing the reset button and pretending none of this ever happened. Right?!

Here are this weeks Friday Five. 

Blog Highlights

This week I shared about….
Our extremely eventful weekend recap.
Marissa’s very first 5K run!
Monthly Goals for April.
Homeschooling wins and losses

Emily Update

This week we took Emily to her first optometrist appointment and came home a little disappointed. We expected to finally have some kind of treatment lined up and possibly order glasses but instead we were told we needed additional testing and a second opinion to be done. So once again we are left waiting on appointments. I know it is all for her good and her best interest but waiting is SO hard.

Emily Eye

Test Drive

Russ has pretty much finished building another complete car and I couldn’t possibly be more proud or excited. Last night we even took it for a test drive around the block.

I absolutely can not wait to pack the whole crew in this car and drive it to church.

Soon. Very, very soon. 

Chalk Boards

It has been quite a while since I have shared any of my chalkboard art on the blog.
Here are a few of my recent favorites. 

Chalk1 Chalk2 Chalk3


On Monday the #gloriousmotherhood hashtag officially launched.


Let’s get it together mothers. Let’s stop saying our lives are not glorious. Between the messes, mundane, and monotonous we discover the mystery of motherhood. We rejoice in the sweetest surprises waiting for us each day. Glorious motherhood means to live in the ordinary. To find the beauty and redemption in everyday things. From laundry to dishes. Sticky floors and wet diapers. As we celebrate glorious motherhood, we see God’s glory. Together, we can lift up our weary and wonder-filled hearts. The journey of motherhood can feel isolating, so let’s stand up and say together: Good job, momma! You can do this! Motherhood is hard, but oh so glorious! We won’t condemn. We won’t scoff your choices and ideas. Motherhood is glorious in all of its facets. Throughout the week, will you join us here? Snap a picture of your regular, ordinary, motherhood moments and use our hashtag: #gloriousmotherhood. As we scroll through the photos, we will be able to get a glimpse of each other’s glorious moments. The happy smiles. The messy tables. The books with pen marks. The lazy park days. Its all glorious! We’ll be able to see how glorious the ordinary can truly be. Spread the word and encourage one another to find community in our motherhood. Together, we can say: Motherhood is Glorious. Follow the loop to be encouraged! Here’s how it works: 1. Check out my feed @ourprettylittlegirls and follow along if you’re encouraged! 2. Answer the question below. 3. Read through the other comments to chat with other moms and be encouraged. 4. Head to @chaos2peaceblog to continue the loop and follow that IG user. 5. When you post use the hashtag #gloriousmotherhood. This weeks question: Tell me your favorite things about being a mama? My answer: Watching them grow, learn, and all of the hugs.I

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You are officially invited to join the fun. We plan to continue these Instagram loops on the first and third Monday of the month. We also would like to invite you to use the hashtag on any photos it applies too. 

For more info on the hashtag be sure to read this post that Sarah from Abiding In Grace wrote promoting it. 

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Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Linkups

  • Cat @

    It is so hard to wait on appointments and diagnosis! Still praying for her (and the rest of you all too)!

    • Thank you so much. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow!

  • Amy Smith

    The car looks great! What a week for sure! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Jessica

    I’m so sorry you weren’t given any specific plans for Emily. That is so frustrating, but like you said it’s in her best interest. Hang in there momma. The car is awesome. I can’t wait to see pictures of you guys all riding in it to church. 🙂 I love the new loop and hashtag. Can’t wait to participate again. Have a great weekend lady.

    • Hopefully tomorrow we will know more, thanks for the encouragement! Glad you are liking the hashtag and the first church trip will DEFINITELY require a photo.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Oh yes, weekends are definitely the reset button! And waiting sucks! Hoping you find some answers too! Loving the photo you took of her in the office. I love documenting those real life activities as much as the fun events!

    • Yes! Hopefully tomorrow we will know more. I was thinking two things. 1) I want to remember this, 2) I’ll eventually need blog post photos :P.

  • Morgan Wieboldt

    Your chalkboards are so cute!! It must be so frustrating to be going not get a straigtforward answer for Emily, Hopefully soon!

    • Hopefully soon for sure. Thank you so much!

  • Building cars sounds like such a fun hobby! Nice work, Russ! Love the pic of your family in the car too. =)

    • It sure is, but it is an expensive one too! Thank you!

  • The car looks awesome! What a talented husband you have! Your chalkboards look great, too. It’s not fair for one family to have so much talent. Have a great weekend…probably doing things with all your fabulous talents. 😉

    • He is ridiculous and totally humble about all of it too. Love that guy. Haha thanks friend you are too sweet and made me laugh, I needed that.

  • I saw your car on instagram and thought it was so cool! I somehow missed the glorious motherhood post on instagram, I hopefully will participate!

    • Yeah, IG is easy to miss things on now. Definitely start hash tagging those photos and look for the next post next Monday!

      Thank you!

  • Yay for the car! So awesome! I love the raindrop chalkboard!

  • So sorry to hear about the lack of answers about Emily. I hope you get them soon. That car is awesome sauce though! Have a great weekend!

    • Hopefully after tomorrow we will know more. I really do appreciate them trying to be so thorough though.

  • Ah! I can’t wait to see that car roll up!

    • Soon, soon! I can hardly wait too. He has been working on it for 1.5 years now!!! Geez. What’s taking you so long Newman :P.

  • The car is so awesome. It really is!! The doctor news has got to be frustrating and leaving you feeling helpless. HUGS! Answers will come! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

    • Thank you so much. Hopefully we will get the answers we want tomorrow.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Such a bummer you weren’t able to get answers for Emily right away. I sure do hope all the tests wrap up soon and you have some answers.
    Also – your car! Eeep! So exciting!

    • Yes, hopefully I will know more tomorrow. I just so badly want to get the girl the help she needs.

      SO exciting. We are getting everything wrapped up now insurance wise. Next up getting it tagged!

  • Oh I love the #gloriousmotherhood! Going to definitely be using that in the near future! 🙂 Hope you get some more answers for Emily and this week is a bit better!

    • Yes please do! Look for the post next Monday too!

      Thanks friend. I’ll post later tonight after our appointments today.