Currently, April 2016

Currently April
Listening to //
The sounds of nature! Beautiful spring weather means the windows are staying open and I am loving it.

Eating //
Everything…. okay maybe I’m slightly exaggerating. Lately I have been all about strawberries, avocados, and broccoli salad.

Drinking //
Iced coffee. I was so ready to change from hot to cold coffee and now that the warmer weather is finally showing its face I can.

Wishing //
That Emily’s eye problems would just magically go away. It’s so much for a little girl to have to go through. I see the frustrations it causes her and I just want to make it all better, but I can’t. I think that is the HARDEST part of being a mama, not being able to fix something. 

Looking Forward To //
Going to see my first ever Sprint Cup NASCAR race in a couple of weeks. Definitely the best surprise I have arranged for Russ so far.


Just took the #37 for a test drive. #HAMB #Ford #37Ford #hambfam #wahoo #soproud #bigday

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 Missing //
The days when I had more free time than I knew what to do with, so I did things like watch TV. Oh man sometimes I laugh thinking back at those days. Anyone else out there rarely watch TV? I feel lucky to sneak in a few episodes of Parks & Rec each week and the occasional movie is a treat.

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Counting //
The number of days left until we go on vacation. Unfortunately the number is disappointingly high. 

Praying //
For healing for Emily’s eyes and that God would give us wisdom to know the best steps to take as far as treatment goes. Praying for healing but knowing that healing may not be Gods will is a hard.

Learning //
To chill out more and boy oh boy have I had plenty of chances to practice lately. I can be pretty high-strung sometimes so learning to calm down is always good for me. 

Enjoying //
Having more day light in the evenings. It almost feels like summer some days, I can hardly wait.

Planning //
I need to be making our 2016/2017 home school lesson plans but with just a couple of days of school left this year, starting to think about next year just doesn’t seem like something I should have to worry about. 

Wearing //
I am finally starting to wear the Chacos I got after Christmas and I am loving them. I used to live in $1 flip-flops all summer long then I turned 30 and I just can’t.


Showing my ugly #runnersfeet in my new #chacos. Oh how I love them already. #greengrass #sandals #spring

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Watching //
When I do watch TV it is either Parks & Rec or an episode of Wild Kratts with the girls. They LOVE that show. Speaking of Parks & Rec I am trying to figure out a new half hour series to watch when we’re done. Any Netflix recommendations that aren’t Friends or The Office?

What have you been up to currently?

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  • Jessica

    So looking forward to summer weather (which we are feeling over here right now). I love the picture of Emily in her summer clothes and Marissa still in jeans and long sleeves. Ha ha! Keep your head up with Emily vision. Answers will hopefully come.

    • Thanks Jess. It is really funny that Emily is all about the summer clothes too, she is my cold natured kid and Marissa is always so sweaty and gross. I just don’t get it. Baha ha!

  • Amy Smith

    I’ve been having more & more iced coffee this past week. Yum! I need to chill out more & understand that I’m not the one who has it all figured out.

    • Its a welcome change right?! Oh friend we should hug and cry and pray over that last one. I am in the same exact boat.

  • Trying to fix all our children’s problems is on every mother’s heart. Even when they are grown up and gone. Thank goodness we have a mighty God who we can take our woes to and cry out to Him for comfort. Hang in there!

  • My favourite thing about waking up early is the sounds of the birds chirping. I need to start drinking iced coffee while I listen!

    • Uh YEAH!!! Its the best way to do so and amplifies your senses :P.

  • Meghan Flinn

    First, I LOVE that first photo of your girls! The bridge and highway sign are great and Emily’s stance is cracking me up. And speaking of Emily, I wish she didn’t have to go through this either, so I can imagine how your mama heart is breaking for her! And finally, I’m so with you on the sandals! I used to live in those cheap flip flops and now my feet kill if I wear them! I guess that’s what happens when you get older πŸ™

    • She is a mess friend. So spunky and so silly, I adore her she keeps us laughing all the time. It sucks, but it will just make her that much tougher :). Boo for getting older… actually I don’t really mind my 30’s but 40’s…. lets just not even talk about that.

  • We love Wild Kratts! Still praying for Emily’s eyes… I totally rarely watch TV either!

    • I knew I couldn’t be the only one. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Thank you!

  • If I’m not reading my me time is TV. I watch House Hunters or Gilmore Girls. When I’m done with those two, I’m sure sure what I’ll watch next. I’m a huge football fan so someone suggested Friday Night Lights.

    • You should TOTALLY watch that show. I think it may be perfect for you.

  • I hear you! Cheap flip flops hurt my back after a while. I am on the hunt right now for my new favorite shoes that will be on my feet this summer πŸ™‚ P.S. Does watching Doc McStuffins count as TV time foe me?

    • Good luck with your shoe hung I hear great things about chacos and Teeva’s (spelling?) Ummm… I’m gonna go with no, unless your REALLY like it that much. I used to always fall asleep watching those shows.

  • Flip flops hurt my back too! That’s why I like my chacos too. I just wish the padding on the bottom was softer! Did you watch Fuller House yet?

    • I have not but for some reason I doubt Russ would wan to watch that…. maybe I could watch it this summer with the girls.

  • So hard to be a momma and not be able to fix things. I have a friend who posted once about trusting God even when his answer is no…oh my gosh so hard. Chilling out is definitely not my strong suit….I hope I do figure it out someday. Have a great Wednesday!

    • If you figure out the chill out secret let me know… maybe it has something to do with marguaritas ;).

      Yes, that is SO freaking hard.

      Happy Friday eve!

  • Cara Zimmer

    I was thinking about you guys yesterday and hoping that you weren’t getting that nasty weather. Yes, waiting on God’s time can be so frustrating, even though we know he’s got it all figured out! I remember the times before kids when I would get mad at Brad for being gone and I’d have to be home alone. Now I’m all like TAKE THE KIDS WITH YOU!!! being home alone is amazing!

    • Oh thank you so much. It really wasn’t to bad. We had the bags packed and the shelter ready just in case we needed to take cover though. After going through one tornado, you stay prepared when things get iffy. Baha ha! I can totally see that. So funny how things change.

  • chall1018

    That picture of the girls on Route 66…major heart-eyes! LOVE the way Emily is looking at Marissa. Mama, I wish for that for Emily (and Mason too). He’s starting to notice when his eye drifts and it breaks my heart. I agree with you, hardest part of being a mother hands down! Loved this post and catching up on ya!

    • Isn’t that a sweet one?! It was such a fun drive. Oh friend, that sucks so bad. I keep worrying about Emily feeling self conscious about all of this but so far she has been a total trooper. Praying for Mason too.

  • ugh not being able to magically fix something is the worst =( TV? what is that? I get plenty of Paw Patrol, but that’s about it. Love the two different season clothing pic ha. I must have missed that one on IG, or I just have a short memory.

    • I know, right?! Where is my dang ol’ magic wand?! If your like me the days just BLUR together. I miss A LOT on IG :(.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Where is that Route 66 pic in Kansas?! I need to add that to our list of must sees while we’re home this summer!!
    I hear you on wishing we could fix our kids ailments. It’s so hard to watch our babies struggle, and relatively little we can do to make it all better. Remember when a kiss from your mom used to heal all the world’s problems?
    I’m so excited for your NASCAR experience. You’re going to have the best time.

    • It’s all the way down by me so yeah, you totally should go see it :P. Or maybe I should just come to you I do need a few things from IKEA :D! Seriously though it is extreme south east Kansas right near the Missouri-Kansas line.

      I still want to sit on my moms lap sometimes… to bad I’d crush her.

      Me too! I can’t believe it is just over a week away!!!!

  • We’re loving the extra daylight and open windows too! The weather has been so beautiful!

    • It has been beautiful and a bit humid lately which has me terrified that we may melt this summer. I better go get that pool pass pronto :P.

  • I’m still praying for sweet Emily, too! On a side note, my name is Emily and my mom’s name is Elizabeth. Thank you for naming your child after us. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you and baha ha ha! I died. Russ’ moms middle name is Elizabeth after a grandma of her and another grandma was named Emily. It was also going to be Russ’ name, had he been a girl :P. Most people just assume we REALLY like Clifford though.

  • Lady we seriously lead parallel lives, do you get that feeling also? April was a m-o-n-t-h. Give me all the sunshine and long days to restore my soul- it didnt get dark until 8p today! I admire your restraint with the one cookie, I dont think Ive ever had just one πŸ˜‰ Also, chacos? Never heard of them but they look cute!

    • I totally feel it friend. I am telling you, I am 99% sure your my long lost little sister. You have NEVER heard of chacos?! They aren’t really the most stylish sandals so there is that but he they are sandals you can wear all day without needing new feet so I say give me the Chacos. They aren’t exactly cheap either :/. Who said I only ate just one ;).