$10 At Target {April 2016}

When life happened last week, I was in need of some retail therapy aka escaping the house. Then I realized that I actually “needed’ to go to Target #winning! I had blog “work” to do! I may not have bought anything exciting and I definitely looked like a hot mess. But getting out of the house was lovely, even if it was just for an hour. 

I started at ‘The Dollar Spot’ Where once again things were pretty picked over. I clearly need to visit Target more often or get an inside source to let me know when they restock. However I did find a few options.

These are just the best and cutest little containers ever and the girls need new pencil holders. 

I <3 organization. To do lists make me SO happy. 

I keep meaning to grab balloons for an experiment. 

Pretty and simple.

I have been looking for a Minnie Mouse hat for quite a while now. It isn’t the best quality…. but is was just $3!!!

Seeing all the stuff the dollar spot had to offer, I was off to search for clearance.
Talk about disappointed there was little to none to be found. 

I did find this for $6.88 and had it been a size larger it would’ve come home with me in a second. 

That was a pretty great savings. I expected it to smell a bit better than it did though. I’ll stick with my oils. 

I know two little girls who could care less if Easter is already long gone. 

I also found a few regular priced items I considered. 

It is so funny…. but Russ would be way less than impressed. He despises the selfies. 

These dainty girly mugs are so pretty. 

Eventually I had to make my picks though and I decided to be completely random.

April Haul
The hat because HELLO, Emily! Buckets since our current pencil holders are making me crazy, Eggs since they were so cheap, balloons for the sake of finally remembering and the paper for me because I think it is pretty. 

How did I do after two months of being “over budget”

April Target Receipt
$9.72, I did it!!!

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I can’t wait to see what you picked out!

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  • Amy Smith

    Gah! I keep forgetting about this! Please tell me when is this link up live so that I’m ready for next month? Those buckets are so bright & cheery!

    • The next one comes early, the 16th! They are the 3rd Monday of every month. Quick, write it down now!!!

  • Jessica

    Great choices and wow all of that for less than $10. I was for sure you’d be a bit over. Way to go!

  • I feel like you got so much for under 10! I like the colorful buckets.

    • I think I did too! Those buckets are fantastic right. A week later and I am SO glad I trashed our old pencil holders.

  • You got a lot of stuff!! Dollar spot for the win. 🙂 Way to go staying under $10.

    • Thank you, thank you! I was quite pleased with my haul.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Great picks! My dollar spot had even less when I went. I went to a new location this trip and realized my regular target has a much better selection.

    • Bummer!!! I clearly need to stock my local Target more often to try and nail their schedule down.

  • What a great haul! I bought those crayola eggs at full price and the boys loved them!

    • We are hoarding them for when life slows down a bit and we wrap up our school year. Soon, soon!

  • I get jealous everytime I read these target posts. what a haul for $10!!!!

    • Is there no Target in Canada? I think I did really great too!

  • Great choices! I use those mini buckets for everything! They’re hanging on the wall in the girls’ room, they hold chalk on our sunporch, I use them on our art table. I still can’t stay under $10, though!

    • Yes, yes, YES! They are so perfect and SO cheap. It is so, SO hard to do.

  • Score on being under $10, woohoo and you got cute things too.

    Rachel xo


    • Thanks! I was super happy with my haul this month.

  • Nice job. I like the notepads they have right now too!

    • They are so pretty. It is hanging on my fridge and it makes me smile every time I walk by :).

  • After we came home from our first ever Disney trip last fall, I started to notice how much Disney gear is regularly stocked at Target. That hat is SO cute and would even be fun to tuck away for a future Disney trip!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • It would be perfect! They do have a lot of gear Disney gear. I got Emily a Minnie stocking hat on clearance a couple months ago she may just be a teensy bit obsessed…. for like 4.5 years now.

  • chall1018

    Target dollar spot gets me every time! I have that decorative jar!! And I bought Mason a Batman hat in the dollar section the other day. You got so many good things and stayed under $10. Way to go! That’s a big feat when it comes to Target. Hope you had a good weekend sweet friend.

    • I saw that hat in your Friday post and smiled. Such a steal for a hat. I know it isn’t the best quality but $3?! Thanks friend.

  • I would have gone over the $10 because I would have bought the pretty mug and the candle! You got some great stuff though!

    • That mug is SO pretty right. I have quite the mug collection as of lately though, ooopps!

  • You did it! Yay!! So fun when you can get a whole bunch of things for 10.

    • It was a lot of fun. Sure beats boring ol’ last month :D!

  • I find random goodies are always the best. Total score on Emily’s Minnie hat! I actually have the same hello notecards 😉

    • Haha! You, Stephanie and myself all have them now. I thought that Minnie hat was to perfect to pass up. PLUS it was the last one!

  • You found some great stuff! I love those buckets, I used those for our Minnie Mouse Party last year!

    • Those buckets are the handiest little thing ever. I hope they always keep them around.

  • I think the thing I miss the most about Target are those dollar dollar bins, yo.

  • Nicely done! I dig random. Good choices!

  • I love this fun mix of stuff! The paper section always pulls me in, but next time I need to scour the clearance racks a little more!

    • I peek at the dollar spot, go through the store and look for clearance then go back to the dollar spot if needed. It has worked out really well for me so far!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I bet Emily was over the moon when that hat came home with you! And I can’t say no to the Dollar Spot stationary!

    • She was! I came straight home and practically woke her up to show it to her, ooopppss! They have the best stationary. I just wish they had been better stocked.

  • You got some great stuff!! I can’t believe you found that hat for only $3! That’s amazing. I love seeing what other people’s Dollar Spot’s have. They are all so different!

    • I know, right?! It was the last one too. It was like it was screaming BUY ME!!!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great finds!! That Minnie hat is too cute. I’m sure a certain someone at your house will be THRILLED to get it. I’m anxious to check out the dollar spot for Olive’s birthday and for some summer crafty projects.

    • I thought there would be more fun summer stuff than there was, too bad for me. I hope you have better luck and find some fun stuff for Olive!

  • Those mugs!! And I love those little buckets in the dollar spot. I frequently pick them up. I use them for craft supplies, pens, makeup brushes, utensils for potlucks, flower pots, and on and on and on!!

    • Aren’t those mugs so cute!!! They are just the handiest little buckets. I have several in our school room too.

  • I use those buckets as a pencil holder too! Good picks. I wish they had Mickey hats.

    • I wonder if they did. They seemed to have one boy hat for every girl hat so Mickey would have made sense. I am assuming the hats went FAST, this was the last Minnie left.