The Versatile Blogger Award…4 Months Late

About 4 months ago I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Whitney and a few other favorite bloggers of mine. It was during the business of the holiday season and I said “I’ll save this one for when things slow down a bit.”

And here we are 4 months later #fail
But, it’s better late then never, right?!

So how about a dose of randomness on this post Easter Monday morning as I finally “accept” my award.


So the rules of accepting this award are as follows:

 Thank the person who nominated you
 Link back to their blog
 Share 7 facts about yourself
 Nominate up to 15 other bloggers
Seven Facts about Me:
1) I’m blind as a bat without my contacts in. Like I can’t find my glasses if they aren’t laying right where they are supposed to be. My vision woes are nearly identical to my mothers too which is really creepy seeing we have identical green eyes.
2) I started cooking when I was pretty young. At first it was making the salad, mixing the brownies or anything else my mom would let me do. By the time I was an early teenager I began baking more and more and eventually she let me start cooking more. I have to attribute my love for all things domestic back to my mama. She has always been a suzy-homemaker and I followed right in her foot steps. 
Me & E
3) I really don’t love to run. I love the company, I love the exercise, I love the high after completing a run. But with pretty much every strike of my foot on the pavement or treadmill belt I am thinking I just wanna be done x 100. People think I love the activity and that I love getting up early. They couldn’t be any more incorrect. I do however love being in great shape in my 30’s, doing things a lot of people can’t and setting a good example for my girls. So I press on.
4) I wear a size 11 in shoes. Totally normal when you’re a hair over 5’10”. I HATE shoe shopping big, narrow feet can be oh so stressful. Everything has huge heels which I try to avoid and not many places carry many or any size 11’s. Flats and tennis shoes are my friends and thank God for online shopping.

5) I started canning jams, jellies and salsa’s in my early/mid 20’s and it is still one of my favorite things to do. It feels so nostalgic and timeless. I just love that feeling. Someday I hope my girls want to learn too.

6) I am slightly obsessive when it comes to finishing projects. Once I get something on my brain and in my focus I will burn myself out trying to get it completed. Such a great and TERRIBLE quality to have. If I didn’t tend to sabotage myself so much I’d feel like it is more of a blessing than I do now. I need to come with a warning label that reads: may self destruct.
7) It takes me about 2 minutest to fall dead asleep when I lay down at night (unless I am stressed out over something). It is almost scary how quickly I can be completey asleep. I never used to be this way until I became a mom. It must be their fault. 

As for the tagging part, seeing I’m about 4 months short and quite possibly the very last person to get around to doing this post. We’ll just say anyone who would like to join the fun can do so by self nomination. 

Now it’s your turn to tell me one random fact about you in the comments!

Happy Monday friends!

  • I bet you can find some good deals online when all the other sizes are sold out and only big and small shoes are left!

    • I wish I could say I do but it seems like not many people carry many size 11’s so I don’t have much luck with that.

  • I’ve always been great at just passing out at night. Now if Aria would just sleep all night.

    • Hopefully soon friend. Getting up is for the birds.

  • Okay I officially dislike you! Just kidding…. 2 minutes to fall asleep, that is why I have to dislike you!! It takes me like 2 hours some nights. Even after becoming a mom. The mind just won’t. Turn. Off. Hopefully you will always be this way because it isn’t fun as you get older in the sleep department. And exercise, I think we all could relate to that. We hate doing it, but feel so good when we do!

    • It’s just the worst. RARELY I have those nights too and then I always feel super appreciative that I dead tired all of the time :D!

  • You are a little homemaker 🙂 Such fun facts! I can fall asleep pretty quickly, too and it drives my husband crazy. He’s a terrible sleeper!


    • Haha my Russ is the same exact way… I kind of feel bad, but then I dont :P.

  • Love the homemakerness! I have just started to get into making jams and love it too!

  • Fun post! I want to learn to can! My aunt does & it makes great gifts. Have you done a post about it? I’d love some tips.

    • Actually I haven’t but I will totally put that on my post idea list now :D!

  • fun! Now that you mention it, I think I have this in my draft folders too, oops! Love that you started cooking early. Making my own jams and canning scares me, not sure why. You are like my hubby with falling asleep, 99% of the time he falls asleep before me…and usually does it within minutes. Arg.

    • Baha ha! Its because of Botulism? Yes, no? I have heard horror stories but practice really safe methods too. It freaks me out a bit if I am being totally honest.

      I think the fast to sleep thing is a gift, bah ha.

  • My eyes were the same until I got LASIK. I wore contacts most of the time – my glasses were literally half an inch thick. And I am so jealous that you can fall asleep so quickly! Fun learning more about you!

    • Did LASIK completely fix your eyes?! I have thought about it but don’t think it would entirely fix my issues :(.

      • I had such terrible eyesight (I believe my contacts were -11 or -12), I never thought LASIK would 100% correct my vision. It did! It was seriously amazing. Tim had it done as well. His vision wasn’t nearly as bad as mine, but he had astigmatism and it worked for him!

  • I got LASIK but my eyes were sooo bad before!! And like Leslie, I’m so jealous you can fall asleep hat easily. It’s like a super power…. And you’re not the last person to blog about this!! I will be!

    • So did the LASIK really help? I feel like it would help some, but I’d still need glasses too. It is TOTALLY a super power, love that!

  • Ive always wanted to do canning, any tutorial post you have done that you can point me to? 😉 Haha! Now we’re onto this years “awards” so be prepared for another tag…! 😀

    • Okay your the second person to bring it up…. maybe I should write up a canning 101 post.

  • I sear Seth can fall asleep in less than 4 seconds flat. And then start snoring. Which, I have to admit, is the most annoying noise EVER. I’m contemplating posting it on my confessions post but I don’t want him to get mad or be self conscious but seriously, he’s snoring so loud on the couch downstairs right now that I came upstairs to avoid the noise (insert monkey covering eyes emoji!)

    • Oh my goodness your comment cracked me up this morning. I don’t know how you do it girl I think I’d be trying all those weird devices on him to get it to stop….. on the other hand I suppose you get used to it?!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I’m kind of with you on the running, if I really think about it. I love the endorphin rush, I love the feeling of pushing myself, I love keeping in shape. I’m just not so sure I love the running part… I think.
    So with you on falling asleep so fast! And I was never that way before kids, either! Scott makes fun of me that I am out so quickly, because before kids it was me poking fun of him.

    • Yes, yes, YES!!!

      Baha ha! Yeah It’s a bit rough on the romance department ;).

  • Yep #6 that is me to a tee! Our husbands love that one don’t they? Hugs to you and your cute family! You guys have had quite a few intense days. I am so sorry!

    • Hehe So glad I’m not alone on that one. Most people I know are the opposite way :P! It has been CRAZY but I think we finally got the answers we needed.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I’m pretty blind too. I can’t get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without them. I always laugh when people say they have bad eye sight and their prescription is like a -3. I’m -6.5… What are you?

    • I am a +5.75 or something like that, every year they get a little worse :(. I’m near and far sighted but I don’t really know how all of that plays out in the numbers. I do know it means I am pretty screwed, lol. I think Emily is like a 4 or so…. poor kid not the best place to start since they seldom get better. Cheers to someday being blind together, baha ha. I’m kidding…. kind of ;).

  • Tracy

    I too can go sound asleep in a couple of minutes, or sleep sitting up! A great idea for a post. So glad to meet you. I just started blogging over at I was a Watermelon Seed Spitting Champion in my early years at our town’s Watermelon Thump. And I’m talking like VERY early years, I even made my TV debut with my record setting distance 🙂 (a Tracy claim to fame). Not sure I learned much from this, took away a nice shiny trophy! Tracy

    • Baha ha! Oh my goodness that is awesome and any claim to fame works for me. I say you polish that trophy up and display in your living room :D! The falling to sleep in minutes is pretty much the equivalent to a super power if you ask me. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

  • chall1018

    Oh man, you are not the only one that has failed. I haven’t done my post either. I better get on that. I loved getting to learn more about you. That explains why you are so crafty in the kitchen. So awesome that you started so young. Growing up my mom liked to have her own space in the kitchen. That was her thing. My sister and I never really helped her. Now I wish we would have. It was a HUGE learning experience when I moved out on my own! We were just talking about canning this weekend. I think it’s so cool that people do that. You are cool! I am the same way with projects. Once we start one I want to finish it that same day. So, you can imagine I cringe when I hear Nate say things like…this stain needs to dry for a few days before we can move on to the next step. NOOOO! Ha. Nathan is just like you on #7. I am total opposite. Takes me forever to fall asleep.

    • Baha ha! Well that makes me feel so much better. You think I’m cool?! Oh goodness I’m really kind of nerdy but you can totally think I am cool. I totally hear you on the long drawn out projects, they give me eye twitches. I am pretty sure falling to sleep fast might just be my super power.

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  • Whitney Jordan

    What a fun list! I love that you learned to bake and cook so early on – I feel like your girls will be following in your footsteps in no time. Your love of canning makes me want to give it a try and I’m envious that you fall asleep so quickly. My hubby is the same way and it always amazes me. My friend wears an 11 and she says she has great luck with Dillards & Macys offering size 11 options. My shoe size definitely went up after having Olive so I’m hoping they don’t go up again this time. Did yours ever change after your pregnancies?

    • You know I was JUST wondering about that the other day. I USED to be able to wear size 10’s but any more I just can’t so I want to say yes, it did :(.

      I think you would be great at canning. Too bad you aren’t closer I’d come make some jam with you :D!