The Kid(s) Behind The Blog V2: March 2016

It’s time for the second month of ‘The Kid(s) Behind The Blog’!

First off I want to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who linked up with us last month.
We had a whopping 22 of you join the fun and for a brand new link-up that felt huge to us.

Secondly, this might just be my new favorite monthly link-up.

I love photos, Target and all thing home-school, but putting the spotlight on those kiddos and hearing what they have to say has been so much fun.

So let’s see what those crazy girls of mine had to say this month.

What do you enjoy doing with Mommy and Daddy?

Marissa// I just like to spend time together, doing all sorts of stuff.
Emily// Playing with you…. WITH MINNIE STUFF!!!

Name one thing you are really good at?

Marissa// Uh… Riding my bike.
Emily// Hmmm… Ummm… Playing games?!

What is one thing that Mommy and Daddy tell you often?

Marissa// That you love me!
Emily// I do not know. *So I prompt a bit* Do your school work!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Marissa// A mommy!
*NOTE* Emily who I surveyed first, alone was still in the room and she loudly said “I thought you wanted to be a donut maker!”
Emily// You know what, A MOMMY!

What do you think Mommy and Daddy do when you go to bed at night?

Marissa// I think you have a snack or something *She’s onto us!*
Emily// Watch something? Talk to each other? I do not know. 


Meet the hosts!
Crystal // Hall Around Texas
Beth // Our Pretty Little Girls
Meghan // The Adventure Starts Here
Jessica // Secrets of a SAHM
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me

Now it’s your turn! 

We can’t wait to read your answers!

Next months questions are…
What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?
Who is your favorite person?
When playing outside, what do your ideal sunny day plans look like?
What do you like to do when it’s raining? (Since April showers bring May flowers)
If you could plant a garden of anything, what would you plant?

Plan to join us again on April 13th!

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  • Whitney Jordan

    Such cute answers 🙂 Love their honesty about snacks, Minnie Mouse, donut making, etc. Such a sweet link up each month.

    • It has definitely became one of my favorites and is such a fun way to document them. I am so glad that so many people are joining in and enjoying it!

  • A doughnut maker and a mommy! You are really raising your girls right 🙂 Your blog looks gorgeous! Did you make the change to WordPress?

    • I know right?! Of all my blogging friends I know I can count on you to share my love of donuts. Thank you so much Jen! I worked my butt off on it and I am really happy with how it turned out! I AM on WordPress now just trying to iron out a few problems. Disqus didn’t import all of my comments and my bloglovin isn’t updating with my new posts but soon enough all will be well… or well enough ;).

  • Meghan Flinn

    Finally a kid who acknowledges we say I love you to them a lot!!! And I love that they said a mommy (and a donut maker)… That would be the best combo!!!

    • Lol! They did say some pretty funny things, right?! That certainly would be the best combo. I think Emily just WANTS her sister to be a donut maker. Who could blame her.