Picture Perfect Project V3: February 2016

Another month of photos is done.
Goodness does it seem like the year is flying by with the first two months of the year already over. 
Today I’ll be sharing February’s photos for our 2016 Picture Perfect Project.

I kept things the same as last month. I love the idea of taking my photos in the same spot every week but the lighting in that room is proving to be a challenge and wanting to cause some unpleasant shadows in my photos and that is really starting to bug me. So I’ll either get over it or pick a different location.

Let’s take a look!

Week 6
Emily has been quite the over smiler aka sarcastic smiler lately. It has made for some “Interesting” photos.Oh and look, a Minnie Mouse dress!

Week 7
These photos have made me VERY aware of how often I just let the girls wear headbands and don’t really fix their hair. So this week I braided M’s bangs and gave sister some pig tails. 


Week 8
Emily’s birthday week and she wore the best Minnie Mouse dress ever.
It’s like a Minnie lovers princess dream come true!



Week 9
 The shadow and lighting was especially terrible this day.
This was the morning of our overnight get away.
The girls just “HAD” to pose with their new Build-A-Bear friends. 


And that wraps up February and 9 of 52 photos.
2016 so far…
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  • Whitney Jordan

    The birthday pictures are my favorite! The girls look so grown up. I think we’re definitely entering the headband hair style territory. Olive is wanting to do her own hair or rather not have me do her hair so it seems like headbands may be our best option. I need to start collecting them on clearance slowly but surely 🙂

    • Yes! Keep an eye on Childrens Places website. They are by far our favorites for the money and quality. I’ll wait until their is free shipping and a coupon and grab some when they have them on clearance. Headbands are SO nice to have and you’ll use them for YEARS!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Your girls are so pretty! Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not a girl mom… I think I’d be horrible at the hair thing!

    • Haha ha! I did so good when they were younger then they got less dependent on me and I started to let things slide a bit more.

      Thank you so much.

  • Rosie’s Cottage

    Aw Beth, your wee angels are adorable! Time passes by so fast and in years to come you’ll be so glad you took all these photos and so will they, bless them. This is such a fun link up, and very practical too since it encourages us all to improve our photo skills, thank you for hosting, sending hugs from a beautifully sunny Scotland xx

    • You are just the sweetest. I always love reading your comments. They really brighten up my day. The only pictures I ever regret are the ones I don’t take! Have a great Tuesday!

      • Rosie’s Cottage

        Aw bless you for being so sweet , Beth x Thank you, what a lovely thing to say x Thank you too for hosting such a fabulous link up, this year will be such fun! Sending heaps of hugs from a finally seeing Spring Scotland xx