Marissa’s Room Makeover Reveal

Remember that amazing birthday present I got back in December?

You remember right? This one?! The leak in our wall that made #32 one I will never forget.

For the next 3.5 weeks we lived in a construction zone as Russ amazingly took care of things. He is so good at doing that and I will forever be impressed and appreciative of his skills.

Plus we decided to make lemonade out of the lemons we were given. Marissa had picked out that shade of pink when she was just 3 years old. It was time for a change and a change mean turning her room into something she could grow into. 

Today about 3 months later I am finally sharing that new space with you. It isn’t perfect, but she loves it and that is all that matters if you ask me. 

New bedding, curtains, artwork, shelves and a reading nook to change things up and make this the perfect room for her to grow with as those tween years get frighteningly close.

We put a pad on her toy box and added a few pillows making it multi-functional and the perfect spot to read a book. 

As much as I tried to convince her to let me paint this dresser, she just won’t. She says it’s perfect and beautiful and she will never let me touch it. I say that if she feels that way fine, less work for me. Someday I bet she’ll let me update it. Until then maybe I should change the hardware. Also I promise you the only crooked thing was my camera when I took this photo ;).

Every girl needs a fairy house and a few fairies. She LOVES to make fairies.

One of my favorite additions to the new space is this gallery wall. Some photos of the girls, shelves to make things interchangeable and some artwork by Marissa. It is such a fun addition and I never get tired of looking at it. One day she told me that sometimes she looks at the pictures when she’s laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I thought that was really sweet.

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I love this fun, colorful bedding. It was definitely a good choice and a really great quality for the price too. I still need to figure out some kind of bed skirt for her bed but seem to have lost steam. 

Hedge Hog
Pillows that she sewed together. Cute little hedgehogs aren’t they?!

Night Stand
Her nightstand and our notebook…. that’s an entirely different blog post hopefully for next month.

Doll House
Barbie House and her running medals. She likes to hang them up just like mommy does.

Another favorite part that we added are these IKEA shelves. Because of them I don’t have Legos spread across my whole entire house taking over ever single bit of extra space anymore. They aren’t fancy but they do the job so well and that makes me so happy!

And that wraps up her new space.

To see before pictures you can check out our home tour but be warned A LOT has changed by then.
Maybe we need to do an updated tour of the house?! 

Have you been doing any remodeling lately?

  • Meghan Flinn

    Love it! Love how color preferences change so much as they get older. Loving the headboard and the Lego display shelves! Way to turn a leak into something beautiful!!!

    • Well I kind of steered her in the blue direction but she absolutely loves it. It is so pretty and calming in there now. Thank you!

  • Jessica

    It looks amazing! Such a “grown up” room and one she will love and enjoy it for years to come. Her bedding and bed are my favorite.

    • That was our hope. Since we had to redo it we might as well make it last for a few years right?! I LOVE her bedding too.

  • Not fun that you had the leak, but good motivation to renew her space. Love it! And I love that she won’t let you touch her dresser ha. That is such a cute picket fence bed headboard thing. And the medals!

    • She is a stubborn little thing. I’m not at all sure where she got that from ;). My dad made the headboard :)!

  • It looks so great! Those shelves are a great idea for Legos and I love the reading nook!! Great job!!


    • Thank you so much. The Legos display keeps everyone happy and me from stepping on them. Its a big win!

  • Darling… Just darling! What a little girls room should look like!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Her room is so perfect! I love all the little details. That reading nook is amazing. I would have LOVED something like that growing up. And her medal holder is awesome. I hope she fills that to the brim!

    • Oh I sure do too! The booger rand a 10:06 for 2.5 miles tonight!!! I think filling that medal holder will be no problem for her. I may need to make her something a little more legit!

  • I love everything! The shelves for the Legos are the best idea! Gabbie has a gallery wall in her room too and I love it.

    • It was exactly what we needed, her creations were taking over every bit of free space in the house. So glad they have a place of their own now.

  • LOVE the fence post back board! Great work!

    • My dad made that for her years ago. It’s definitely a favorite and a special piece.

  • chall1018

    I adore her room! The colors are so pretty and the wall color is perfect. Wait, she sewed those pillows together? That’s awesome. I can’t wait to hear about the Marissa and Mommy notebook. You girls are too precious.

    • Isn’t that so fun?! It was a really simple kit she got for Christmas. She has always been such a crafty kid. I LOVE the wall color too.

      Thanks friend.

  • Cat @

    So cute! I love how there is so much fun color.

    • Yes! So much fun color without being PINK :D!

  • So cute! Love the color blue that she picked out. Baby Fox is just getting into the fairy garden thing, he has one all set up in our backyard, it’s so cute how into it he is!

    • That is SO cute. I keep saying we are going to make fairy houses but we never have. Maybe that can go on our summer bucket list!

  • What a bright cheery space! Great joB!! Love those fairies she’s done…. a tutorial please 🙂

    • Oh that could be fun! Maybe we will try and throw one together!

  • Such a pretty room! I’m sure she loves it. Lily’s best friend has a bed like that. It’s super cute and my friend hung metal pails on the “fence.” You did a great job!

    • Aaahhh that is such a cute idea. My dad made that headboard for her a few years back and it has always been a favorite part of her room.

  • You guys did a great job! I love the paint color & the lamp. I can’t wait to hear about the Marissa & Mommy journal.

    • Thank you so much. I am excited to share about it eventually!

  • Her room looks great!! I love that you added that cushion to her toy box so she could have a little reading nook!

    • It was probably the most expensive thing I added in there (foam isn’t cheap) but it was definitely worth it. It is a much comfier place to sit now. And just think someday she’ll throw all her clothes on it and yell “I have nothing to wear!” Baha ha!

  • Darling!!! Genius idea to add padding to the bench and make a reading nook. Girl, me and my mom used to make those same fairies together!

    • Aaaahhhhh that is so awesome. You should make them with Kinsey!

  • I love this update! I really hope I’m able to get to work on Carly Jo’s room soon. It’s bright pink and she’s now 10 1/2 and so over it. I have an old blanket chest that I’ve really been considering repainting to use in her room like you have done the toy chest. And legos….oh goodness I bought a bookshelf about a month ago and still haven’t put that sucker together!!

    • The Legos are a HUGE problem, right?! I figured they were going to be around for a while so we needed a solution. I hope you can ditch the pink soon!

  • Amy Smith

    I love how her room turned out! The color is great & something she can definitely grow with! I can’t wait to see what that journal is all about!

    • Thanks Amy, I definitely plan to share when I get enough stuff together.

  • So cute! I know this wasn’t what you were expecting to have happen and on your birthday too, but it looks oh so cute! Great job guys!

    • Thank you, thank you! We will now take our bows.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Her room turned out great!! I’m glad that the leak issue had a happy ending. I hate unexpected projects like that, but you guys really made the best of it and Marissa’s room is definitely a room she will love for many years to come. I also love that she has strong decorating opinions. Girl knows what she wants 🙂

    • Haha! Yes. I think someday she will want me to paint that dresser after all and I will tell her no, that is beautiful and perfect! I do love her having a room that feel more like something she can grow with though. It was definitely a welcomed change.