The Guy Behind The Blog {March 2016}

Here we are again.

Every month that I get to write a ‘The Guy Behind The Blog’ post I find myself both excited and surprised that he agreed went along with the process again.

Russ March
However I am especially excited about this month.
This month we got to write our own questions. I kept building up our upcoming interview telling him how much he was going to love the questions. I fully intended to stack the deck and ask some questions that I was hoping he wouldn’t groan and sigh over. But, I wasn’t about to let on that these were my questions. I may or may not have thrown a question in there just for me too. You know, force him at gun point to give his honest answer on something I wonder about. Sneaky sneaky!

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So without further delay here we go…

1// What is your dream car?

I have so many, I don’t even know how to narrow it down.
Me: What if you narrowed it down to one old car and one that’s not as old.
Well, one of them I have already (55 Chevy) and I guess the other would be a new 996 Turbo (Porsche)

2// What is your all time favorite action movie?

*Sigh* Gosh, I don’t know. I just can’t narrow it down to one…. I really like the Indiana Jones movies & Bad Boys.

3// If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would you choose?

This is dumb!
Me: You better tread lightly dear.
Wait… did you make these questions?!
You’d get sick of it!
Me: Let’s say you’re being forced.
Is there a side item?
Me: Let’s just say a meal.
Lasagna and some sort of bread.
Is that allowed.

4// If money was no object name one event that you would love to go to?

*Heavy sighing*
Me: Yes
Event?! What’s an event? 
Me: Russ! The Superbowl is an event, the Tour De France is an event!
Either the Daytona 500 or a World Series game that the Cardinals are playing at. 
Me: Those are really good!

5// What is your favorite part of your wife being a blogger? Least favorite part?

Oh my gosh!
*My plan to ask this sneakily didn’t work out so well*
Least is how much time you are on the computer and all that goes with that.
Favorite is that you get to have an outlet to be creative with. 

To close things up I said “Thank you, see that wasn’t so bad.”
To which he replied… “In your eyes.”

What am I going to do with him?!

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  • Amy Smith

    He’s a good sport!

  • Jessica

    Ha ha ha! I love his answers. He sounds just like Drew. The Daytona 500 is a great event. Drew has been for work and play.

    • Someday we are gonna make it there. Maybe one year when it falls on Emily’s birthday again we can make it her present. LOLOLOL!

  • bahahah. Love it. The picture on the car is my favourite part.

    • He is such a nerd. He was over the moon excited to get THAT for his birthday this year.

  • My husband wouldn’t do this the one time I tried. 🙁 I like his answer about you having an outlet to be creative – that’s sweet!

    • Lol, It is the bane of Russ’ existence so I totally get that. One day he is going to flat out refuse but not today, lol.

  • These always make me laugh!! And he’s a true sport

    • He really is. I think it would be a lot less funny if he liked it.

  • chall1018

    Hahaha! I love that he never changes in these interviews!! Great questions that you picked out. Guess what? I completely failed. I don’t even have a post for today. Too much going on! Sigh

    • Me too, That is just him, consistent. Hey you wrangled up a great post. Good job!

  • in your eyes haha.

  • Hahaha!! I loved all his answers, especially the sighing 🙂 I have a feeling my hubby would sound the same way.

    • Lol. Give it a try and find out :D! Hehe he! Just bribe him with beer first ;).

  • haha! Love these answers. Bummed I totally didn’t write down the day we were doing this! Darn! Great questions you asked him. He knows you well to know you made up the questions, haha.

    • Yeah I should have kept my big mouth shut lol. You could still do it! I think they keep it open for a while.

  • I love Russ!! And I agree… give me all the lasagna and bread!

    • I know right. It’s the best meal ever pretty much. I really married him because he loves the foods I love too, HA!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Haha! I love that he didn’t know these were your questions at first! And I could totally live on lasagna and bread!!!

    • Sneaky, sneaky :D! Me too, its’ so good!!!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    You picked some great questions!!! And, I think you might be breaking him. He kind of agreed to do these this month. Baby steps. 🙂
    I have to say, a World Series game is epic. I hope you both get to go some day!!!

    • Thank you, thank you! Baha ha! I serious laughed I am TRYING Desiree. It isn’t easy but I keep at it.

      Me too!

  • Hah! Doesn’t he love all of the cooking that is a side of the blog? Well, mine likes the food, but hates the eternity he says it takes for me to photograph the food! He always asks can we just eat it already?? P.S. I think your guy is really warming up this whole guy behind the blog idea 🙂

    • I guess…. I don’t think he realize how much of a perk that is. I honestly cook all of the time blog related or not so I don’t think he realizes the perk that it is. Now he’s just paying for less of it now I suppose.

      I hope so I am TRYING to bend him, lol.

  • I am always excited to find a fellow St Louis blogger because it seems we are so few!!! Tell your hubby I’ve been to 2 Daytona 500s and they are amazing and really the ticket prices are reasonable.

    • I wish I was actually IN St. Louis, we are technically in Joplin 4 hours south west. But we have St. Louis roots, family that way and always cheer for our Cardinals.

      Oh goodness he would be so jealous. Some day we’ll make it happen for sure.

  • “What’s an event?” Best answer! I think he “secretly” likes these questions you ask him. Whenever I get ready to ask my husband a question that is out of the norm for us, his first response, “is this for your blog?” My response, “would it change your answer if it was?” Men!

    • I know, right Michelle. I think I gave him the weirdest look when he said that like, what the heck Russ, lol. That is hilarious too. He’s on to you!

  • Whitney Jordan

    haha his commentary is almost as funny as his answers 🙂 I like that you got to make up the questions this month and yours seemed to be great ones for Russ. Hope he gets to go to one of his dream events one day 🙂

    • The commentary is what makes it so much fun! It was a lot of fun to make up my own this month… until he insulted me ;).

  • Russ is a good guy!

  • I wanted to ask the greatest questions EVER and then forgot, sigh. Russ just cracks me up! Makes me wish I had remembered just to torture Brian 😉