$10 At Target {March 2016}

It’s another month and that means another trip (or 10) to Target.

This months trip was honestly a bit disappointing. The Easter selection that wasn’t out the last time I went on my $10 mission was now completely picked over and the clearance sections were pretty disappointing as well. But it was still a fun night of browsing the aisles to see what I could find with my dear friend Anna.

So if things get a bit random this month…. you now know why.

Let’s take a look!

Bug dig activity kit… this looked interesting. 

Oh goodness the girls would LOVE these scented markers. Hands up if you had some of these as a kid!

Pineapple note cards, SO cute. 

I always buy cheap sunnies because I will almost certainly break or lose mine.

I found these in the women’s section, thought they were a great deal and then noticed they were men’s socks…. interesting accent color there, eh? I guess they are no-show but Russ still wouldn’t go for it. 

Maybe if I owned this I wouldn’t leave my ring laying in random places.

These socks were hilarious and awesome. The girls would love them. 

Finally something practical. This huge serving bowl was marked down to 8.48 from 16.99 and would go perfectly with my dishes. 

Target had the BEST Oreo selection ever. Red Velvet, Cinnamon Bun and Filled Cupcake. I wanted to buy them all. 

The choices were random but I had to make a decision.
What did I end up picking?

March $10 at target
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Practical won out. I don’t have a BIG white serving bowl and that price was too good to pass up. I also grabbed the ring holder that I hope I will actually use. 

So pardon me while I geek out on my calculator
$4.99 + $16.99 -5% + 7.8250% =’s $22.52 If I had paid full price

What did I pay?

… which is technically a fail, but last month you guys said if I stayed in the $10 somethings I was doing good. I call this month a total success. 

Target Selfie 
And to make things even more legit at the VERY last second I remember the selfie! 
I just might get to retain my “I’m a blogger card” after all. 

Now it’s your turn!
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I can’t wait to see what you picked out!

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  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    The One Spot can be so hit or miss. If you don’t get to those bins right away the stuff flies away.
    That bowl!! I always check the clearance end cap in the kitchen section and haven’t seen a score that good in ages! Well played!

    • Fly away it does. I was so bummed out. This one was in an aisle on a top shelf. I spied that clearance tag from a mile away though. That was a really great price for such a big piece.

  • Jessica

    I have the same issue with our dollar spot. you picked out some great items. Love the serving dish.

    • Well it’s good to hear it’s not just our store. I guess we should go A LOT more frequently ;). Thank you.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Our dollar spot can be so hit or miss too! I would have picked the platter too… Can never have to many serving pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes and I don’t have very many at all. I am really excited that I grabbed this one.

  • Just the two I would have picked! I was mentally telling you oh girl you need that dish while I was reading! I have a ring holder and it is a sanity saver for me. I always take my rings off to shower or anything involving getting my hands wet and they go right in the same spot. Sometimes I’ll get lazy and leave them elsewhere and I’ll still go back to the ring holder spot and if I don’t find them I have a dang heart attack. (enough ands…)

    • Baha ha! It was SUCH a good price and I don’t have an serving bowls that large either. Yes, you totally get me I hate having water under my ring, drives me crazy. I’ve though I lost it more time than I can count :(.

  • Nili

    I’m a sucker for white serving ware! Awesome picks!

  • Oh good picks! Out of those that is the two I would have picked too. Okay if we just need to stay in the 10 something, I’m going to go with that next month, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ When I do these, I pass 2 other Targets to get to the one I want, because it has the best Dollar spot, haha!

    • Thank you! I keep trying to come in under 10 something but I won’t let i alter what I REALLY want, lololol. I wish I had that option. I think the nearest Target besides the one we have is an hour away :(. I could be at 6 or more Walmarts within 15 minutes of each other though.

      • Now I understand why you always go with a friend to Target, hour drive time, plus time shopping = fun night out…is that sad we view Target as a fun night out? hehe.

  • ,I think these two are practical. I never think to look in the kitchenwaire and housing aisles.

    Rachel xo


    • I usually try to make my round, around the whole store… but I totally missed the womens department this time, bummer :(.

  • Great job on fun finds!

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a steal on that serving tray!! I bet you’ll use that a ton especially since it goes with your dishes. I hate when the dollar bins and clearance sections are picked over. Better luck next month!

    • I thought the same exact thing. Stock white stuff for half price is a pretty rare occurrence. I sure hope I use it a ton too. I put that potato dip in a bowl, stuck the bowl in it an used it as a dip bowl! At least it seems it has many uses. Thank you!

  • Yesssss to that serving tray!!!! I always want to get one of those ring holders for the kitchen but I never do because they are kind of pricey for something I “might” use. If I had found one for a dollar, I would snag it too! You could have totally gotten those socks for yourself, you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I found that ring holder in the oddest place over by the linens?! So weird maybe you should check your Target. Baha ha that comment cracked me up because I totally said the same thing to Anna. That would have been “special”

  • Ooh that tray is a great find! I’m with you on the cheap sunnies. I am super rough on mine so I might as well buy as cheap a pair as possible. My current pair the lens have popped out a couple times and I just click them back in lol.

    • I thought so too. The thing is HUGE! Anna may or may not have picked one up for herself as well. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I really need to pick up a few more pairs before our endless summer begins.

  • great find! I do love that card though!

  • Great finds! That dish will be so useful!! I’m with ya on cheap sunnies!


    • Yeah I really like the dish and I didn’t have anything like it so it was a practical and wise choice. I could never drop a lot on sunglasses. I’d break or loose them and be so mad.

  • The first thing I thought was “go practical” arent we just two peas in a pod ๐Ÿ˜‰ I always find my rings in my jeans pockets and once in a shoe! That one gave me a heart attack lol.

    • Baha ha! Strangely you guys are making me feel WAY better. I really thought it was just me that did that stuff.

  • You guys are so cute with your selfie in front of Target! I love it. I also love the white bowl that you got. I always try to keep my haul as something that I’d actually use and I feel like you’ll actually use that bowl! And wear the ring of course ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes! Something I will use and something I wouldn’t have paid full price for. It was a total win. I love that I get to make a girls night out of my Target trips!

  • I’m going to start taking selfies too and since it’s just me on my trip, I’m sure someone would think “what a creepy lady taking a selfie”. I’m going to do it anyway!!

  • I’m so glad you ended up getting that ring holder! It’s so huge and I’m going to try to find in my local Target next time I’m there!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • I found it in the weirdest place over by the housewares and linens. Good luck finding one too!

  • I love that serving bowl! I could think of a ton of ways to use that. I was just at Target today and bought my son a toy for $9.99 because he was good at the dentist. It was a total bribe, but possibly the best $10 I have ever spent at Target!

    • I dont blame you one bit if your dentist visits go even slightly like ours do :D!

  • chall1018

    I loved those fruity markers when I was a kid!! Like LOVED them. And those pineapple notecards are adorable. I havenโ€™t seen those at our Target. Iโ€™m with you on buying cheap sunnies. I always toss them in my purse and they end up getting broken or the lenses get scratched. I love that serving bowl!! And you canโ€™t beat that price. Target always has the best clearance!!

    • So glad you said that. Nobody else brought it up and I was starting to wonder if I was weird :D! Yes, I have killed far to many pairs of sunnies. They do have some pretty great finds there!

  • Ooh that big serving bowl is awesome, and what a great price!! The ring dish is so cute too, and so useful. Target for the win every time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wasn’t that an AWESOME price for such a great piece. I hate buying things like that full price so I was really excited to get this deal. EVERY time :D!