Happy Birthday Russ #36!

January 27th, the day we celebrate our favorite guy.

Happy Birthday Russ!

I swear it seems like just last week that I wrote THIS birthday post and snapped this photo as we celebrated #35 with his yearly birthday dinner of homemade lasagna and cheesecake. 

And now here we are a whole entire year later. 

When I think back on a year I am filled with smiles and happy memories. 

For 9 years I have been celebrating this guys birthday. It all started with his 27th birthday. It was the year he dreaded, the one that left him feeling doomed to certain death. I am NOT exaggerating friends. I have never seen anyone get so worked up over a birthday like this guy did when he turned 27?!?! 

…and yet I still married him ;). 

Now here we are at #36. So much has happened over 9 years of life. 

Marriage, kids, homes, jobs, cars, celebration, loss and more.

Back then


Comparing these photos and thinking back on our life I know that things have gotten better with age. Every passing year we laugh a little more and my love for this guy grows as we (ever so gracefully) age and mature.

I wouldn’t trade what our life is like now for our 20’s even if I could. 


Russell Todd, I love growing old with you!

So here is to you, many more years together and the memories the next year will bring.

Happy Birthday!


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