Monthly Goals {July 2015}

And just like that, the year is half way over. It is now officially July which means in just over 4 months I will be putting up 5 Christmas trees! I am perfectly aware just how crazy some of you may think I am for bringing that up. But I could care less. Falala la la I can’t wait!

June was rainy, fun, busy and HOT! Let’s see how we did on last months goals. 


*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.

*Try out a new link up or two.
*Write more posts on the weekends, when I can, freeing up my week days.

Done! I posted 6 days a week a few times. Linked up with Heavens To Betsy for her The Guy Behind The Blog and did a pretty good job working on posts ahead of time. 


*Create and share a Summer Bucket List.
*Go swimming.

*Family trip to the Frisco trails.
*Celebrate Marissa’s 7th birthday.

The bucket list was made and shared. We went swimming 6 times in one week alone and Marissa’s 7th birthday was celebrated on more than one occasion.

Family trip to the trails. It was either raining, or too hot. Maybe I should save this one for fall. 


*Exercise at least 5 days a week.

*Complete or almost complete stage one of the “New Rules” program.

*Keep my nutrition plan on track.

*Run a 5K with Russ…. again.

BAM! Exercise has been great. I did get a bit off during vacation and my nutrition wasn’t so great while we were gone either but I am so happy with the progress I am seeing. I am set to finish Stage one by early July and should be almost done with stage 2 by the end of the month. 

Our 5K on the trail was HOT but a blast. It was no PR but in that heat I can’t complain. Plus the chance to run with (and beat) this guy. I will never pass that up. 


*Help at VBS while the girls attend.

*Read more this month than I did last month.

*Plug in more to the church we have been attending.

VBS was AWESOME. The girls and I had an amazing time and are already excited for next year. 

The other two, meh. I would love some prayers especially for the last one. For those of you who don’t know our church closed back in March and we have been struggling with that for months now. We still haven’t committed to a new church and are feeling pretty confused on that topic in general. We know God is good and has a good plan for us. We are trying to be patient and wait for his guidance on where He wants us.

Home School-

*Work on math facts with Marissa.
*Finish lesson planning for the 2015/2016 school year.

The past couple of weeks we began working on math problems and an English book. Our lesson plans for next year aren’t completely finished but they are so close. I worked SO hard on them during June. Currently all I have left is too look for supplemental resources for our Science and History lessons then I am all ready for August 10th. 


*Make Finish a new pallet sign.

*Have a yard sale with my mom.
*FINALLY go to Silver Dollar City.
*Start on playroom to schoolroom remodel.

Pallet sign, still blank. Silver Dollar Trip was rained out again.

But I did have a yard sale with my mom which cleared out the future home school room and gave me some money to get started on the remodel. Step one, repaint!


*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.

*Grow Instagram to 700. I seem to be stuck.
*Rework a few old posts with better pinnable images. 


*Work on crossing things off our bucket list.
*Lots of pool time (best goal ever).

*Fun run with the girls.
*Family donut or ice cream date, maybe both :).


*Exercise at least 5 days a week.

*Finish stage one & most of stage 2 in “The New Rules” program.

*Keep my nutrition plan on track.

*Run a solo race.


*Read Gods word.
*Pray that God would guide our family. 

*Worship more with our children. They love to dance and sing it is always so good for my heart when I join in.

Home School-

*Work on math and English with Marissa.
*Complete 2015/2015 school year lesson plans.
*Complete or almost complete home school room.


*Make Finish a new pallet sign.

*Date night with Russ.

*Try a new recipe or two.

*Have a girls night with a friend. (Any takers out there?)

July *sigh* I have such mixed feeling about July. On one hand it is the peak of summer and I love summer fun. On the other with the end of July comes August. Early August means back to school for us. How is that even possible? I guess for now we are going to just plan on packing as much summer fun into July as we possibly can, stay on track with our goals and we’ll deal with August when it gets here. 

Do you have any goals/plans for July or summer?

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  • Elizabeth

    I am constantly amazed at how well you do on your goals each month! What do you do to remind yourself of them throughout the month and what you need to work on? My problem is, I have the best intentions, I write them down, and then I completely forget about them. I need to post them on the fridge or something…

  • You are so good at accomplishing your goals! PS I am SOOO Ready for Christmas!

  • I didnt realize your church had closed, that is SO sad 🙁 Will definitely be praying for you, friend. Also anticipating the new homeschool room reveal!

  • chall1018

    Not crazy at all. I can’t wait either. It’s the best time of
    the year!!! You crushed your June goals. Way to go! Praying that God leads you
    guys to a church you can call ‘home’.

  • Not crazy, last year we put the tree up a week before Thanksgiving and it was pretty awesome to get that extra week to enjoy it, plus I wasn't crazy putting the decorations up in one weekend, too much for one weekend. You did great on your goals, what is the New Rules program? Off to google.

  • Yes! I started doing that two years ago.and I will never go back!

    The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It's the exercise/ nutrition plan I am doing and loving!

  • Yes it is!

    Thank you so much. The prayers are appreciated.

  • Yeah :(. It was one of the hardest things we've ever dealt with. Thanks for the prayers.

    Me too :). I really need to get started soon!

  • Thanks friend!

    I knew I couldn't be the only one :)!

  • I feel like you are superwoman! I so badly want a fun bucket list to complete but we travel so much during the summer (at least this one) and I feel like I would just completely fail. How come I thought I was so busy with just one child?!

  • I keep it real… well, kind of. Most of my goals are things that are by now almost habbit. The rest is stuff that needs done or I want to do. But ultimately I am EXTREMELY goal motivated. I also find myself forgetting my goals through the month. Maybe i should print them out too.

    Give it a shot and see how it works!!!

  • The season I am in has made life so much easier. When I had littles at home none of this happened. You're doing an AWESOME job mama. Make a list if you want just give yourself plenty of grace.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Bam! Your crossing off goals like a boss.
    With June being so rainy for so many parts of the Midwest, you rocked your list!

    I see ice cream or donut date… But, you should do both. Definitely do both. 🙂
    Love seeing date night with Russ. And love seeing a girls night out. If I was closer I'd take you up on that!!

  • You go girl! You are accomplishing your goals like whoa! I can't believe it's already July! Our weather lately has been more Fall like, which makes me think I should be cheering on my Spartans. 🙂

    I have totally been to Silver Dollar City! We went once while visiting my grandparents. 🙂 It was quite fun, from what I can remember.

  • Haha, “like whoa” lololol. I feel like I had a really great month. So blessed. Fall weather in July?! That hardly seems fair. Give me all the sunshine.
    That is awesome. I REALLY want to finally go this year. Maybe some day we will actually make it there. I have been frequenting that place since I was Emily’s age 😊.

  • Oh my goodness girl. Bam! I love it I actually picked my first ripe tomato today and text a pic of it to my bff only saying BAM!
    I think we did a good job to. All of that rain SUCKED and guess what. More is coming this week. I wish I could give it to you.
    Definitely both agreed. But first I promised myself 2 weeks of eating super healthy. Maybe I should do them both in one day and just “get it over with”. Date night just happens to be TONIGHT and you being closer… I love the idea of that 😊. Maybe someday!