DIY Hoop Canopy {Tutorial}

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Today I want to share a simple, easy, DIY project that is fit for a princess and the perfect addition to any little girls bedroom or play space.

This project started with me browsing on Pinterest WAY to much before taking my first trip to IKEA.The good news is it’s quick, easy and pretty inexpensive. A win in my book!

Supplies needed are and embroidery hoop. Any size will do but I of course went with the largest I could find 23″ (If you buy from Hobby Lobby don’t forget to use a 40% off coupon). 3-4 panels of Sheer curtains, I used Lill curtains from Ikea. If you want an open feel in the front you can add a valance instead of the 4th panel. White spray paint, and some way of hanging your hoop. I am a HUGE fan of command hooks but you may need to use screw in hooks for a better hold against little hands. 

The first step is to spray paint your hoop white. If you chose to use colored sheers I would spray paint it a complimentary color to whatever you chose.

Next you add your curtains. 

*Helpful tip: I found the edge of the hoop to be a bit rough making it hard to slide them on so I covered the end with some foil and they slipped on much easier.

I used 3 panels. I planned on putting it over a bed and wanted the front more open. If you were using it for a reading nook or wanted a more closed appearance you could use all 4 panels and not add a valance.

Next I added the valance. The connector for the hoop made it a bit odd so I simply folded the edge between the two rings before tightening.

There are SO many possibilities with this project. Valances, fabric, tulle you could do all kinds of things.

Then I tied four loops of string around the inside ring for easy hanging. I didn’t snap a photo of this step but you will see what I did in the next picture.

With everything in place tighten the nut on your hoop so the fabric is secured between the rings.


Now it is time to hang. I used 4 Command hooks. I realize this approach may not work well for everyone but so far so good in our home. If command hooks won’t work you can go with screw hooks instead.

And just like that, your done.

The perfect additions for any little princess’ room.

Are you working on any DIY projects?

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  • How did your little princess like the new addition? Crafty and yet so easy. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Talk. ~Lowanda

  • I always loved canopies over beds as a little girl. Funny thing is, I never did one with any of my three girls. Couldn't even tell you why. This is cute, nicely done mama!!

  • Chelsea

    I always wanted one of these as a little girl!! Heck…I still do! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • So cute! You did a fabulous job. I remember I soooooo wanted a canopy of my bed when I was a little girl! 🙂

  • Bethany Magnie

    Awese! My bestie showed me this trick when we were tem and obsessed with princess style anything.

  • This is so beautiful! Love it!

  • So cute and easy! I love that you mounted it with command hooks, too!

  • Pretty! I had a canopy over my bed growing up, its so feminine. I want to make a book nook for the girls like this.

  • So sweet! My girls would swoon all over this!

  • OH my gosh, my husband wants one of these so bad for my daughter when she gets older! Going to pin this for the furture! 🙂 Thanks!

  • What a great tutorial! This would be so cute in my little girl's room when she's older!

  • Teressa Mackey

    omg!! I adore this. So simple and elegant.

  • Jess Rey

    This is so pretty and I like that I cannot see the hoop! So simple.

  • Yes, I love simple, pretty things. Thank you so much :).

  • Thank you so much :).

  • Thank you! It was the perfect addition to Emily's room. She loves it too!

  • Thank you! Big sister here was just a teensy bit jealous at first. It is so much fun.

  • That is so sweet that he wants one for her :). Thanks for the pin!

  • I had a canopy bed too. It was purple with unicorn… can you say 80's?! A book nook like this would be so much fun.

  • Thanks Becky. I LOVE the Command products. They are so handy.

  • Thanks Kelly!

  • Isn't that hilarious :).

    Thank you so much.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I love the canopy! As a little girl I alway wished I had one in my room. And, I had no idea they were pretty easy to make. Saving this for a later date. I have a feeling M2 will eventually have her own canopy at some point. 🙂

  • Adorable!! I want one, forget the kids 🙂 No, I really need to do this for one of my girls! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I think I can do this!

  • chall1018

    Aww, I just loved this when I first saw your picture.
    Perfect for a little girls room! And the
    pom poms give it that special touch! Love this.

  • I know, right?! Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration. I think M2 will totally "need" one eventually :).

  • You are welcome.You can totally do this! She will love you for it too :).

  • Thank you so much! It was the perfect addition to her room.

  • Thank you for linking up with Idea Box last week!

    Your tutorial has been featured 🙂



  • Thank you so much for the feature!