Dining Room Makeover Reveal

Several weeks ago I gave some details on a couple room remodels we were getting ready to work on. With a few weeks and some hard work we now have one of the rooms finished. As for the other room… we haven’t even started. I could choose to be disappointed or I could just be happy we have made some progress!

Today I am going to do the first room reveal, our dining room. 

Before I get started I want to say that a little paint can go a LONG way. The only thing that was changed in this make over was the paint color and the decorative items.

Let’s see what you think of the difference.





See what I mean?

For paint we chose Behr’s “Wheat Bread”. it is pretty much the best color of graige ever.

Russell built the mirrors for Mothers Day. We used cheap door mirrors from Walmart and he made them new bulkier frames.

I made some Chevron Arrows from a pallet I had lying around. They aren’t perfect but I love them.

And I accidentally found this print at Hobby Lobby while picking up some hardware for the mirrors. If you have seen the rest of our house you know that this picture ties in perfectly.

The new colors coupled with the addition of the mirrors make this space feel much larger and more welcoming. It also flows better with the rest of the house.

Less focus on putting the color on the walls more focus on adding a few splashes of it here and there throughout our home.

I am loving the new dining room. 

My only regret is not doing it sooner.

I can’t wait to tackle the school room next.

Have you done any remodeling lately?

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  • That is an amazing transformation with such simple changes! I love it! Great graige =) Love the arrows. Yay! Looks great.

  • I love it! So fresh and clean. The mirrors and arrows are amazing- great job!

  • Adorable! Just love it! Thanks for being my guest blogger today!

  • Today?! I thought I was the 24th?!?! Sorry. I was gonna send more photos and do a post saying I waa guest posting at your blog that day.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    L.O.V.E.!!! Come do my dining room. Any my living room. And my bedroom, too. Please. 🙂
    We are still trying to finish M2's room. I can't wait for that to be done. Then maybe I can start to think about tackling other rooms.

  • I love love love the makeover! I am dying over your chevron pallets. You are so talented, really. You can do so much and I love that a piece of your work can be displayed in your home.

    We are going to do a similar canvas project like you had in your dining room before the makeover. I've found some pins and plan to give it a try myself. It will either be really good or horribly bad. I'll be sure to let you know which!

  • Really cute!

  • Ashley

    Wow! I am loving the new color! It looks so fresh and clean and modern. I might have to get a sample for our bedroom or Ellie's!!! And those chevron arrows!' I'll take four please!!! Ha

  • Stephanie Rudas

    That looks amazing!!!

  • Wow, that looks great! It is crazy how much paint can change a room 🙂 Love it!

  • I love it Beth! Its so soothing and inviting. Guess I'll have to come over for dinner one of these days 😉

  • Amy Smith

    Looove it! So fresh!

  • chall1018

    I am loving this make-over! It looks so warm and inviting.

  • Beth! It looks SO good! I really love it .

  • Ah! I love it! What a difference paint can make. Our whole house is that taupe/grayish color and I love it!

  • Thank you so much. I am so happy with the change!

  • It is crazy isn't it? It seems like such a simple thing but it makes a HUGE difference.

  • Yes it is. It just feels way more welcoming and homey now. I couldn't believe how big the difference was but the pictures made me say WHOA!

  • Thanks Amy!

  • Yes ways better than that green and terrible paintings I made, lol. What was I thinking ;). You move to NW AR and you can bet on it ;).

  • Thanks Jamie! It is just so crazy. I had no idea the difference would be that huge.

  • Thank you so much Stephanie!

  • Thanks Rachel!

  • Me too this color is just perfect for this space and our house you should totally check it out. One of my good friends loved it so much she used it in her kitchen :). Those arrows were so easy to make. The hardest part was ripping the pallet apart, like all pallet projects.

  • Thanks Keri. It looks so much more clean and inviting than the before chaos we had going on. The mirrors made a huge difference too.

  • Isn't it?! I didn't even realize how drastic the change was until I looked at the pictures and said "Whoa!" Thanks friend.

  • Hehe you bet! I'll bring a load of pallets while I'm at it too ;). I can't wait to see M2's room it's going to be beautiful. You did an amazing job on Marcus' room. You definitely have a knack for decorating lady.

  • Me too! I love the changes so much. I never thought it was that bad before but when I saw what it could be and what works better in the space I was shocked. Thank you so much!

    It will be awesome, no worries girl. I can't wait to see it!

  • Awe, its a deal 🙂

  • Whitney Jordan

    Looks so good! I love that paint color. The space really does look bigger – what a great makeover!!

  • Looks great, Beth! I'm impressed at your handy skills with those arrows…no telling what mine would look like! 😉

  • Beth, this is so awesome! I LOVE the accent touches in the mirrors and the art and the color is fabulous! You NAILED IT girl!

  • Thank you so much! I couldn't possibly be happier with the end results.

  • Hehe! Thank you so much. I have a couple of great teachers. (My dad & my husband).

  • Thank you so much. I really, really love how this room turned out. I hope the school room turns out half as good!

  • Elizabeth

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Seriously. Love. The paint made SUCH a difference. I don't even know what else to say. I love everything about this! Especially the arrows and the fact that you found that print that fits in perfectly!

  • Thank you so much Liz! It still blows my mind how much the paint color changed the room.

  • Amy Garro

    LOVE it!! It's seriously awesome how far a coat of paint can go in changing a room 🙂

  • It has COMPLETELY amazed me that a simple thing like a color change could transform a room that much. I always knew paint did a lot for a room but this really proved it! Thank you!

  • I love that color!!!!

  • Thank you so much!