Spring Bucket List: Update #1

Hello Monday!
Another week, another chance to try and embrace Monday. 
If you’ve been around a while you know that I have a love hate relationship with Mondays. 
Pretty much meaning I love to hate them. Who’s with me?!

A few weeks ago I shared our Spring Bucket List. Since then we have been hard at work checking things off and I thought it would be fun to share our progress.

Dye Easter Eggs

This year we decided to go with the Kool-Aid approach. This method may have smelled better than using vinegar but the eggs were not very pretty in my opinion. Maybe that is why I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. The girls did have a lot of fun and they weren’t holding their noses the whole time, so I will call it a win. 

Grow Something
We have definitely been growing something. Knowing I would be starting my garden from seed in February/March I waited to do the seeds and plants section of Marissa’s science book until recently. She has been a big help taking care of my little seedlings and she even grew her own green bean plant during an experiment.
Easter Egg Hunt
A couple weeks ago we met up with some of our favorite friends for some Easter Egg hunting fun. It always amazes me that HUNDREDS of eggs are collected in two minutes. We came home with way more candy than we needed and had a great afternoon playing and having fun. 

Fly A Kite
One year I will actually buy a kite that doesn’t cost $1, but this was not the year. Marissa was so excited to assemble her own kite for the first time. Then we were able to head to the back yard and fly them around for a while. I guess living in an area with very few trees does have at least one benefit. Not everyone can fly kites in their own back yard. 

Bake A Spring Treat
On Easter we baked up some resurrection rolls. It was fun talking with the girls about the symbolism of the marshmallow (Jesus) and the tomb (crescent roll). Don’t worry though, I was pretty clear in explaining that Jesus was not really a marshmallow. We popped them in the oven and 3 days (or 12 minutes) later the tomb was empty. I love Marissa’s face in the last picture. She was so surprised. 

We are making some great progress working through our list. Now if the weather would just cooperate a little better we might be able to finish it off in the next few weeks. 

Did you make a spring bucket list

How is yours going?

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  • bahaha at Marissa's face – that is too cute. They DID disappear!! I like that Emily is sitting on the counter. And, the bucket heads. Bummer about the less than perfect eggs, but hey they smelled good so that is win. We might do straight food dye next year.

  • They make kites that are NOT a dollar?! Haha I don't think I'd splurge, I mean it's not like you can fly them all season long. Love Marissa's face with the rolls! Such a fun tradition.

  • What a fun list! We've been itching to do a kite too, but was definitely planning on the dollar version 😉 haha! I hadn't heard of the Resurrection rolls until this Easter, and we'll definitely have to incorporate that next year. I love it! Happy Monday… I suppose… (I'm right there with you on Mondays)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  • Everything looks like so much fun! Holy cow are those a lot of eggs! Flying a kite is on our list to do this year since Reese is older now; I'm like you, I got a $2 one from Target 🙂 Love the idea of the resurrection rolls, I've never heard of that. And Marissa's face… hahahaha!

    Girl, you know I'm with you on Mondays. Let's hope this day goes quickly! *virtual fist bump*

  • Whitney Smith

    I don't even remember the last time I got to fly a kite, and surely never with my children! That is definitely a great activity!

  • I was so glad my MIL got that photo. I totally forgot to take pictures too. Glad she was on the ball with her cell phone in hand.

    Yeah next year I will try something new, again. We did volcano eggs the year before. That was… interesting :). I guess that is our tradition, we try something new every year. Haha! Remember glitter eggs? I wonder if they still make that kit?!

    Happy Monday!

  • Lololol. I think so, I have never bought one but I hear they are awesome. Maybe if I spent a little more I wouldn't have to buy like 8 cheap ones a year…. or it would be a total waste.

    Those rolls are so much fun. If you haven't tried them you should make them with Lily next year. Such a cute, yummy object lesson.

  • Girl you better head on down to your local dollar store and pick some up :). It does make for a fun, cheap, out of the ordinary afternoon activity.

  • You've accomplished so much! Looks like a ton of fun!

  • Thank you! Yeah it is just so hard to want to invest in something like a kite.

    The rolls are SO much fun. This was the second time we have made them. The last time Marissa was quite a bit younger and Emily was just a baby. I need to make them a yearly tradition from now on. They really enjoyed them this year.

    It's nice to know I have good company in the Monday disliking department.

  • Thanks girl. It was a TON of eggs :/ Aaahhh it's gonna be so much fun. Did you also find a Minnie Mouse kite?! You should try them, they are so easy and such a cute object lesson. I did them once with Marissa when she was tiny. I think I plan to make them a yearly tradition from here on out!

    You know it girl. I can always count on you to be right there hating Mondays with me :).

  • Thank Becky! The pressure of doing the Easter activities before Easter really helped. It's the rest of the list I am a bit worried about ;).

  • Ashley

    You're doing great on your list! I am hoping that Ellie will be old enough next year for the resurrection rolls. Try sound like a great idea!!

  • That would be my fear…spending a little extra for it to be a total waste anyway. ha! Goodness, I'm cheap…

  • Off to a wonderful start! Love all the pics!

  • Elizabeth

    Girl you are a bucket list machine! Look at your checking all those items off. I totally slacked and didn't make a spring bucket list but I'm going to be all about the summer one! I have lots of plans!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    You are crossing items off left and right!
    We didn't dye a single egg this Easter. Total mom fail. It's already on my bucket list for next year. And flying a kite is on the list for this year!

  • Marina Biljak

    I love your list 🙂 I think that I should put 'grow something' to my list too.. i planned to do that in ages. http://www.parentaljourney.com

  • Thank you so much! There is just something about watching something grow that is so magical and fun, especially for the kiddos!

  • Well the pressure to do the Easter things, before Easter really helped ;). And I say no way, you didn't fail. There have been PLENTY of years that we didn't dye eggs and I don't feel bad about that one bit.

  • Thanks Kelly!

  • Definitely! I made them with Marissa when she was around 3, she didn't seem to "get it" as much as she did this year, but we definitely had a lot of fun. I hope to make this a yearly tradition with my girls from here on out.

  • I keep saying it, but the only reason so much is done is because I had to get the Easter stuff done before Easter. Otherwise,,, who knows. Your summer list is going to be awesome. I'm kind of jealous about all of the potential things you can include on your list that I can't as easily :). Summer is where it's at for sure!

  • Thank you! We are having a great time, we always enjoy our bucket lists. You know it, it seems to happen every year. I guess they just look so much like hats ;). I can totally relate. We used to be the same exact way…. so weird thinking about that now really. I would rather have the trees back instead but at least there is one perk.

    Have a great day!

  • Y'all are on a roll! Every year I say I want to start a garden but it hasn't happened yet. Hopefully once our backyard and house is completely finished I'll feel more motivated.

  • You guys have done so many awesome spring things already – love it! We did just water with our egg dye and I was not impressed. Need a new plan for next year that's for sure. Yay for kite flying!!! Oh and the gardening and Marissa helping — so awesome! AND I totally love their matching sunnies for the egg hunt!

  • Thanks girl!

    They are so much work. But they are also so relaxing to work in to. I LOVE going out there to pick the stuff I've grown. Hopefully you can get to it sooner than later, you'd really enjoy it.

  • Well, Easter was a huge motivator. I think now that it is gone and over finishing may slow WAY down ;). We must find the perfect stink free way to dye eggs for next year… hhhmmmmm! They have a ridiculous amount of sunnies, thank you Meme :). I love it though, so cute!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Looks like so much fun!! I loved flying kites when I was little and you can never go wrong with baking treats, doing holiday activities and spending quality time together. Great job!!

  • Thank you! Every season should involve making some kind of yummy treat, right?! It is always a favorite for the girls too!