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Hi friends!  I’m Jamie, and I blog over at Cocktails & Carseats.  You’ll often find me talking about everyday life, which includes my adorable (I’m biased) daughter, Reese.  She is my hilarious little miss, full of spunk and laughter, and I’m so excited to be a part of Beth’s Girl Mom series!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I definitely wanted to find out the gender.  Both Scott and I were anxious to see what we were having, and at the 20-week ultrasound, we confirmed both of our suspicions that we were having a girl!  I’ll be honest, I was super excited that my hunch was correct.  I would’ve been happy with a boy or girl, but was secretly hoping for a little girl.  After all, girls are what I know!  I hoped for a little girl that I could buy cute dresses for, put bows in her hair, and be with her during all the important days in her life – from her first dance recital, to going on mother/daughter outings, to going wedding dress shopping with her one day.


The first year was definitely not easy, that’s for sure.  I had no idea that newborns woke up so much during the night, so that was a rude awakening (literally!).  Reese has never been the best sleeper, but thankfully those sleep-deprived days are behind us (until baby #2 gets here).  

Reese is now 2 and has grown into the cutest and most fun little toddler!  She can have conversations with us, which is awesome, and has just the sweetest heart.  I’ll often hear things like “I love you Mommy!” or “Go to the li-berry, yay!”.  She makes Scott and I laugh constantly, and wants to play with us all the time.  She is sweet, gentle, and very kind; she’s always sharing her food with us, and her toys as well.  She’s not around other kids her age very much right now, but when she is, she always hands them toys, often asking me “Give ball to her?” before she does.  She loves her blankie, reading books, puzzles, Mickey Mouse (and Minnie), helping me bake, and playing with both Scott and I.  She often wants to hold my hand when we rock at night, and has fallen asleep on a few occasions doing so.  She’s going to make a great big sister. 🙂

I’m not looking forward to the teenage years, but for right now, I’m soaking up every minute and conversation I get to have with her.  She’s blessed our lives in ways I couldn’t imagine, and she truly is a gift from God.

Thanks for having me Beth!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story and Reese with us today Jamie. She couldn’t possibly be any cuter and she is going to make an amazing big sister. Congratulations again!

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  • I love Jamie & Reese! they are the best! Such cute photos of itty bitty Reese!

  • Yay! Happy to see Jamie and Reese over here today!! Sleep deprivation though, never an exciting thing to go back to. Good thing those snuggles are worth it!

  • They are so sweet aren't they?! I squealed looking at itty bitty Reese, those eyes. Oh my goodness so precious.

  • Thanks Jenny! 🙂 We love you & Callie too!

  • Thanks Courtney 🙂 I'm with Beth- snuggles are the best, so I'm going to remember to treasure those this time around.

  • Thanks again Beth for having me 🙂 Love this series!

  • Oh Reese is precious! Love those eyes!

  • Whitney Smith

    Reese definitely is ahead of the curve when it comes to sharing! Congratulations on baby #2!

  • Liz

    Love these posts! It's so much fun to get to know other blogging moms out there. Those pictures are absolutely precious. Thank you for growing a stronger community of women, mommas and bloggers!! xo

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • Thanks! A lot of people always commented on her eyes when she was born 🙂

  • Amy Smith

    Oh my goodness! Such a sweet & pretty little lady, she is!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Reese is so adorable, and I've loved following along with Jamie. So excited to see her family grow!!

  • It is so exciting isn't it?! I will be anxiously awaiting her pink or blue news for the next several weeks :).

  • I couldn't agree any more…. those eyes melt my heart.

  • Thank you! I was so happy to have you join me.

  • Thanks for your sweet words Liz! It has been a lot of fun. I am so glad that the series has been such a huge success! I was guessing I could stir up a little bit of interest when I started but it has completely shocked me how many moms want to join in. I LOVE it.

  • Couldn't agree more. Are you two due pretty close together? I was thinking it had to be within a few weeks right?

  • Amy Smith

    Yep! Jamie is due just a few weeks after me. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    ACK! Those pictures of baby Reese are SO cute! I'm dying. Can't wait to see Reese and baby # 2 together! Love Jamie!

  • Aren't they Elizabeth. I was completely swooning over those adorable pictures. If baby #2 has those same eyes I might not be able to handle it 😉.