Currently {April 2015}

Making //  I haven’t been to creative lately but I did do a lot of baking over spring break. I also made a new pallet sign for the wall but it still is blank. I need some inspiration to stir up some creativity. 

Reading//  I bought this book over a year ago thinking I would start this training program, then I never did. I decided to run another half marathon in the fall and I put this on the shelf. With half marathon season right here I am trying to make plans for when it is over and I keep going back to this book. I’d really like to give this program a shot. 

Wishing //  I didn’t have so much candy in my house. It is crazy guys, just plain crazy! Would someone please come to my house and eat all of my kids candy so I don’t?!

Listening to//  I have still been listening to my All Sons & Daughters c.d. but I have also listened to this song more than once. It just doesn’t feel like Easter without this song.
Watching //  I haven’t really been watching anything other than the occasional episode of friends on Netflix and Wild Kratts with the girls. Random Beth fact, I am not a big t.v. watcher.  

Looking Forward To //  The OKC memorial half marathon at the end of the month. Road trip, quick over night get away and a race with one of my favorite gal pals Anna. I can not wait!

Wanting //  A little bit more warm sunshine and a few less April showers. Is that really to much to ask?

Wearing //  Yesterday I wore my Easter dress! I bought this dress for $4 on a JCP clearance in October and have been saving it for Easter weekend ever since. To bad it was pretty cold. 

Planning //  The rest of our school year. Only 5 more weeks and things will be over. Then I can start planning our next school year. There truly is always something to plan. 

Praying //  That God would help guide us to a new church to call home. In my heart I was hoping that we would know exactly where we were going to be by Easter and we just don’t. Continued prayers for our family are very appreciated.

Missing //  Spring break…already. Last week was so refreshing. Can we just go back to that please?

How about you?

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  • OH my gosh that dress is AMAZING!!! You look awesome and seriously for $4?! I think that makes it even more amazing! I need to get on weight lifting too – or at least a better plan than just got to the gym and do something that sounds good that day πŸ™‚ Which I suppose is better than nothing but I know it needs to be more. Oh and I hear you about the candy… I'm actually about to find a box to put it away in and then put on a shelf I can't reach without a step stool (short people problems) but I think it will help – out of sight out of mind right?! Hope you survive this Monday friend! Oh and lots of thoughts and prayers your way… everything happens for a reason and you guys will find the right place when the time and place is right. HUGS!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    We have all boys, so super cute to see littke girls in pretty dresses! Sweeties. And you look amazing in that stripped dress!!!! We are on Spring a Break this week….in the Cayman Islands. Do not want to go home. Ha!

  • Love the dress! That looks like a great book as well! I "weight lift", and think it has been going pretty well. I put that in quotes since I don't really follow a plan, I just use heavier weights, do less reps (4-8), but more sets (4 sets), does that make sense?

  • That is a whabam dress! Love it! Too bad you were chilly. More warm days, I'll send em! I think my husband would have no probably eating all the candy. My weakness are those crunchy cadbury eggs – I snatch one up every time I walk past the dang basket. oh Easter.

  • I adore that dress! And I'd love to hear more about that book for weightlifting for women πŸ™‚ It's always good to have a good book for reference around the house!

    Sugar & Something

  • Liz

    Your dress is beautiful…good for you for being able to wait that long πŸ™‚ I need someone to come eat our candy too. I want to just hide it, but if I know where it is, I am sure to go after it. I hope that you do find your new church and make it successfully through all your schooling! Enjoy the first day back <3

  • Omg!!!! What a steal of a deal on that dress!!!!!!!
    Sometimes you just have to take a break to get those creative juices flowing! They'll come back again!! Praying for your sweet family!

  • Love all of the Easter dresses! So pretty!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    These are always some of my favorites to read!
    The girls are absolutely gorgeous in their Easter dresses. And so are you!! Seriously, $4?! What a steal!
    Can't wait to hear all about your half. I'll be cheering you on from LA!
    Sending prayers that you find a church to call home.

  • Thanks friend. Looks like Easter dress shopping is something you will have to look forward too :)!!!

    I couldn't believe how lucky I got getting that dress. It is my new favorite for sure.

  • Thanks Kelly!

    Happy Monday to you friend.

  • I know, right?!?! It was like $70' something originally.

    Exactly that is why I hung the blank sign on the wall for now.

    Thanks friend.

  • Thank you Liz. It was pretty cold when I grabbed it so Missouri weather made the wait pretty easy.

    I KNOW!!! I begged my husband to lock it up somewhere. He just laughed at me. He clearly does not understand my struggle ;).

    Today is going surprisingly well, thank you Jesus!

  • Thank you!

    It is a really great book. It does a lot about explaining the science behind his theories then it has a nutrition and training program included. It is pretty intimidating to follow the whole process but I really want to give it a try.

  • Thanks friend. Send them quickly please. I am SO tired of the gray skies and it looks like we have A LOT more in store. I REALLY need to get working on my tan!

    I know, right?! I want to lock ours up and give the key to Russ. My shorts are finally starting to fit better again.

  • Thank you! That makes perfect sense. That is the same "plan" I have followed in the past and actually what he recommends doing in the book so yay us! I just have never started doing a routine schedule coupled with a nutrition plan. It is pretty intimidating.

  • Aaahhhh that is so sweet, thank you!

    You lucky, lucky lady you. Enjoy every second of it!

  • Thanks friend. It may be one of the best deals I have ever found. I know exactly what you mean. My running miles are very scheduled/routine but outside of that…. not so much. Hahaha! I wish that worked for me. I begged Russ to put it in a lock box but he just laughed. He clearly does not understand the struggle.

    Thank you so much Jenny. It means a lot.

  • That dress is just fabulous. Praying you find the right church soon!

  • Amy Smith

    Your dress is just gorgeous! And $4!? That's a steal!

  • a four dollar dress? You look amazing. That weight lifting book looks like a good read! Share some tips, will ya'? πŸ˜‰

  • Ahhh, a girls weekend! Sounds so nice! Good luck in the marathon, I'm sure you'll do great! That dress is adorable and of course you look awesome! It was cold here too and I had to wear a cardigan which I wasn't thrilled about. It always seems to be cold and/or rainy on Easter around here! Hope y'all have a great week back to school!

  • Thank you Becky!

  • I know right?! I think I giggled and bounced all the way to the cash register. It is definitely my new favorite!

  • I know! So so crazy. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. It was originally $70 something.

    It is a good read. So, much, information. Hope I can tackle it all soon enough!

  • It is going to be a whirlwind of a trip but I am so excited! Thank you so much Ashley. I was guessing you probably had similar weather as we did. Man I could really use some sunshine SOON!

  • Elizabeth

    I love the idea behind the marathon. I feel like that kind of sounds bad since it's obviously remembering a sad time, but I love that they turned a horrible tragedy into something positive and a tribute to those who lost their lives.
    Oh and I would totally take one for the team and come eat your candy but we have so much candy at my house too… I need someone to come eat it for me!

  • No way you bought that dress for $4?? It was meant for you!! I need someone to come and take away my candy too, or the dentist and my dress size will both be unhappy with my snacking!

  • chall1018

    I love currently posts! And I am so into All Sons &
    Daughters lately, too! I love that black and white dress. And $4 bucks? That’s
    crazy awesome!! Praying for your family and that God leads you to a church you
    can call home!

  • Crazy isn't it?! It was $70 something originally. I felt like I stole it walking out of there.

    Oh girl I totally understand. I just want it to GO AWAY. I am feeding more than I usually do to my kids hoping it goes away faster.

  • Oh me too. The first half I did was a memorial run for the Joplin tornado and when I saw the OKC memorial run it just seemed to perfect to pass up. So two memorial runs this year it is! Running through the banners of the names of those who lost their lives really choked me up last year at the Joplin one. I can imagine OKC will be overwhelming too.

    No, no, just bring it along and you can eat it too ;).

  • It is pretty much the best c.d. ever, right?! That dress may be the deal of my life, lol. I LOVE it so much.

    Thanks for the prayers, they are very appreciated.

  • So amazing that your Easter dress was $4!! That's amazing will power to hold off wearing it since October. So cool. And God will put that church that's right for your family in your path! It's just hard to wait on His timing (something I struggle with all the time!!). Praying for you!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  • Isn't that crazy?! I dream of finding deals like that. I felt so lucky that day. Thankfully the cold weather distracted me pretty easily. Amen! Thank you so much Katie it is so appreciated.

  • Men do not get the struggle at all! I did box all the extra candy — I kept Callie's out (will power to not sneak it but I've been holding out). Anyway yesterday Jake swipes some jelly beans from Callie's candy and eats them right in front of me. I'm like what are you doing? That's mean! His response was well it's not chocolate I thought you wouldn't care. It's candy and I'm having none – I want it all buddy!

  • Bahaha! Russ grabs handfuls and takes them to work with him. I kind of ggrrrr a little bit, but the more he eats the sooner its gone! Sadly we had SO much I put some in the freezer. I think it is here till fall at least :(.