Spring Bucket List 2015

It’s spring, it’s spring, it’s glorious wonderful spring! 

It felt like winter would last forever (some days it still does). But the days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer (slowly) and the birds are starting to sing. 

We seem to have made it through another winter!

Last year I discovered I have a love for bucket lists. Which makes complete since since I am a “list girl”. If it’s going to get done, it better be wrote down. We made and completed a summerfall and Christmas bucket list. With spring here and so much to do what better way to celebrate than with another bucket list to help keep us on track?

Feel free to steal our list, or make your own and share it with us.

What are you most looking forward to doing this spring?

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  • I always like your lists because they are specific enought to happen but open enough to keep them flexible! The fly a kite and a picnic are on our list for sure too!! happy spring and Monday (I know your least favorite day!)

  • What a great list! I dye Easter eggs every year, but this year I am having a hard time figuring out when! lol Hope to find some time!

  • Thanks Jenny. I always try to have certain things I know we want to do on them but not be so specific that others can't steal our list and use it themselves.

    You know me oh so well, Monday :(.

  • I have so many ideas for a spring bucket list!!! And I think we will dye eggs this year!

  • I love putting together a bucket list for the new seasons. It helps me find ways to stay busy when I think "what can we do" when life is a little slower.

  • Great list! I'm a list- lover too, best way to stay organized by far!

  • I love this list! I need to start doing these seasonally. I always run out of ideas for activities and such, so I think I'm going to go make my own right now!

  • Love these lists, aren't they fun!! Excited to see what springy thing you bake! Have a great afternoon πŸ™‚

  • It truly did feel like winter was going to last forever! I
    am so happy warmer temps are creeping into Texas! I am with you there on the love
    for bucketlists. So glad you made a Spring one. Can’t wait to follow along as
    you check things off this fun list!

  • Great ideas! I love the dance in the rain one!

  • Thank you! Dancing in the rain is easily a favorite around here :).

  • Didn't it?! Bucket lists are my favorite. I am pretty excited to get started on this list too. I need to write a few things on the calendar!

  • They are SO much fun. They keep me on my toes. As for baking I think I have the PERFECT Easter treat in mind. We may do these this weekend so I can make a blog post out of it :).

  • They are just so much fun. Can't wait to see what you put on yours :).

  • Thank you! Fist bump to my fellow list maker. I couldn't possibly agree with you any more.

  • YES! It also helps me come up with blog posts when things are a little slow too ;). Seasonal bucket lists are just a must.

  • Yay!!! You should make one and post it, I would love to see it. We don't dye eggs every year but this year we definitely will be now ;).

  • Aaahhh that is awesome. We have not been so faithful to dye eggs every year. We just do it in spurts. BUT, since it's on the list I have a feeling this year it will get done :).

  • I've been wanting to let Mason play in the rain!!! But 1. it never rains here. And 2. I'm always afraid he will get pneumonia if I let him. LOL. Maybe one day!
    Love your list!

  • What a fun list! I need to pack some things in before this baby comes! Easter eggs and snacks for sure!

  • What a great list! I miss so much playing in the rain. I hope you get some warm spring showers to do just that!

  • This is a great list! On Saturday, my children and I flew kites. You forget just how much fun it is to do it!

  • Thank you! So much fun isn't it?! I can't wait to get out our dollar tree wanna-be kites :).

  • Oh me too! Last year we had SEVERAL. As soon as it sprinkles they start screaming to go out. PJ's on or whatever. Love watching them live life.

  • We don't dye eggs every year but it looks like we have to this year ;). I am just so excited for spring to finally be here.

  • Hehe :)! Thank you so much. I try and make my lists not super specific so anyone can use it as their own too :).

  • Aaahhhh πŸ™ Except when you want to go look at lights at the zoo huh? UGH, I would miss rain so much. Lol on the pneumonia part that is really cute.

    Thank you!

  • I just jotted down my own spring list today! I went to pinterest for some inspiration and ideas, and fly a kite was on practically all of them. Must be a spring must, but personally it sounds terrible ha. Clearly it is just weird me thing though. You report back, maybe I'll change my weird mind!

  • Well from previous experience I feel I must confess it can be a bit stressful. Especially when they want to hold onto it solo. So… yeah, approach with caution.