Project Sunday 2015: March

A big goal for this year has been to take more pictures.
One way I decided to do this was with weekly Sunday before church pictures. 
Here are the recaps from January and February.
March started off pretty cold, but it is definitely starting to warm up. We were able to take some of this months pictures outside but for the rest we were still stuck indoors.
Not sure why Emily put her hands over her eyes like this but she thought it was pretty cool. 

Love these sweet girls and that they laugh when I say silly things like pickle face. 
No church this week and I BARELY managed to remember to snap a photo after a long day of fun. Emily is also spelled H.A.M in case you didn’t know.  
Loving these outfits. Those leggings, that tunic. So cute!

Someone got a haricut! She would keep it this short all the time if I would let her. Sadly, they were not into the pictures this weekend. 

March brought spring, new clothes for spring and the promise of lots of outdoor time. I can’t wait for April and more warm weather.

How was your weekend?

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  • Such great photos! Beautiful girls!

  • Yay for some outside pictures!!! I think week 12 outfits are my fav but I LOVE M's haircut so week 13 is pretty awesome too!! Emily is so funny for the camera – thanks for reminding us you're 4 πŸ™‚ I love her curls and her spunk!!

  • I love Marissa's haircut – very cute! I love Emily's faces, especially when Marissa is still looking at the camera and smiling – hahaha! πŸ™‚

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Love all the photos! I especially love the colors and outfits of week 12. And Marissa's haircut looks great!!

  • Thanks friend!

  • Liz

    They are so, so cute and look so much alike! I love the name Marissa…we thought about that one seriously for our middle daughter πŸ™‚ So precious <3

  • So cute! I love their personalities!

  • Week 12 was my favorite too! I hope April brings sun dresses into our lives though.

    Thanks friend!

  • Love the new hair cut! All the pictures are turning out so nice. I can't wait for slightly warmer weather for tunics and leggings (both for myself and Annabelle).

  • I love it too. Much easier to take care of and super cute! They are quite the pair those two!

  • Ah me too! Those spring leggings are just so much fun.

    Thank you! I love it, so much easier to take care of.

  • Don't they?! It is kind of creepy really. Marissa has the bigger dimples, Emily the curls.Other than that almost twins.

    I picked the name Marissa when I was a teenager. Glad my husband loved it too.

  • Thanks Becky :)!

  • Thank you!

    Hope that spring arrives soon for you ladies! We are LOVING the warmer weather.

  • Sun dresses would be awesome! For the first time ever Callie has some clothes from last year that still fit and I'm dying for her to be able to re-wear them lol!

  • Keri Snyder

    They are so cute! Love the hair!!

  • Love that hair cut. I've cut C's hair like that a couple times like that myself. THeir personalities totally shine through in these pics.

  • Elizabeth

    I LOVE the way that Emily is looking up at Marissa in almost every picture! You can tell she truly adores her big sister!

  • I love that you do see a lot of their personality in the pictures. haha and h.a.m. absolutely.

  • Ashley

    I love this idea. I so miss taking Ellie's weekly photos…I think I'll start up agora on her birthday!!

  • You should! It doesn't have to be limited to just baby photos. I wish I had started this years ago.

  • Yes, I try and not pose them to much because I want the pictures to bet them doing their thing. It is much better that way.

  • Aaaahhh it is pretty sweet. She adores her most of the time and despises her the rest. Best friends and worst enemies. I love it.

  • It is much easier to take care of, especially with summer coming. I really should take her to get it cut more often she LOVES it this length. Silly girls.

  • Thanks Keri!

  • Thanks Ashely. I love that dress to, I think it will even still fit her next year YAY. Love it when that stuff happens. Girls can wear their clothes so much longer than boys can. You will soon be discovering that, if you haven't already.

  • Yes, thankfully the can!! She's stayed the same size now for about 2 months. Wyatt was always growing and changing.

  • Your girls are adorable! Love the haircut, that bob frames her lovely face! You have some real fashion trendsetters there πŸ™‚

  • The bob is perfect for her. So super cute. I would rock that hair if I looked nearly as good as she does. Thanks friend. Happy Tuesday…. :/

  • chall1018

    Goodness, they are adorable! And I love their outfits & their style!

  • Thank you so much :)!