Girl Mom Series: Kelly, Happily Ever Mock

Hi! I am Kelly and I blog over at Happily Ever Mock.  Mostly I share pictures and daily happenings
of life with my little girl Hallie. 
Little girl, yep! I always wanted to be a mom and would have been happy
with either a boy or a girl, but deep down, I REALLY REALLY wanted to be a girl
mom! As a Nanny to 2 girls, I just GOT them! I knew what to expect!

So let me fill you in a bit on our story.  Christopher and I were really excited to
start a family, and were pleased to find out we were pregnant October 2013! At
our first ultrasound however, we found out that I had what’s called a
Subchronic Hematoma. It was very scary and for the first half of the pregnancy,
we were terrified that our little baby might not make it! The only up side of
this hematoma, was that we got to go every other week to have an ultrasound so
we could check on the hematoma and see our little baby. Each ultrasound the
technician would give us a guess on gender, and each time seemed fairly
confident that we would have ourselves a little boy.  All we cared about was having a healthy happy
baby, and though I had always pictured myself with a girl, I started to get
excited and look at little boy things! I found bedding I liked (even though I
had my eye on the most adorable girl bedding) and started mapping out how I
would decorate a little boy’s nursery!

At 15 weeks we went in for our gender reveal and something had
been telling me for the few days before that I was carrying a “she” and not a
“he”, so I decided to wear a pink shirt to the appointment! The technician
checked on the hematoma, which praise God had finally started shrinking! Then
she asked if we had any guesses on gender. 
Christopher said “Boy” and then I told her that both technicians before
had told me we were probably carrying a boy, but for some reason I really felt
that our baby was a girl! She told me that I was right, and congratulated us on
our perfect little princess! We were both incredibly happy and started thinking
of girl names! (The 2 we had picked out, just didn’t feel right to me.) We
agreed that we wanted our girl to have a strong name and finally decided on
Hallie (which is a shortened version of “Hallelujah”, meaning “Praise the
Lord”. Perfect!
Fast forward to my 37 week appointment! The hematoma had
gone away, but we still had a very rough pregnancy.  Our little girl was measuring very small and
our Dr. had other concerns, so at 37 weeks she finally decided it was time for
us to meet our baby girl! You can read our full birth story HERE, but at
12:15 pm on June 21, 2014, I became a girl mom! Hallie was 4lb 15 oz of
perfection! I had never seen a more beautiful face in my entire life, and still
feel that way each time I look at my daughter!

Hallie is so much fun! I feel like I have the best of both
worlds! (Great now I have Hannah Montana running through my head, anyone else
with me?) She lets me dress her up in piles of pink and purple frilly clothes
and wears headbands every day but this girl is rough and tough despite her
teeny stature.  She’s loud, friendly and
outgoing and reminds me so much of her daddy! 
She is very active and has been unstoppable since the minute she learned
to crawl! And boy, does this girl LOVE animals! She’s silly and sweet and each
minute with her is a fun and new experience and I am enjoying my journey as a
girl mom! Please stop by sometime and follow along with me!

Thank you Kelly for sharing your story and Hallie with us. She is such a precious little girl 

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