Easter Dress Shopping 2015

Last year Marissa and I went on an Easter dress shopping trip. It was so much fun we decided to make it a tradition and go again. This year meme came along making it even more exciting.

Now before I sound horrible for just taking one child dress shopping Emily was given a dress for her birthday (also from Meme) that is PERFECT for Easter. So between that and the oodles and gobs of hand me downs buying another seemed silly.

We started with lunch, you can’t shop on an empty stomach, right?!

Next was Childrens Place. Childrens Place is usually one of my favorites, but I just wasn’t loving the dress choices this year. 

Her favorite here was the top right. We had them hold it just in case, but not being completely sold on anything we headed to JCP.

We knew they had TONS of options there and after some browsing we ended up with 10 dresses to try on!

Emily was pretty convinced that this was the dress her sister needed. 
Let’s start off with a few obvious rejects. I love the idea of a long maxi dress for Marissa. Probably because it would hands down be my dress of choice. But for some reason at this age they just didn’t work for us.

The only one that really worked was this one, and she just wasn’t a fan.
Here were a few others we tried on.

A couple of my favorites.
But ultimately the decision was hers and I knew it was probably going to be PINK!
She chose this dress and honesty when it is on, it is pretty fabulous. The hi-low dress is super cute on her and the back of the dress is pretty great too. Let’s just hope it’s warm enough to not wear a jacket!
The best part is not only was it her choice, Meme and I loved it the most too.
We picked out some new shoes for both girls, rode the escalator, had an ice cream cone and then we headed home with our loot.
It was pretty much the perfect shopping trip.
Do you have any Easter dress shopping traditions?

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  • Good choice! Hallie's came in the mail last week! We are getting pics in it today! Can't wait!

  • Aaaaahhhh, that is SO exciting. I canโ€™t wait to see them, I bet they turn out great.

  • oh this post makes me happy. I can't wait to do such things with Aria. Esp the part where she can sit in her own chair when we go out to eat and I hopefully don't have to keep her entertained the whole time. That is the stuff dreams are made of. But also going dress shopping! I remember dress shopping fondly. And I always hated shopping, but going specifically for one dress…that I could handle. or prom dress shopping…whoa, can't believe that will be a thing one day. SO no pic of the winner dress?! Waiting for the big day?

  • This is just the best. I absolutely LOVED the afternoons when my mom and I would jump in the car and take off for "the city" for a day of shopping. Those were the times when I would really talk to her, spill all my tween and teen gossip and drama, and she just listened. Then, having her help me pick which outfits were just right was the icing on the cake.
    Your girls (and you!) are so lucky they have so many fun shopping trips in the future!!

  • This is awesome! Like beyond awesome. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to take Callie shopping this year but this looks super fun! I love that you guys made a day of it and Emily was totally included even if not getting a dress! This is the stuff girls moms dream of (and I dont even like dresses but shopping with my kid sounds like a blast!). Happy Monday friend!

  • Lol, it truly is the little things friend. Don't even mention prom, UGH! Yes, I decided no photo of her wearing it, hoping for a nice Easter so I can get some good pictures!

  • Aaahhhhh, I just love that so much. Such happy memories to look back on. I really hope so, I sure do love spending time with them.

  • Exactly, I can do a maxi dress, but if it isn't comfy forget about it.

    Callie will be ready soon! I picked all of Marissa's out until she was around 4 I believe. Mommy daughter shopping is so much fun.

  • Aw bless E's heart with that terrifying Minnie Mouse dress lol! I love so many of the dresses Marissa tried on! I bet it was hard to settle on just one.

    And eating in the mall but not CFA?! GASP.

  • Such a cute dress she picked! Although, I think my favorite is that pale pink chiffon (?) dress. What a fun girls shopping day!

  • You girls are so cute!!! I love that you made a fun shopping day out of it and I love the dress she chose! I also love your coaching with the thumbs down in the back of the picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lol! Everything Minnie :). It is kind of terrifying come to think of it.
    I REALLY liked the two I posted as my favorites but I chose her dresses for years. Now days I TRY to give some guidance and cross my fingers. At least I didn't hate it!

    I know, right?! The new Brick Oven Pizza place is legit. So, so good!

  • I REALLY liked that one to. It was very girly and pretty. We had so much fun. We really "need" to go shopping more often :)!

  • Haha I hoped someone would notice :). I hated that dress and I'm the one that picked it, lol.

    I am glad she chose something girly and fun that she loves!

  • Love the dress! This something I absolutely can not wait to do with my doughtier. ๐Ÿ™‚ After thinking I would have all boy I can't wait for mommy doughtier shopping days ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So fun! I love that blue high/low chevron one!

  • What a fun day! I have so many memories of shopping with my mom, finding Easter dresses, dresses for dances, and wow I am so looking forward to that! Not quite yet because I don't want my little one to grow up too fast ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I REALLY liked that one to! Sadly I knew she would never in a million year pick it but at least I got her to try it on!

  • It is SO much fun. It has always been fun dressing a girl but somewhere around the age of 5 she really started to love shopping. We always have a blast and I am sure you will too someday!

  • It was so fun! I love hearing that so many women can think fondly back on memories of shopping with their moms. I don't blame you at all, it happens soon enough with out wishing it to come faster.

  • So fun!!! What a great tradition!

  • It is so fun, I hope we keep it up for MANY years to come.

  • What a fun tradition! I just pick my kids clothes for holidays and tell them to wear them. Haha!

  • Lol, I think you probably have the better idea in mind. I do love letting her pick for herselfโ€ฆ. but I also REALLY like having the final say and getting what I like best, oh well.

  • What fun that must be!! And I love the dress she picked out.

  • It is SO much fun. She is such a girly girl too and that makes it even better. Thank you she is SO excited that Easter is finally almost here so she can wear it.