Currently {March 2015}

Learning //  To trust God more. February was a long hard month with many surprises that caught me off guard. I have found myself left clinging to trust in His plan for our life and knowing it is good, because He is good.
Making //  The cutest pair of house shoes. I teach a crochet class to high school girls at our co-op on Friday and we started making slippers. I am excited to finish mine up this week.
Wishing //  A vacation was in my future. I could really use a get away. 

Watching // House Of Cards. If there is one show that I would refer to as my “guilty pleasure” that would be the one. 
Listening to// Lots of worship music lately. These are a couple of my favorites.

Looking Forward To //  Easter. I know it is going to be different and a bit hard this year but Easter is my favorite Sunday of the year.

Wearing //  My Pajamas. I am embarrassed to admit I stayed in my pajamas more often than not this past month. I am SO ready for the warmer weather that is coming this week. 

Drinking //  Water, SO much water. In an effort to drink more water I recently labeled one of my mugs by the hour. If you want to drink more water I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Wanting // All of my seeds to sprout. My peppers have been a bit finicky this year and I am getting VERY impatient. Hopefully we will be on track and going growing very, very soon. 
Planning //  Curriculum for next years home school year, preparing for Russ’ first 5K with me, posts for my girl mom series and garden dreams are going full speed to. Always SO much to plan. 

Praying //  For my family and our church family as we are scattered with the closing of our church this past Sunday. I pray that we would find good gospel centered churches to grow in and serve well.

Missing //  Sunshine. With a cold, dreary month I need those warm rays. I can not wait for the weather this week and longer days so we can spend more time outside. 

How about you?

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  • huh, what a clever water idea! And, pajamas all day is always okay in my book. Comfier and less laundry.

  • The water idea is brilliant! And good reminder bc whew it's 11 and I need to drink some water! That is so neat you teach a class to the girls- love it. Hope you have a great start to your week!

  • I love Casting Crowns – my favorite Christian band. I've heard good things about House of Cards, so I may have to check that one out. Your girls look like twins in that picture – so much alike! I'm so looking forward to Easter; it's tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That picture of the girls is so good!!
    And that water idea, I MUST try! Getting enough water in a day is one of my biggest challenges. What an awesome idea.
    So sorry to hear about the closing of your church. I pray that you find a home as welcoming and wonderful as the one you spoke of so lovingly.

  • We love House of Cards! That water idea is fabulous!

  • It is such an addicting show. I would binge through it all in one weekend but itโ€™s not exactly something you can watch with the kids up, lol. I guess we do share very similar TV tastes. Antique Road Show, House Of Cards, what next?!

    I saw it on Pinterest, of course ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    Happy Monday!

  • Thank you so much.

    I saw it on Pinterest and finally decided to try it. It really works for me at least. It is nice to have the visual of how much you have drank and how much you should.

    The prayers are oh so appreciated.

  • They are a pretty great band.

    House Of Cards can be a bit scandalous in some parts, but like I said itโ€™s my guilty pleasure.
    They really do look so much alike donโ€™t they?! It is kind of weird.

    Me too! I LOVE Easter.

  • It is oh so helpful and completely annoying all at the same time. Thank you Pinterest.
    I have LOVED teaching the class this year. It has made co-op so much fun. I wonder what Iโ€™ll be teaching next year ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.
    You too!

  • Yes it is, thank you Pinterest.

    That is the one perk. Although if it would be summer and I didnโ€™t need 3 layers every day the laundry would be MUCH easier too.

  • I wish a vacation was in our future, too! We looove House of Cards! Such a fascinating relationship between Frank & Claire. So sorry to hear about your church closing. Praying you find something soon!
    Love the picture of your girls!

  • lololol at that mug!!! I won't knock it until I try it but it cracked me up. Good thought process though. I always try to track on a notepad but seem to fall behind often. I'm yearning for a vacay too. Soooo badly. Also, I was loving HOC and then we got rid of Netflix. :/

  • I am living your mug idea! I have such a hard time remembering to drink these days! I didn't have anything until 5:30 this evening (after my 8am coffee) just terrible!

  • sunshine we all need more sunshine! The sun was out yesterday and it was a heat wave of 45 and I felt like a new person!! I'm very excited for Easter too (first holiday in the new house)! I can't wait to see how your garden comes together. sadly I think mine will have to wait another year while we do boring things like bring in more dirt to grade the yard so water stops pooling around the house and plant grass. So I'll be living through you again!!

  • I love your mug idea!! I'm so bad about drinking water throughout the day. Good tip! And sunshine, yes please!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday!

  • Fascinating and completely bizarre. That show is amazing though. It completely has me hooked.

    Thank you so much, the prayers are appreciated.

  • It is hilarious but man it is also MEGA effective for this girl. I saw it on Pinterest, go figure. If I wrote it down I would loose the paper in about 5 seconds, lol.

    NNNNoooooo!!!!! I would die without Netflix. Mostly because we don't have cable or anything else though. I think I'd get Netflix for a month just so I could catch up if I was you ;).

  • Oh goodness girl that is awful but I have done pretty much the exact same thing. The mug is brilliant, thank you Pinterest.

  • Dude I totally get it. I feel the same way here it has been in the low 50's but it has also been very cloudy :(.

    I didn't have a garden the first year we moved in either. My beds were built late summer so I was able to do a few fall crops though! I'd gladly share with you if I could!

  • The mug is definitely a winner, thank you Pinterest!

    Me too! Wednesday brings the sunshine and I can't wait.

  • Maybe we'll get lucky and get some fall crops. If not I'll just save away your ideas again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That's such a good idea to label your water cup. I always think I have this great plan to drink a lot of water and then the day gets away from me and I don't. I think I actually have that cup too. On a mission!

  • Oh my goodness girl that just plain sucks. I am so, so sorry. I hope it gets resolved soon. 90 degrees and no AC would make anyone a little crazy.

  • It is so, so good. There is another acoustic version they did at Relevant on Youtube, it is super good too!

  • Hehe! It was my cup from the hospital when I had Marissa. Good luck, let me warn you I didn't give details on the RIDICULOUS number of bathroom trips I have been making, so be warned.

  • ๐Ÿ™‚ definitely. Fall crops can be fun, but finicky too.

  • Ha! So much in common!