Project Sunday 2015: February

At the beginning of the year I decided to take more photos this year, a lot more photos. 
One way I decided to do this was by taking a weekly photo of my girls every Sunday morning before church.
February didn’t bring the warmer weather I was hoping for, so we were stuck still taking our photos inside.
I curled Marissa’s hair this week. So cute! I really should fix it this way more often. 

Week six we stayed home. Dad was pretty sick and Marissa had just gotten over a cold. We did get outside for a bit to play and made sure to snap a picture. 

BBBrrrrr!!!!! It was so cold this day we decided dresses were over rated and went for warmth/comfort.  Emily…. what can I say really?

Two things…
One Emily’s high tops, so cute (of course they are Minnie Mouse). Two Marissa’s dress, love it. 

February has been a very cold, very long, very hard month. But we are optimistic and praying that March will bring good things and warmer weather too!

How was your weekend?

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