Monthly Goals {February 2015}

This year instead of setting New Year resolutions I decided to make monthly goals for myself. Monthly goals always seem to feel a bit more attainable and give me something short term to work on.

 Today I wanted to recap on my goals for January, give an update on how I did and set my goals for February.

January Goal Recap:


*Continue blogging about 4-5 days a week.

*Possibly host a giveaway.

*Work on my blog more on my time. Either early in the morning, after bed or during the girls 30 minute TV break. Not when I should be spending time with the kids. 

Done and Done! I still need to work on figuring the best time for me to work on my blog.


*Weekly family game night.
*Read to the girls more as a family.

*More snuggle time with the girls.

Game nights haven’t been a huge success but the girls and I do have a weekly date to watch Master Chef Junior. They LOVE that show. Reading time has definitely been up and we usually carve out snuggle time every night after dinner.


*Continue running 3 days a week.

*Start half marathon training at the end of January.

*Begin cross training more either at home, or at the gym. 

*No excuses!

Done, Done half training started with a 7 mile run this Saturday. Cross training…half done. I am making improvements but I still could do more.


*Spend more time praying and studying God’s word individually.

I have been doing more reading for sure. Recently I have slacked a bit but won’t let this discourage me. 

Home School-

*Get back on track! Ever since Thanksgiving things have been a little more relaxed. I would like to hit the books pretty hard this month as soon as we return back from Christmas break (January 5th).

*I also would like to be more disciplined preparing things for Emily to do while we’re working on school.

Done! I Still need to work a bit harder on planning activities ahead of time.


*Continue to work on my Etsy shop and grow it’s Facebook page.

*Begin a weekly photo challenge for 2015

Business slowed down a bit this past month but the Facebook page saw some great growth.
I began my project Sunday and completed the first month.


*Continue blogging about 4-5 days a week.

*Grow my Instagram account to at least 300 followers.

*Sponsor another blog


*Shower them with love through Valentines Day
*Take each of the girls on their own special outing. 


*Exercise at least 5 days a week including my 3 runs.
*Drink more water

*Be more faithful in my foam rolling, yoga and stretching
*Complete my first relay race


*Keep reading

*Listen to more Christ centered music

Home School-

*Begin preparing for placement testing

*Start shopping curriculum for next year

*Begin planning our home school room

*Be more prepared with Emily’s projects and work for the week


*Research and begin working on some spring items for the Etsy shop

*Finish my first photography course

*Start my garden plants from seeds

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What is a goal that you have for this month? 

Leave me a comment and tell me about it

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  • Good for you! You're doing great on meeting your goals! Finding the perfect blog time is always tricky. I always feel there's something "more important" I should be doing. But it's what I love to do!

  • Wow! You did a great job with your January goals and have some wonderful ones for this month. Keep it up!

  • These are really amazing goals! Go you!

  • I have gardening on my brain too. Not sure about seed starts this year but I worked on our veg beds this weekend!!!

  • Good work on your goals! I've only made accomplishments on about 3 of them. Hoping this month is better!

  • That is one excellent goals check list. Mine would be like. Done. Nope. Sorta. Not at all. Done. Partly.
    Good luck with this month's! I like the take each girl out one. Always nice to have some solo time with mom when you have siblings. I assume, I'm an only child. Sounds good in theory though.

  • You are hitting those monthly goals like a champ! So excited for the individual time with each girl! Those times are oh so special to their hearts. Coming from a big family, in hindsight, I can totally see how much those days meant to each one of us!

  • You have awesome goals, and are doing amazing reaching them!!
    I follow @ocr_dad on Instagram and he posts AWESOME daily Crossfit inspired workouts that can almost always be done at home. Most of the time the workouts lasts no longer than 20 minutes and are total killers. If you're looking to get in some good at-home workouts check @ocr_dad out!

  • I too made a goal of more snuggle time with my kids. Sometimes I just feel like I am running around so much that I don't do enough of that. It's the basics that really matter. I like your monthly goals. I think this is something I should definitely try!

    • Can't go wrong with more snuggle time :)! Only one month in and I am really loving this process. Plus posting them for all to see helps to keep me accountable 😉

  • Wow!! Check, check and check!!! Love these… You're covering all your bases!!!

  • Great job Beth! I am still trying to find the best blogging time too!

  • I love your monthly goals as I bet it is fun to celebrate when you achieve them. Too often yearly goals get forgotten… I should look over mine again to make sure I am on track! It is a struggle to find the time to blog that doesn't interfere with family time. I try to knock several posts out at once so I can free up some days. Good luck on all your February goals! Will you do a post on preparing the garden seeds?

    • Yes! Your so right yearly goals just don't work for me. But monthly ones, perfect!

      I have done that too, it is really nice when I can make that work those days of not having to write a post are always really refreshing.

      I sure hope too, I will be getting the seed table set up this weekend. I just might take some photos and write a post on my set up. I am sure that it would be helpful to someone!

  • Master Chef junior sounds like a fun family show! Is that on Hulu? I really admire your family-time priorities, great job! A relay race would be so fun! If you need some Christ centered music recommendations — I've really been enjoying Planetshakers and The Ember Days 🙂 YAY FOR GARDENING! Are you going to start the seeds indoors?

    • It's on Fox on Tuesdays at 7:00 CST.

      I am really excited about doing a relay. Running "alone" is the worst part but it is only 5 miles and I won't be completely by myself.

      Thanks for the recommendations, I will check those out for sure.

      Yes I will. I might do a post showing off my set up sometime next week.

  • You go girl!!! You are doing great on your monthly goals! You accomplished almost everything fully that you set out to do. If only I had more hours in the day… it's a constant struggle! (As you can tell, I'm just now getting around to reading posting from Monday this week… so sorry!)