What Does It Mean?

If you have been around for a while chances are you have probably noticed it. It seems to be lurking in the backdrop of several of my photos sometimes on purpose, sometimes just because it’s there. And occasionally someone asks the question…

What does it mean?

From this point I can take 2 routes. I can give them the simple explanation and quickly move on, or I can explain it with a little more detail. Guess which route I am going today ;).

You can probably tell by looking at it that it is words, the top says knit the bottom says purl. 

Yes I am a nerd with a knitting tattoo, but an awesome one if I may say so myself.

Why is it awesome? Because it’s correct. Here is a little knitting lesson. (You didn’t see that coming when you opened this post did you?) When you create a knit stitch the back side is a purl and when you make a purl stitch the back would be a knit. One is the opposite of the other.

And that is why I love it. It’s beautiful, balanced and correct. 

Plus I am clearly going to be the coolest grandma at the senior center someday. I can see me sitting there with my knitting tattoo while I make pot holders and socks. That is if it still reads knit purl, who knows what it could morph into in 50 years. 

Okay now it’s your turn.

Any tattoos? 

Do they have a special meaning? 

If not, would you ever get one?

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  • I have one tattoo on my foot that reads "Beautiful" but the B is a Heart. It comes from 2 different scriptures: Eccl. 3:11 and Romans 10:15. I want another one but just have to decide on a location!

  • Oh how funny! You will be one cool granny! No tattoos here! My Dad scared me out of getting one by saying I would be cut out of his Will if he ever found out his daughters had tattoos….lol yep! Plus I am terrified of needles….so there's that! Growing up I always wanted a K for Kelly on my hip though!

  • So cute and you crack me up about being the coolest grandma. No tattoos here but if I did I would go for something simple or small.

  • Love the meaning behind your tattoo!!! Yes, I have a tattoo that reminds me I can soar through tough situations. Although, when Lily sees it and asks if I colored on myself, I feel a bit embarassed. Haha

  • On my leg, just below the knee, I have the breast cancer symbol (the pink ribbon) in the shape of a woman with my mom's initials just below it. My sister, cousin, and myself got the same tattoo the day of my mom's funeral. It's the only tattoo I have, but it won't be my last.

  • I have four!
    1) my zodiac
    2) a four leaf clover for good luck
    3) the chinese symbol for friend (which I got with a friend – fitting)
    4) a butterfly
    I'd really like a 5th, but I just don't know what I'd like, or where I would put it.

  • U know I enjoy reading my daughters blog. I seriously thought about post a pic of the 1 that I got because Beth wouldn't. That's why almost all of mine have a meaning. After all 4 granddaughters, 2 kids and a wife.

  • bahaha, you will be the coolest nursing home lady on the block. I had noticed it a few times and wondered what it was! That is a really great design. I have one myself, a sunshine – I think it suits my personality.

  • That is seriously SO cool!!! I love when people get something unique like that!

  • Such a neat tattoo. Sometimes people get really lame ones and I think that's forever!!! but you picked something so awesome.

  • I'm totally terrified of needles, and getting something I'd later regret. BUT. I still really would love something small. It would definitely have to be something super special or meaningful.

  • I'm such a wuss so I'd never get one but yours is very cool!!

  • So awesome! I have three. I have a pink heart on my hip…I got it after my Grandmother passed away from cancer. Then I have a cross on the back of my neck…and then I have our last name in japanese on my foot (a japanese man drew it on rice paper for me and i had it transferred).

  • YAY!!! I must be totally blind….because you mentioned to me that it was a knitting tattoo, I didn't even see the words I thought it was some strange knitting pattern – it took me a few seconds to finally see the words! HOW cool is that? and I love it, who knows what it will be in 50 years…but luckily its on an area that rarely gets saggy!!

    I have one on my left wrist too and as it turns out it has multiple meanings than when I first got it!! I so want another one (or 10) but I keep waiting because for some reason I think I am going to get pregnant (and it sticks) and apparently they won't tattoo you if you are….

  • I opened this post and thought isn't it just knit and it's mirror image? Glad I wasn't missing anything! Ha. I mean it's awesome, I was just worried for a sec I'd been looking at it all wrong.

  • So cool! I never noticed it but I love it! 🙂

    I just got one last month. It's on my left forearm and it's harry potter's patronus (a stag) and bright blue. I love it. yes, I'm a nerd but there's deeper meaning there too that I will write about one day 😉

  • Awesome! I have one – on my wrist. It's a tree I designed made of circles… kind of hard to explain, but the story of it is on my blog. Circles represent the Holy Trinity and our family. After this baby comes and I'm pretty sure our family is complete, I have two circles to add – Wes and the new baby!

    Ps, I realize I'm probably still a no reply blogger. I chose to read blogs and not fix that tonight. Probably not the best idea, but yeah 🙂

  • I don't have any tattoos, not because I don't want one per se, but because I am the BIGGEST wuss for pain. So, probably no tattoos for me ever 🙂
    So cool to find out the meaning behind yours and that it is special to you. Some people just go and get tattoos just because (which is fine if that's why you want it, but personally I would want a meaning behind it). I love that it's something you love and something that will make you a rockstar in the nursing home one day 😉

  • So love tattoos with meaning! That's a great story with yours! I have two tats. one when I was 18 just bc that I kinda hate now. the other is on my ankle and it's my zodiac sign. I want to add to it someday and incorporate Callies zodiac to be a family tat. (Jake and I have same zodiac)

  • I love that! Very creative and I love the meaning. No tattoos for me. I've thought about getting one a few times, but never decided on anything.