Project Sunday 2015: January

I made the decision that 2015 would be a year of photos.

Maybe that explains all the recent photography talk, learning manual, making straps, finding free tutorials. More photos and hopefully that will include higher quality photos than the grainy images I had been snapping from my cell phone.

One way I am attempting to document life more is with Sunday morning photos. The girls are dressed, their hair is fixed it’s the perfect time to snap a weekly picture.

January’s picture were taken inside *boo*. It’s just been way to cold. I can’t wait until we can move outside so we can get some better shots.

Some weeks were happy, some not so much. My favorite photos are the ones that really show their personalities. Emily’s morning grumpiness, Marissa’s constant grinning that really irritates Emily’s grumpiness.

One month down, 12 to go!

Do you have any photo plans for 2015?

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  • Love the pictures! I too love the pictures that showcase personalities. Have a great week!

  • This is great! It'll definitely be a great way to watch them grow in pictures!

  • I love this idea and I love your photos! I especially love the ones that show their personalities. Those are the ones you're going to love looking back on in years to come 🙂 I also love how much alike they look but at the same time so different – especially their hair 🙂

  • such cute photos 🙂 Your girls are too cute!

  • bahaha, yeah the grumpy is the best. esp that the smiles make her more grumpy. like dude why are you so happy, it is early, knock it off! I think I get a similar expression.

  • 1. I just got a brand new camera this weekend and will be graduating from the camera phone pics myself. 2. I really want a pretty camera strap too! Maybe you should add those to your etsy shop, I'd totally buy one! 3. All those Minnie outfits are so darling!

  • Adorable! I love these pictures- such a great idea!

  • Omg. These pictures are killing me! They are beyond adorable and really show the girls' personalities. So precious!

  • Your girls are so pretty. My youngest has that same Minnie Mouse outfit 🙂

  • This is the best idea ever!
    Sunday is about the only day of the week where all three of us are presentable. Maybe I need to borrow this idea, and take a picture of our family each week…

  • OH my goodness! Your girls are precious. I adore these photos!

  • I love this idea! And like everyone else, love the 'grumpy' pictures 🙂

  • I love these photos!!! they are great photos and capture the sisterness too. My fav is week four and their coordinating not matching purple dresses 🙂