Chop Or Not

 My name is Beth, I’m 31 years old and I cry almost every time I cut my hair.

I wish the above statement was a lie, sadly it isn’t. This has been an ongoing problem for years. The last time I remember chopping all of my hair off and being happy about that decision, I as 14! Meaning that for the past 17 years I have regretted every decision to cut drastic length off my hair.

So why am I bringing this up?

I kind of want to chop my hair off. 

Will this be a repeat of the vicious cycle of my past or me turning a new leaf?

Honestly, I don’t know.

But there are a few reasons why I think this time might be different. 

1. I am genuinely sick of my hair.

2. I don’t plan to have the cut be as drastic as I have in the past. 

Let’s start with what it would look like if I kept it long and just got it trimmed up. 

These are after photos from the last time I cut my hair. Usually it is straight but these have a bit of curl

Or should I change it up?
What do you think? 

Leave me a comment and tell me if you would keep things the same or chop it off!

Only time will tell what I decide to do. 

But one thing is certain, I will keep you posted.

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  • I would definitely not cut it any shorter than that! Maybe even a tad longer and with some great layers!
    I chopped over a foot of hair off a year ago, and I have never regretted a hair cut so much in my life! Now I am STILL trying to grow it back out! Lol

  • I say CHOP IT like the girl wearing the "game on" shirt. I think this style is similar enough to your current to be a bit easier to handle.

  • Lol! You are talking to the queen of drastic cuts! I recently donated mine in honor of my mom! I love your long hair but I can also see you with short! You are definitely someone that can pull off both looks!

  • I am just like you – I cry every time I decide to chop my hair off. I am finally getting it to the length I want it to be after about 2 years! Maybe cut it to your shoulder bone and if you decide you want it shorter go from there!

  • I am seriously torn for you Beth, I love your long flowly hair! I reminds me of like renaissance time lol weird I know idk. so as cute as those short cuts are I'm still leaning towards keeping your glorious length! 🙂

  • I really like the two on the left! I think you should go for it. Hair always grows back if you decide you don't like the cut as much as you thought you would!

  • I have the same dilemma! It is always scary cutting your hair when you spent so much time letting it grow out! However after a while I end up getting bored with long hair and shorter hair allows for more funky and fun styles! I say go for it, the idea pictures you have would look great!

  • I think I would keep the length but add is some layers or texture. It appears really heavy. Maybe adding either of those would create more volume and a sense of lightness. Does any of that make a damn bit of sense? HA!

  • I think with that length, you may not regret a cut. I did a more drastic chin-length cut last year and I really regretted it. RIght now my hair is about the length of the cuts you pictured and I like it.

  • DO IT!!!! I LOVE the 2 right idea photos! Don't do anything too crazy or too short (you will regret it – I always do, especially when I can't put my hair in a ponytail – which is what I do about 98% of the time) but cutting it to shoulder length or a little longer would be so cute!

  • I love the hairstyles but I always regret it when I cut my hair. I feel so much prettier with long hair for some reason.

    Summer Ann

    • That can be very true. I just have to get rid of some of this excess length. I could cut off 6-8" and still have long hair :).

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I love the 3rd picture!! I think it would look amazing on you.

  • I love that first picture. I think a long bob would look really cute on you!

  • I can't imagine you with short hair! I like that wavier one, top right. Hard choice! I always hate when I chop my hair so I've just trimmed it for years.

  • Every time you post a picture of your hair I get so jealous and want to shave your head and put your hair on mine. So I say keep it long!!!

  • I think you might love taking a few inches off, especially if you threw in some layers for texture. 🙂

  • Amy

    Any of the styles that you could choose from are gorgeous! I love the 3rd picture, the long bob. However, if you decide not to cut your hair, you still won't go wrong with that choice!

  • As someone who's spent the last 2 years growing out a super short pixie cut I say don't go to drastic haha. I think your hair is gorgeous! But I also understand wanting to change it up a little. I really like the third picture you shared!

    • Lololol! I had a friend who shaved her head (raising money) she loved it super short so much she keeps a pixie all the time now!

      I am definitely ditching some length. The amount is really what is in question now!

  • Nope. Don't cut. At least not like any of the photos you posted.

    If you're really desperate too, I would have the stylist level off the back like you have in your orange tank photo. So maybe, 5 inches just off the back? Then just shape up the rest.

    That's my humble(although professional) opinion :p

  • I say, go for it! I usually get mine cut once or twice a year, after it gets too long and annoying. I like the picture of the girl with the 'game on' shirt. I think just below the shoulder with some long layers would look great on you! Plus, it will always grow back, so it's never a permanent thing 🙂

  • You have gorgeous hair! I think it will look great whatever style you choose 🙂

  • I LOVE your hair, but could totally see you rocking a long bob!