2014 Highlights: Our Year End Review.

2014 I can’t believe your almost over. It has been a good year at the Newman house. A year full of changes, adventures, lots of lessons learned and our fair share of little girl drama.

Here are a few highlights. 


We said goodbye to the crib, gave it away and moved Emily into a “big girl bed”.

Russ turned 34!


I started plants for my garden from seed for the first time.

Emily turned 3!



In early March, this blog was re-born on a new host. I wrote my first post declaring that I was a terrible blogger and I have been blogging faithfully ever since. 

I also won a small March Madness bracket. Which is hilarious since I don’t know a thing about college basketball. 

I set a PR on my 5K time (25:09) and placed 3rd in my age division at a race.

Went on my first double digit run, 10 miles, to another state.
Marissa finished her first fun run. She ran the entire mile holding my hand. I will never forget that moment with her.

The next day I completed my first half marathon.

May 22nd marked the 3 year anniversary of the Joplin Tornado and for the first time I was really able to open up and write about our journey


We celebrated Fathers Day.

Marissa turned 6 and lost her first tooth on the same day!
We took the girls to see the big fireworks for the first time.

I ran my 2nd 10K in my summer night series.


We celebrated 7 years of marriage.
I finished my final summer night 10K
Went on our first camping trip
We started a new project car.
We ran a virtual 5K

We took a field trip.

Trick or treated with a beautiful butterfly and Minnie Mouse trick or treating. 


We took a day trip with friends

Had a great Christmas.

Beth turned 30!

2014 you did not disappoint.

 You were full of changes, trials, blessings and achievements that I never would have imagined. Sure there were some tough blows and more than one teary day. But at the end I look back on this year and see countless blessing after blessing. 

God has and will continue to be faithful.


What was the best part of your year?

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